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Minelab Not Interested In Making Coils? Their New Patents Disagree.

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 Hi Jasong

Thanks for the patent info, I think there will be a very interesting release in the next year or so.


I agree with your views on signal processing, I have always thought and even suggested to one of the minelab engineers that they need to employ digital noise cancelling filters that read the EMI and play back the inverse of the received emi signal and cancel it out much like they do to silence the sound on military helicopters aircraft ect.

My uncle worked for Lockheed Martin as a mathematician/physicist electronic engineer and designed the flight control, weapon control and silencing algorithms that they still use today across a broad range of military vehicles, I've had a few conversations with him about the possibility of this and he says that it is easily achievable with modern processing and further stated that you can even use ai processing to make the machine learn as it goes to adapt to different adverse conditions and filter them out.

We also started work on a detector that works on elemental resonant frequency to detect only desirable targets. We got promising results but much work is required to make it usable in the field. And it is not like a handheld metal detector its similar to IP/Resistivity servey equipment that we already employ in geophysical serveys over our tenements.

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