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Commissioned Hunt Advice Requested

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An acquaintance has asked if I'd help him find some shotguns he buried several years ago.  They are wrapped in oilcloths, sealed in PVC pipes (~3 in = 7.5 cm diameter) and buried about 20 inches (half meter) deep according to him.  He says he can show me the approximate location within about 10 m.  If all this is accurate it seems like an easy task....  Then again, he also said someone in his family (without him being present) tried to find them with a detector and couldn't.  That could be due to a lot of reasons as I'm sure you are already thinking, but my concern is that they may be buried more deeply than he remembers.

Which of the following would be your first choice?

1) TDI/SPP with 12 in round mono and 16 V battery pack.

2) X-Terra 705 w/15 in Coiltek 3kHz.

3) Gold Bug Pro (19 kHz) w/15 in Nel Attack.

4) F75 black (13 kHz) w/11x7 in^2 coil operating in cache process.

Assuming he has the time and patience I'm going to have all four with me to do a comparison, but I'd like to start with the one that gives me the best chance.  Your advice is appreciated.



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use the biggest coil which would be the 705 and 15 inch coil...almost any detector should find iron at that depth...unless they are stainless steel...

You did not ask but I would do a grid of 2 feet apart and the at right angles two feet...also people often mis-remember so do a little extra....


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Tough call. Can’t argue with Fred at all on that one. The alternative might be the TDI simply because PI detectors love ferrous targets

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    • By karelian
      The passing of a friend unfortunately has led to me taking ownership of a modified Tdi Pro. My machine is mounted on an Anderson shaft and is factory spec. My old mate had his machine modified to smooth out the threshold and to add some sensitivity. The specifics related to the modifications are not known by me, other than that they were conducted by 'Luke'..Oz Digger.. This happened some time ago. So the modified machine is probably not a keeper, I don't want two Tdi Pro machines.. The opportunity to do a comparison cannot and should not be ignored. 
      My intention is to focus on small gold performance, the threshold smoothness, the ability to use gain, basic performance and handling characteristics  under different circumstances. The machines will use the same fully charged battery pack, same coil, same targets, same test location and conditions on the same day etc. Trying to minimise external variations. I'll start with the usual useless air test. Later I'll follow up with in ground testing on the actual goldfields in mineralized soil. Test coils will be with a small coil and a large coil. Targets will be gold only. The 1 grain ingot, the half gram gold coin, a half sovereign gold coin. Some real small sub gram nuggets to see how small we can go.. There is a process involved so I'll take my time and do it right.  Any specific questions or suggestions, speak now or forever hold you peace.. I'm only doing this once. Once it sold it will be too late to revisit.. 
      All the best.

    • By karelian
      Just arrived in the mail, Nuggeteer 18 x 6 mono, mounts nicely on the Tdi pro using a Minelab lower rod. It is weighty at 1 kg but easily balances on the Tdi Pro, just don't have any metal in your shoes..
      When the weather clears I'll go down to the beach and give it a good run. Useless air tests, test garden results and beach run results in the very near future.. karelian

    • By Joe klecz
      Was here with the with the 7.5 and Hi-Q coils ,  it leaves tomorrow,, absolutely no comparison to the big box TDI ,, and the HI-Q isn’t any better at air tests than the 7.5  coil,, Whites says it’s for relics as well as gold (HI-Q)  maybe gold,, not relics having pursued relics for the past 35 years this combo isn’t it ,, I’ll stick with the big box and the standard spider coil,,, or use my other pulse the M/L GPX5000 ,, and as someone else had written ,, we shouldn’t have to buy or make higher voltage batteries to gain depth  ,, don’t get me wrong I love my Whites detectors owning1,  Big Box TDI ,, 2 , 6000 xl 1, Blue&Gray, 1,MX Sport ,, and 1 Eagle in Brand New  mint condition too pretty to use ,, this package is advertised as a gold and relic  detector / that HI - Q isn’t for relics of much depth  before it taps out  
    • By 1864hatter
      So I managed to squeeze in another half day outing to my spot up in the mountains. More digging and moving boulders uncovered another 3 pieces of gold for 1.5g. The larger piece is 1g and is quite coarse / rough for this area. The black material is slowly being dissolved by hydrochloric acid. The first photo shows the creek. A little bit of water with a lot of boulders. Historically this creek has produced nuggets up to 12oz, I'm sure under one of the boulders there will be one for me. Will probably be a month before I get time for another look. I'm trying to finish building my house extension in my spare time and my two young daughters keep my busy.... 

    • By coinhunter65
      Hello everybody on the forum, hello Steve!
      I am a relic and coin hunter in Europe. Among other detectors I have used Minelab pulse machines since 1999, so I have a small arsenal of Coiltek and Detech coils for SD, GP and GPX models. ... and now I have set my mind to owning a White's TDI SL as well. I heard and read that Coiltek and Detech coils for SD, GP and GPX models can also be used on the TDI.
      Is that true??
      I'm looking forward to your answers! Take care and good hunt!
    • By GB_Amateur
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