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Not Gold, But

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I bet it had some gold in it at some point. I'm not to sure how often these get found. But I thought it was interesting.  It has a nice scallop pattern around it.

Its heavy I know that,  I probably should have searched for the pestle, maybe next trip. 



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No, about a foot into a bank. I was actually checking a hole someone dug when I found it. A mortis for crushing ore in, is what I was told it was?

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    • By GB_Amateur
      Out this morning with the Equinox 800 in a park which was previously a 19th century farm/homestead.  I noticed recently indications they are going to let the grass grow without mowing in a spot where I previously have found old farm parts (but no old valuables).  I've found modern coins in the vacinity but those have all been dropped since the park was established in 1969.  Unfortunately the lot where the house stood is now in a subdivision with newer homes built in its place.  But the driveway leading from the main road to the farm lot near the house is actually on (municipal) park property and I hunted along it last winter without success.
      I was operating in Park 1, ground balanced, noise adjusted, recovery speed = 6, Fe bias = 2, custom 5 tone, gain = 20.  I got a loud hit with ID=21 (solid and steady from two directions).  At first I thought it was a recently dropped Zincoln but it wasn't double blipping and that was inconsistent with the signal strength.  I checked in pinpoint mode and not only was the VCO indicating strong (large/close?) target and the profile (size) was indicating something larger than a coin.  At that point I would have bet 3-to-1 it was an aluminum soft drink or beer can.  Three inches down I was amazed at what I pulled out.
      My first concern (always) was "is it real?"  There were no Civil War battles fought in Indiana although the Confederate Morgan and his Raiders did wreak some havoc on our side of the Ohio River, including going into the state of Ohio as well.  Still, his path is over 50 miles from where I was hunting.  I guess it's possible there were skirmishes with native Americans in the first half of the 1800's.  Also, many soldiers (and some regiments) came from Indiana so there may have been an encampment in this field.  All highly speculative right now until I can get to a library and do more research.
      My first thought was "belt buckle" but after doing some research online I found out it is a "cartridge box plate".  You can tell that from the four rusty attachment points on the reverse side -- two loops of steel originally mounted on, soldered with lead.  BTW, the dimensions are approximately 3 1/2 in X 2 1/4 in (90 mm X 58 mm) which matches pretty closely dimensions I was able to find online.  Note the weight (a bit over a quarter pound) and the gray surface on the back of the plate -- the remaining lead which is characteristic of a cartridge box plate.  I think it's real! 

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Daggers Up. This cool recover is an Idaho find by Parley George. "Thought I would share my latest weird find. Stuck in ground perfectly vertical with hilt up (thank gracious). Equinox 800 picked up at a TID #21 one direction & #17 other direction. I dug down to approx 7 ½" & found the hilt. Carefully dug another 5" then pulled out of ground. A dagger, pointed end of blade is thicker than hand guard end".
      Anyone have info on it?

    • By Nuke em
      This morning i took my Mum out with me for a drive and thought take the Nox with me . I drove 30 miles West and parked at a town with a sandy beach and river . The tide was going out and the sand goes out for around 500 meters or more alongside the river . I started on the dry and worked down , as i was going i picked up the usual 14 to 18 TID which always turned out to be crown caps and Aluminium . When i got to the groin that is next to the river entrance it turned to black sand and from there was black sand with around 3 or 4 inches of normal sand on top .
      I picked up a high tone with occasional low tones , there was lots of Iron in the area too but i will dig all targets on sand and when i eventually found the target it turned out to be this ring below . It looks like its a Silver band with a Gold top part with an Amber stone set in it , there are no Hallmarks or none i can make out but i'm sure its Silver and Gold and possibly 18k , i did a scuff test on the Gold part to see if it was plated but i didn't see any Silver below . I am thinking the band itself might have been Gold plated at one point and the ring sold as full Gold ?. The stone is scuffed and looks old . Its now 3 Gold i have had with the Nox and 16 Silvers if i count the Silver on this.
      After that find i worked the sand for 2 hours but only found 3 coins for £1.06p .
      We left the beach and we went to my local Dealer which is Detecnicks and i looked at a Macro Multi Kruzer , i have been wondering about it for a while and as i sold my Explorer 11 a short time ago and had £341 for it i could buy the Macro if i wanted with the extra cash coming from somewhere else . But it was that somewhere else that i was wondering about . As coin hunting is getting harder and the cashless society is getting worse i decided to sell my X.Terra 705 . It has had enough money off the beach to cover the small loss i would take from selling after buying it new . So that is what i have done . Now i have another new machine to learn , my mate Martin says it works well in the salt wet , we'll see. But i want it for land too .
      After staying at Detecnicks and chatting for around 3 hours we left for home.
      More than anything the Macro is another lighter waterproof machine . I now only have the ET for the noisy tops of my local beaches . But that should be enough .
      Also i will be buying a few sets of wired XP backphones for the Nox , i want to see if the WIFI still affects the Nox using them . I think its the Wireless Module not the machine .

    • By Randy Dee
      I had another full session out detecting on Sunday 17th June I used the Equinox
      I had a decent session with some nice finds but the best was an eyes only it is a Neolithic Flint Arrowhead I also had a hammered silver cut half penny a spindle whorl a bit of Saxon chip carving, a flour bag seal and a poor woman's brooch which when I first saw it I thought it was gold. The Neolithic British Isles refers to the period of British history that spanned from circa 4000 BC to circa 2,500 BC, I also had a lead Spindle Whorl these were used for hand spinning wool and can date as far back as Roman times, I also had a Edward II Hammered Silver Cut Half Penny Edward II (25 April 1284 – 21 September 1327)

    • By foreverteachable
      It rang up as a solid 35 on the nox and I thought I might have found an old copper coin. Instead it looks like I found the brass from an old round. Any ID' ers?

    • By Jackpine
      Ice is starting to go out on the lakes here so I went down to the local swimming hole with the ID Edge & 6" coil for a go.  At first I had trouble with iron falsing on the large rusty spikes from the old Ice House that stood on this spot before the lake level was raised by a power dam.  With the Edge a proper GB is necessary and it took a few tries to find a spot to balance where it would settle down on the nails.
      Picked up 8 quarters a few dimes and nickels some corroded pennies and a kids Mood ring.  After moving out a bit where the current was sweeping over a shallow bar I got a high coin hit and dug this.

      A Brunswick Balke Collender Co. Pool Table Check Token, Good for 5 Cents, French & Hastings.  It's aluminum and has quite a bit of wear and some corrosion.  These are quite popular and some command high prices.  Did a search and could not find any attributed to "French & Hastings" so it appears to be an unlisted type.
      Like I said not the greatest condition and I'm terrible at posting pics.  The Token is the same size as a quarter