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Question For Dealers Re: Customized Detector Sales

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I'd say easily 75% of the younger people who asked me for detector advice when I was making videos were asking about sub-$1000 range machines. It's easy to see how someone who finds themselves in that price range but then convinces themselves that they want to go all in on prospecting and get a 7000 or 6000 will be scrimping to save $800 or $1800 wherever they can.

I used to be the youngest on the forums, but now I'm sort of in the middle. So I see and hear things from the young and old crowd. I am constantly amazed at the number of older people I meet in the field who are millionaires because they just sold a house in California for $1.2 million which they bought for $75k or something in 1990. I hear this story over and over every year I go to the field and start talking to the older guys around me. Unfortunately, for people my generation and younger we don't have that luxury. Most people my age were born too late to get the cheap housing, got hit by 2 recessions and layoff and real estate busts (and now a pandemic) during our prime working years when our parents had stable economies and affordable housing, and as a result almost no one I know even owns a house yet, into middle age, and probably never will barring inheritence or a family that helps out. These aren't lazy or uneducated people, most my friends have degrees in engineering, science, nursing, etc. 

So money tends to mean different things for different people I suppose.

Some might find it ridiculous that a person like me scrimps for $1000. And I assure these people that I find it every bit as equally ridiculous when I see people with too much money spending $10,000 on a metal detector who need basic instruction on where to even start using such a machine. You can find a zero nuggets equally as well with a $800 detector as you can with a $10k detector. If you need advice on where to even begin hunting then starting with anything other than the $800 detector seems incredibly wasteful and poor financial planning to me. Learn to prospect first, you can do that with any detector, and you aren't going to learn that in a 1 to 3 day class, it takes years or a decade of boots on the ground to really learn to prospect, and to get to the point where (IMO) you really need a machine like a 6000 or 7000. Most people I've met who started from day 1 by being pointed to places to go have almost zero ability to prospect or find their own places even if they've been at it for a year or a decade. Knowing how to use a machine and knowing how to prospect are 2 different things. Unless you have someone to keep showing you new areas to go to, you run out eventually, as is the case with a large number of people I meet in the field who struggle to find even a 1/2 or 1 ounce a year now even with a 7000.

So. It's all relative to who you are and the times in which you were born into I think.

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Jasong I'm on the end period of life and detecting, but that is the best advice I have seen from a younger person on gold and life path. I hope other learn from it.👍

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23 hours ago, Gerry in Idaho said:

It amazes me of a high % of younger people who call and ask about a couple different detectors...


A week later I'll touch base and they inform me found a killer deal they could not pass up.

It's not just the young people, Gerry, unless you consider me young (and I got you beat in experience on this planet by what, 10 years?).  However, I wouldn't stoop to taking advantage of your knowledge knowing I was going to turn around and find someone to undercut your sale.

One more comment (this relates more to your earlier post on this thread).  Since returning to detecting in late 2015 I've looked into buying from over a half dozen brick-and-mortar dealers who mainly dealt in MD'ing & artisan mining equipment.  Not only are you at the top of the list for knowledge, but only one other even knew as much as I did at the time I talked to them.  The other thing is, half didn't even know how to sell!  (They knew how to take my money if I had offered it, maybe even with a smile, but after that....)

So when you compare your brick-and-mortar competition to the big box stores, that's one more piece of the puzzle that tells why they aren't making it.  When it's down to choosing between dishonesty (i.e. businesses that sell Long Range Locators) and ignorance, we aren't getting much of a choice, AFAIC.

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Hey Gerry,

  I have to agree with you, the days of us hard working dealers being supported from the Manufactures is long gone.  In my honest opinion, the US is not the primary market anymore for gold nuggets, coins or relics.  Places like Africa/Asia and Europe have much greater markets for all detectors and I feel like the major manufactures are more focused now in those regions.  

I talked to a dealer in Africa about 2 weeks ago, they have no shortages of metal detectors over there, but we can't even get a unit here in the US.  I have backorders from 4-5 weeks ago still waiting.  

We can offer all the training & support, but without a detector to sell what do you do? 

One thing we do that is unique to our business, since we sell a lot of accessories/coils is to customize bundles for the customers.  This would be free items we include that are customized to their level, basic needs (pick, scoop, pouches and such vs. an advanced user that might need more such items a signal enhancer or coil for their new detector.  

Cross your fingers we can get more inventory into our region soon to supply the customers that are searching for them (before it too hot again)! 


