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Help Select Deepest Detector For Search Relic

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On 3/21/2019 at 7:54 PM, AllenJ said:

Stolik333, I own a TDI SL SE and a GPX 5000.  Both are great detectors in my opinion but the GPX has found targets deeper than the White's for me on a couple of occasions.  I really like the TDI and actually prefer to use it due to it being so much lighter but if all I was concerned about were depth I would use the GPX.

Kac is correct about them too, they don't have discrimination so you'll be digging all signals and after you've dug a few 20 plus inch holes and only come up with trash that GPX seems heavier than it actually is!  I don't have any experience with the other detectors you listed.

Thanks to answer

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On 3/21/2019 at 7:54 PM, Steve Herschbach said:

I will cut to the chase. If you want great depth and don’t mind digging junk three feet deep, go with the GPX 5000 and possibly a large accessory coil. It’s still the choice of relic hunters here in the worst ground.


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On 3/22/2019 at 12:48 AM, Tnsharpshooter said:

It may be separation you need plus some good depth.

if your sites have lots of iron and or nails.  VLF detector best bet.

Vlf detectors like Minelab Equinox, Xp Deus, Nokta -Makro Kruzer or Anfibio.

Pulse induction detectors can’t discriminate ferrous/iron as deep as VLF.  But pulse induction units good for older sites with cleaner ground and are deeper than VLF detectors.

Be ready to pay more for a good pulse induction unit vs VLF detector unit.



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On 3/22/2019 at 4:40 AM, kac said:

Sometimes just a larger coil will get you where you want to go without breaking the bank. Nel big gets me to 18" or so and I had looked at the TDI and other machines and thinking as how good they might be, digging trash weighs heavier on my decision than swinging a 3lb coil once in a while. Majority of people that detect don't methodically make good passes on an area, have their gb out of whack and use stock coils. They tend to miss more than you realize. Last weeked was over a dozen guys out at the local beach and I thought they picked it dry with their pi's noktas and all the other machines they had. Many really good machines and in less than a 100 foot section I came up with a few bucks in nickels, quarters, dimes, couple pennies and a white gold ring. Right where their snail trails were and this was with my Tejon that isn't even a beach machine. I am not saying the Tejon is a better machine in those conditions, not in a long shot, just saying they were really sloppy.

Supposedly the Blisstool Beast v6 goes deeper than the GPX 5000 and it does have discrim but my concern is if the machine breaks then what?

I lot of times when I hit areas I will toss my machine into all metal mode then hit my discrim on to see what is what. All metal will get you deeper. 

Not sure the areas you plan on digging but around here a PI will be more work than it's worth . If it was the way to go then chances are 100 others ahead of you already tried.

More I dig in different areas the more I believe having a set of coils more specific for the location is the better option, ie small coil or concentric with small Rx for trashy areas, medium coil 12-13 dia for woods if not too cluttered and as big as you can go in the open fields.


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There is a thumbs up button under posts to thank people. They then get forum credits for good answers when you do that and it keeps the thread clear for more answers.

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Does the person with the most thumbs up get the golden pull tab award? 🙂


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