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Yes with the new Coiltek coils looking like they have a normal hinge/mount point, I`ll have a shot at just a standard stem. But saying that whilst the square stem looks heavy it isn`t. Most of the weight is in the convenient fold up case which is the go for a lot of users, just not my thing, plus the C cell battery holders are weighty. Swing it all day without bungee etc easy as now.

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Hello all and there are some good points and discussion in this thread and I thought I'd jump in for a chat... Feel free to ask questions as the more you know the better you can make your own dec

All of about 3 ounces is all I was able to get my coil over.  Did manage 1 nice specimen though.

My favorite detector looks to have just gotten a lot better with Coilteks new line of coils for the Minelab SDC 2300. Not sure how it works changing coils yet but I’m excited. Now I just need a 10” co

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Trevor,  It was very kind of you to take the time away from CoilTek and clear up some of the questions from everyone on this fine forum.  There are so many people who have purchased SDC-2300's from me and other dealers.  The #1 complaint was the lack of coil options, but the amount of gold we find made up for it, which was a win win.  Now we get the opportunity to have more gold finding coils to make the SDC and our experience even better.

I look forward to seeing keeping my customers happy and also look forward to even more CoilTek options down the road.

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17 hours ago, Coiltek said:

Hello all and there are some good points and discussion in this thread and I thought I'd jump in for a chat...

Feel free to ask questions as the more you know the better you can make your own decision whether you think the new GOLD EXTREME coils are for you.


It’s always nice when manufacturers pay direct attention to their customers. Good job Trevor and thanks! ?

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2 hours ago, vanursepaul said:

Its an ongoing project........ i can hear the 3d printer  humming now.....lol


Nah, printed an arm cuff for it awhile back and put temporary one back on the Monster, now am waiting for a 11" Coiltek to complement it. Made a new year resolution to use it more but so far this year no score, time for the big gun Z.

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On March 9, 2019 at 9:08 AM, Lunk said:

Ask, and ye shall receive:


I asked and received!:laugh:

but you all got the same answer here first :laugh:

So you can put the 8 back on and have the same original waterproof detector.

no waterproof coils coming :sad: Sorry beach hunters.

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Now Minelab comes out with a statement saying how precise their detectors and coils are made for certain machines (SDC-2300).  I agree with some of what they are saying.  At the same time, other coil options will find me more gold.  Just like with the new Flat wound coils of NuggetFinder and Coiltek, they perform better in many situations to allow the end users more gold. 

Just like the very popular Coiltek 15" WOT coil for 15+ years, which is still popular today, it will allow your detector to do more things.

I'm not going to get into a Yes or No, Right or Wrong here as I just try to give detector and coil options to my customers.  Here is what I would do.  Those who use their SDC-2300's on land for Prospecting, I would not hesitate 1 bit of getting an accessory coil to allow for more options, terrains, depths of different sizes of gold, ground coverage and overall value.

If you are one of the few who do hunt in the water?  Keep on swinging and having fun/success with the machine they way it is.

Minelab did the same thing to Doc years ago with his aftermarket battery system, which is very popular and both parties are still here with thousands of happy customers.

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On 3/13/2019 at 7:14 AM, Gerry in Idaho said:

Now Minelab comes out with a statement saying how precise their detectors and coils are made for certain machines (SDC-2300).

Hi Gerry,

Do you have a link to the statement? Or was this something sent only to dealers?

Personally I have no doubt the SDC was very finely tuned to the 8” mono coil. Some loss of small gold sensitivity may occur with other coils. But if you believe ground coverage matters, and I do, giving up a little to get more coverage.... well, we have been making that trade off for as long as there have been detectors.

Edit: found it https://www.minelab.com/usa/customer-care/product-notices?article=353456.....


Recently, Coiltek has introduced aftermarket coils that can be retrofitted to the SDC 2300. These have been developed independently of Minelab and Minelab has not had any involvement with these coils. Minelab cannot and does not provide any information or support regarding the use of these coils. Minelab does not guarantee the SDC 2300’s performance when used in conjunction with these coils.