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    • By Ridge Runner
      I like watching the show How It’s Made  and when I turned the TV on today it was about making detectors. They were at Garrett factory and started out showing how their coils were made plus how each was tested. Then they went through the whole assembly to complete a working metal detector.
       I’ve seen something like this before but I believe it was somewhat different  than the previous one.
       It was just good to see something American made.
    • By Tony
      I did some quick calculations the other day and to my surprise, realised that I have spent over $15,000 buying your awesome metal detectors. I don’t have a problem with that because I hunt the beach and water during the summer and hit the gold fields during the winter. My issue is with the current line up of gold detectors, specifically the pulse induction units which range in price from about $6000 to $10000 dollars. I know you plough a good deal of money into R&D but I feel a lot of your loyal purchasers are being neglected. I remember the days when the SD2100v1 and SD2200v2 detectors were available at a reasonable price as well as the reintroduction of the GPX4500 ( but I suspect as a reaction to perceived competition). These units were available alongside your official top of the line detectors so that Mr Average could afford a high performance detector. What has happened to your ability to still offer affordable pulse machines and not have to remortgage the family home?
      Mr Minelab......or is it Mr Codan.......your business model is sure keeping your stockholders happy but it is a far cry from how things used to be. Current new PI units are out of the reach of many users who have supported your company for over 25 years. 
      I could go out tomorrow and buy a new GPX6000 but the reason that I won’t is twofold......my old 2100 and 3500 running both small and large monos perform very well for me AND I don’t want to further encourage Minelabs perception that “if we build it (and sell it for a premium price) they will come”.
      I fully applaud the GPX6000 platform based upon initial feedback from owners but COME ON..........stop making it an exclusive club !
    • By Ridge Runner
      I’m wondering if anyone knows anything about them . The only thing I know is they say their location is in Queen Creek Az.
       A friend ordered some dirt from them for panning and they got his money but didn’t get what he paid for.
       If you have any info please PM it to me.
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      First big price increase in some time. Shop your favorite dealer or Keene now to get what you can before websites catch up to the increase.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I always have my ears perked up for something new in metal detectors and metal detecting technology. I’m not educated enough to really get deep into the technical side of it, but I have a general layman's knowledge of the subject.

      A couple years ago Carl Moreland, the Engineering Manager for White's Electronics, was interviewed on a radio show. I tripped over a reference to the interview on another forum and checked it out. It is very long, and near the end Carl dropped a bombshell. At least I thought so, but it went unnoticed and uncommented on in the metal detecting online world. I thought about posting it on a forum back then but decided to wait and see what developed. Here is the applicable portion of the interview:

      Relic Roundup Radio Show, January 17, 2012, Interview with Carl Moreland, Engineering Manager, White’s Electronics

      Transcript beginning at 50:57 mark:

      Carl Moreland - “I can mention one technology that we’re working on because the patent has already been published… or the application, not the patent hasn't gone through yet. We’re working on something called half sine technology, which has actually been around since the 1960’s in geophysical prospecting applications. This is where instead of transmitting a sinusoidal signal you actually just transmit half of the sine and you can do that at extremely high voltages and high ? rates and so on. It’s technically not pulse induction but it’s not VLF either and it is a time domain method. And with that we can get really good depth and we can even get target id information and do discrimination and so forth.”

      Can you see why I perked up at that? I am still amazed it did not get any notice at the time. Nothing happened for a long time. Then I got this PM from Rick Kempf recently:

      Sent 29 January 2014 - 09:04 AM

      Was looking for info on my new SD 2100 this AM when I sort of fell down a rabbit hole of old forum posts and emerged reading Whites new patent. About the first thing I noticed was that you were cited in "prior art".

      Here's what they cited: http://www.voy.com/76600/7/475.html

      The patent is here: http://www.google.com/patents/US20110316541

      Is this something you knew about? Just wondering.

      Rick Kempf

      I told Rick, yeah, heard about that. It was the patent finally being granted from the application Carl mentions in the interview. It was fun getting a mention in a patent though I think it was just the examiner studying up on the subject and finding my old post helpful in simplifying the subject.

      For a long time the Holy Grail in metal detecting has been something that combines the target identification of an Induction Balance (IB or more commonly known as VLF) detector with depth of a Pulse Induction (PI) detector. There have been many promises and false starts over the years, and that was one reason I kept the radio interview mention quiet the last couple years. Frankly, I had half forgot about it until Rick brought the patent being granted to my attention. Notice the title:

      Hybrid Induction Balance/Pulse Induction Metal Detector

      A new hybrid metal detector combines induction balance and pulse induction technologies. Target signals are generated from a transmitted wave that has both induction balance and pulse current inducing characteristics and uses pertinent sampling of the receive data. Combining the two data sources provides eddy current target identification while excluding ground permeability and remanence obscuration.

      Is it time to sing Hallelujah? Well, there is a big gap in between getting a patent and bringing a detector to market. Many patents get filed and you never even see something directly related to the patent. Maybe it looked good on paper but does not pan out well in reality for numerous reasons. So just because White's was granted this patent does not mean something is around the corner. However, they have been working on it for over two years already obviously. And it has been some time since White's put something new out. I do not count remakes of the MXT etc as new. So I think there is reason to be hopeful we may see something one of these days.

      John Earle is one of the unsung heros in the industry. He had a hand in many of the best products at Compass Electronics before moving over to White's after Compass went under. To this day I have never used a VLF that goes any deeper than my old Compass Gold Scanner Pro. John was one of the brains involved in that, as well as the White's Goldmaster 3, regarded by many as being the pinnacle of the analog development of that model line. I was fortunate to have met John at the factory some years ago. He is listed as the inventor on the new patent. Half sine technology is also mentioned in an earlier patent filed by White's, again with John listed as inventor at http://www.freepatentsonline.com/7649356.pdf

      Looks like serious stuff brewing. Bruce Candy of Minelab makes mention of half sine technology in a patent application at http://patents.com/us-20130154649.html which makes me wonder about the new "Super Gold Detector" he is working on. But it is this most recent patent by White's that seems to put the finest point on it. Maybe the Holy Grail of detecting is soon to be a reality. The fact it is White's certainly gives me more hope than what we have seen in the past.
      Edit May 2015 - see also White's patent for Constant Current Metal Detector
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