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  1. Yeah, I've had that same feeling for a couple years now? Possibly that much (if not most...??) of the gold is traded in the futures market on speculation where most the contracts bought/sold never actually take possession of the physical gold. Possibly kinda manipulating price back and forth, flipping? That's just a guess on my part. Myself... bullion and dug gold allows me to sleep at night with no worries, unlike watching stocks like a hawk. First time in 30 yrs I've been completely outta stocks, made a lot and lost a lot, don't miss it one bit. Gold been a store of value for 6000 yrs., recognized around the world, and will never be worth zero. If it gets real bad, most likely only ammo, food, firewood and fishing poles could replace the yellow stuff....??? jmo's A guy came by my place looking to buy a quad I had for sale. He was a realtor, gave me his card, asked if I wanted to sell my place, etc. Asked him what he thought it was worth and I about shat my pants... about 5.5 times what I paid for it 28 yrs ago. You've got a point about real estate......
  2. That's nice to know! Your local guy(s) might be worth a shot also? Keep us posted as to how much "discount" from spot you end up with? My local dinged me $25/ozt. under on the gold.... can't remember on the silver. good luck!
  3. Understand not wanting to mail your gold. With that said, all my bullion was sent to me by mail from 2 sources and never any issues. Provident Metals outta Texas for most my stuff and also a couple ounces directly from Golden State Mint. Provident has a buy-back program that I've never used. I would call up Provident and inquire? I also sold 2 ozt. along with 100ozt. silver/200 silver dollars and the local outfit (Grizzly Gold & Silver) had no problem scribbling out an 8K+ check.... Once again, maybe check out Provident, they've done me well over the years and usually the lowest prices if buying...... jmo
  4. The "war nickels" from the 40's used 35% silver to save nickel as the nickel was needed for the war effort. Anybody know what or why we needed nickel for the war effort? I've got coffee cans full of pre '82 copper pennies from my coin shooting days. About 5-6 months ago I tried to off the coppers to a recycling joint "on the sly" telling them " do what ever you want, I know nothing"... Anyways, they wouldn't even touch them. So I guess they'll go back into circulation. Think price then was about $4.50/lb....
  5. yeah, I watched the price climb these last few years. Average price on my bullion is 1160 so it's been a great hedge so far. My wild dug gold possibly even better even after expenses? Recently did a quick flip on a gold stock for 2K+ profit in 2 weeks. Completely out of stock market as of 2-3 weeks ago. Gold has been best overall investment and hobby to date (if I sold today)..... Gotta luv the yellow stuff.......
  6. Simon... I didn't read all your responses to your question. I will add this, Back when I was coin shooting with my etrac (same as ctx for the most part)the gold rings I found were all by accident when I thought I was digging a nickel signal. I believe a large portion of the gold rings might fall right in the nickel range but not all depending on purity, size, etc? If I was going to target gold rings specifically I'd probably make a pattern around the nickel range and maybe open it up some? 11, 12, 13, 14 (if I remember right?) but then you'll scrim out other good stuff. I'm not familiar with the ctx but do know there's some fancy ways to set it up. Personally when I coin shoot with the etrac I generally hunt open screen to hear all targets and dig by the #'s. Whatever you do, I'd leave that nickel range open.... good luck
  7. Did the "dance" on my 1st big nuggie (25 grammer), I was all alone. Next big nuggie a year later (3.55ozt.) all I could do was sit there on my knees a LMAO then try and detect a few more minutes, then fall to my knees again and LMAO more. etc. etc. Now when I find a nice one I just start laughing...