The SDC is manufactured by Minelab in a standard configuration designed to be robust and offering easy to use high performance; any changes to the product may alter its performance. Further, such modifications may materially impact the ability of Minelab to support and warrant your SDC 2300. The SDC 2300 is not designed for changing coils nor for use with other coil sizes and specifically any damage which is assessed by Minelab or its Authorised Service Centres (ASCs) as having resulted from such modification will not be covered by the Minelab warranty.

All Minelab detectors are engineered in Australia, manufactured to exacting standards in ISO 9001/2000 quality accredited facilities, and backed by up to defined transferable warranties. Review the full Minelab warranty period, terms and conditions on our website.

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For me MLs basically saying the SDC is unique and the first of its kind, being made "tuned" to one coil, but is that going to hold water if as we`ve found with MLs PI range from the SD to the GPX, aftermarket coils rule. Will the Coiltek SDC coils prove MLs "tuned" SDC is no different to its other PIs? Look at the new flat wound coils and how they`ve narrowed the difference between the Xs and the Z. Warranty concerns?

I think a lot of us go for performance first and if these aftermarket coils prove successful, market force will rule, as it will with the Zs aftermarket coils. For me ML rules no doubt with gold detector tech. but not so with coils.

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      I am impressed with it. It will my main coil this summer lake hunting.
      I like the razors edge tone when detecting. It is fast as it goes over targets. Depth is very impressive in my mild ground.
      I hate to say but my Anfibio Multi is the backup detector to my Equinox 800. Even with the 5x10 coil.
      I look forward to seeing what Minelab has coming.
    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Just wanted to update those still looking for the new NOX 15" round coil by Coiltek.
      I just received a shipment of coils and have them in stock ready to ship.
      My 1st hunt with the 15" round was quite silverish with an 8 silver day.
      Nothing extremely deep (Idaho soils) but most coins were in the 8 to 9" range.  I was able to lift the coil a couple inches off the ground and still get a repeatable signal.
      No it is not leaps of 6" inches on a coin size target, but I would think a buckle or cannon ball would be approx 6" deeper.
      Call Gerry's Detectors at 208-345-8898 to get one on its way to you.

    • By Steve Herschbach

      Since we launched the new NOX coils just 4 weeks ago on the 3rd of March 2021, we have received 1000’s of orders for the product, and these orders are continuing to grow each day.  We have never before experience such demand for a Coiltek product.

       We are naturally delighted to have such a positive response to the NOX product and we are grateful for your support. However, due to this unprecedented worldwide demand and the various impacts of COVID-19, deliveries are taking longer than usual.

      Be assured, our worldwide distributors and dealers are doing the best they can and we are keeping in close contact with them. They are being updated regularly on availability and stock quantities.
       We at Coiltek have a great production team and we are working around the clock to supply. Our commitment to quality and providing you with the best product possible is and will continue to be at the forefront. 

      Current delays can be up to 6-8 weeks. The best way to purchase a NOX coil is to contact your local Coiltek dealer and place an order.
      Again, thank you for your support and patience, we sincerely apologise for these delays.
      New Coil For Minelab Equinox from Coiltek

    • By phoenix
      Maybe something to think about. Bearing in mind I am probably going to get these new coils for the 23 and 7 myself, people should at least consider, a lot of people are saying something along the lines of "my detector is out of warranty anyway, so I`m not risking anything fitting these new coils", but, it is Minelabs policy to not repair any modified Minelab detector.    I daresay that if you were to send a out of warrenty 2300 or 7000 back to Minelab for repair and Minelab saw you were running a unsanctioned coil, they wont repair the detector.    You could end up with a 4K or 10K detector that all it`s good for is to fill it with concrete and use it as a anchor.
      Like I said, I am probably going to get the coils myself, but I will be doing it with the idea that if either detector fails I will probably have to throw it away, and that`s on me and no one else.
      I have no reason to suspect the coils are going to cause any damage and I wish Coiltek and davsgold nothing but success with these new coils.
      X Coil 2021 News
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