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  2. For the yanks it's "wish in one hand, crap in the other, and see which fills up first".
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  4. Amazingly different, but similar . . . Nice finds, and all the best, Lanny
  5. Gold and opal, winning combination that makes for lots of fun. Thanks for posting the pictures, and all the best, Lanny
  6. That's a beautiful nugget. They just don't grow them that size where I'm at. Thanks for posting the picture, and all the best, Lanny
  7. Andy, disappeared 'like straw in the wind'.
  8. There was originally a printed page that said 11" and 19" coils. I am not sure where I saw it, but that has since been removed from all documents I can find.
  9. Mitchel; it appears that you will need several cans of alcohol to increase your odds...just teasing! Both are great bits... fred
  10. Steve, if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.
  11. Good to see that XP are continually revising products based off customer feedback, I think this is the second design revision from the original charging clip so far. Probably the biggest pain was the tight fitment to the newer HF coils, and that often led to broken clips when trying to squeeze them over what seemed to be a wider skid plate. Another factor was the sheer amount of third party sources that were supplying stronger computer printed charging clips, good incentive for XP to re-engineer the clip.
  12. This is probably pretty close. Remember, in the Equinox, all the analysis of a signal takes place in software. Naturally, this is Minelab's proprietary intellectual property, so we don't know exactly what they are doing. Being a retired SW engineer, I can venture a couple of guesses. One thing they could do is spend more time, and obtain more VID accuracy when analyzing a signal when in a slow recovery mode. If you demand increased recovery speed, they might a) Spend less time in the function that analyzes the data, or b) analyze less than all 5 frequencies, or c)?
  13. You remember correctly Rob. It just never happened. It was even in the first edition of the owners manual. The U.S. guys wanted a small coil. The aussies wanted a large coil so it got done first... and then nothing. That’s why I’m kind of bent out of shape over it. I had visions of a smaller coil that weighed less and the CTX battery on the GPZ both together knocking a pound off the GPZ. That’s the detector I wanted since day one and never got. Would have been perfect for poking around desert sagebrush plus bouldery canyons and such.
  14. Hi Reg, there’s a huge difference between being proud of something I’ve achieved and pride. My pride always takes a beating, that’s why I love metal detecting so much, it keeps me grounded. All the best to you too Reg. JP
  15. All the best Jonathan, but just remember, 'pride comes before a fall'.
  16. To you too Reg and yes absolutely I’m very proud of the profit I’ve made with the detectors I’ve bought and received over the years, very proud indeed. 😎
  17. Lovely to hear from you Jonathan. Pot calling the kettle black.
  18. Yet you’ve greedily bought, bought, bought, for profit, profit, profit Reg!!
  19. Hi again everyone, I've had a few weeks off the goldfields and just spent another 7 hours recently, so 42 hours use, 84 bits of gold and 760+ pieces of junk (mostly lead shot). Loving it 😉
  20. Welcome to the forum Lone Star!
  21. Good stuff ! Aye I just noticed ,. you upgraded yer equipment "RS Discovery 1000" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 .
  22. Reg, ill def suss out the QED PL2 further down the track. I really like the fact that its being manufactured by a local in the state. Great stuff mate. Al.
  23. Big companies that have virtually monopolized a market become arrogant. Profit, profit, profit. Minelab is now Codan. Made in Malaysia.
  24. There is no truth to that rumour whatsoever. JP
  25. There is QED being used here in Vietnam where I am at the moment. It has a sand detecting mode and is being used as a beach detector with great success.
  26. The knowledge of how the "Recovery Speed" function works with Equinox .. I have gained the practice of using detection ... but also 2D and 3D separation tests and detector depth tests: Whites Spectra V3 and Rutus Argo v3: Separate Ground Filter Settings and Personal Recovery Rates. Also put an effective sweeping speed of the coil .. into the equation and Size of coils.. However, these detector settings require some practice and knowledge, so detector manufacturers have combined these two functions -1. Ground filter.... and 2. Ground Filter Recovery rate -.. to the more simple In the "Single Recovery Speed Setting " .....for detectors : XP Deus, ...Rutus Alter71, ...Whites MX Sport, and ...Minelab Equinox.. Even though I would not be hampered by the manufacturer's ability to use a combination of high ground filter.... and low-medium refresh rate.... in Equinox, for example, as a than new" 6+," "7+", "8 +" recovery speed setting that could have a better reach and ID.. for heavy mineralized terain...
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