  8. I'll take a wild guess without checking the link ok? let me see.... thinking here... still thinking... Could it be to possibly mint coins? Could it be...? (oak island phrase)
  9. Using a PI....by all means, dig it all. My time is VERY valuable, I try and manage it to my advantage as I've only got so much time and squat/digs during the hunt. The disc/TID capabilities are there for a reason and it's wise to learn to use them as best as possible to increase your odds and help you decide to dig or walk on to another better target. If you dig everything with a disc/TID machine you're wasting some very VALUABLE time digging trash and probably NOT gold. It's a #'s game and an odds game in the end....jmo
  10. I also try and have the Monster close for PPing when using the PI's..... if the ground isn't too steep and/brushy. I'll mark 6-8 targets with bright flouresant markers, set the PI down and chase targets with the Monster... can be a real time saver (for me anyways).
  11. Only concrete advice I can give on that Monster that may help you is to always check your target in manual 10 (2 quick clicks from auto plus), this will give you a bit more accurate info on the target and target won't balance out near as fast as in auto. Many things, too lengthy to go into, can trick the semi reliable meter. In time you'll understand the meter better....but do understand the meter is an aid only and not highly accurate..... Keep in mind that the closer the coil gets to the target the better that meter "thinks" it sees. Sometimes a quick boot scrape and/or maybe a couple quick inches off with the pick will help for a better meter reading. Nice gold btw! Just to ad.... I LOVE that Monster...!!!!!
  12. Look at that big assed Doug Fir you're standing next too! Pine in background looks juicy too.....
  13. IMO.... I don't believe you need to send it in. Just the nature of the high strung wild SOB the 6 is? I have also noticed about everything you, Wes, and Jasong mentioned above while learning the 6 (still learning btw). In my area(s) the 6 was always very wild first thing in the morning it seemed, then maybe settle down. I'd move to another area and things would go pretty smooth, then wild, and I really couldn't pin-point "why" things changed although I could come up with a bunch of maybe's? Finally I tried some corded Senhieser phones and things really settled down for the most part? Next day I tried the wireless 6 phones and once again the machine ran much more stable with way less noise cancels. I'm in the using headphones camp now as that seems to have really helped in my areas for a more stable threshold and enjoyable hunt? I've dug exactly 100 pieces with the 6 so still have a lot to learn but imo the 6 is just a wild super sensitive sob that is very good at what it was designed to do...just takes some getting used to the nature of the beast..... jmo's
  14. You just gotta love hydro pits....!!!!! Enjoying the story also, helps us get thru the winter months.... big THANKS!
  15. It's an OK nugget I guess? Heck, he only beat my biggest nuggie by a mere 58ozt.......
  16. Sometimes you just gotta do it the old timers way and just dig. These are always on the quad or in the PU for when I need them, note rare earth magnet on the rake. Sorry for adding to the highjack but felt it's important.....
  17. There's several spots in Wyo where the old trail(s) are still very visible and not the touristy type spots. Seen a few of these locations NE of Fontanelle Res. while working the oil patch. Agree with Tom tho...long shot at best, look for the spots where they congregated along the way.......
  18. always been kinda curious about the Liberty area....they've found some honkers over there!
  19. We don't need no stinkin PI's...... one little ol redundant Monster is all ya need.....
  20. Those chart #'s may or may not be "accurate" but , if not?, they are close enough to get the point across about the differences in target responses to different types of pennies. I no longer coin shoot but back in my etrac days my IH penny #'s all but came to a stop compared to my 22yrs swinging a Tesoro. Reason being my Tesoro didn't give me much info, if it beeped you dug so the IH's came, along with everything else (crap). With the etrac I had tons of info to aid me in deciding to dig or move on. As I was more into deeper older coins and already had a good collection of IH pennies from the Tesoro days I didn't really care to dig them although etrac got a few. On the etrac the IH's ring up there real close to the zinc penny #'s. My time is valuable whether coin shooting or nugget shooting so to manage my time better on coins I quit digging IH and zinc #'s. I'd leave all the zinc for the "other" guys...lol but sacrificed a few IH's in the process, no biggy. This chart is a good thing for those folks maybe not up to snuff on coin content and/or might care to manage your dig time to focus on what you really want to find? I used to laugh to myself a lot about leaving all the zinkers for the rest of the crowd.....lol Good job on the chart....!!!!!
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