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  1. Your translator worked good. Agree 99%...BUT, I have to give new tech some credit here. Even though I parted ways with my 6000 I have to give it credit as it was FOR ME a game changer that I noticed on day one. Hit a pounded area and immediately popped 6-7 tinys probably around 2" deeper than any of my other machines are capable of. IMO that 6000 actually was a "game changer". I had a couple other "eureka" moments with that 6 that solidified the "game changer" opinions. I certainly wouldn't discount new tech....jmo's
  2. Yes... thankyou Minelab. group coins, second to last season of "keepers" Coin shooting (etrac). Barbers & "keeper" nickels from my last season coin shooting. Nugg jug not including this seasons gold.
  3. You gotta get up real early in the morning to trick "the old cougar" into thinking that pic of the BITS are next to a FULL SIZE shovel.....lol Good try tho Gerry! once again...REAL EARLY in the morn....lmao! On a serious note.... everything changed for me in my detecting 30yrs when after 22yrs swinging Tesoro I made the switch to Minelab and for the better I might ad. Completely agree.....
  4. Kinda my sentiments also.... Knowing the smaller aftermarket coils were gonna arrive soon I was thinking "you watch...the smaller coils will most likely eliminate most the aircraft/emi and I'll regret selling the 6, sure as shit!" Then the other frustrated side of me said " already spent enough $ on my 6 and I have another machine that's always stable so I'm not spending anymore on extra coils for the 6". I'll hide and watch for awhile and see how the Axe performs over time and MAYBE take a look in the future? Cash wise I lost $1100 selling my 6 but also dug an ounce + or -. So a tad better than the cost plus got to use it for a year, 100-110 nuggs of fun and some frustration.... Leaves the door open for....??????
  5. My problem with the 6 was air traffic mainly, nothing a person couldn't work around but it was annoying and why I parted with it. I'd get a bump in threshold and start doing sweeps to find a possible target, machine starts to get a little erratic, THEN I'd start to suspect air traffic and sure as shit, here comes the plane. So now I'd have to set the machine down, light a smoke, listen to machine going wacko then listen to the machine start to settle back down as I watch and listen to plane/jet leave my airspace. Machine settles back down after 2-3minutes then resume hunting until the next plane. Not all planes upset the 6 but most did? Some days were BAD and I've counted approx 25+ fly overs. Talked with a few others that claimed aircraft not a big problem with their 6's...??? Whatever...my experience only and don't have to worry about it now..... In between planes I was impressed with the machine and had zero problems.....
  6. Haven't been to Garnet yet and it's not too far from home. Have been to Bannack 3 times now (another gold ghost town) that the state of Montana put emphasis on preservation and not restoration. Bannack has quite a colorful history and was a gold boomtown and also capitol of Montana territory for awhile. If you are ever in the Dillion MT area check out Bannack state park, free to residents, small fee for non-residents, small campground for a couple RV's,also little book store & trinkets, bring your own food, etc. https://fwp.mt.gov/stateparks/bannack/
  7. That dino bone is pretty cool.... I really liked that dino hunters show, all filmed in Wyo/Mt. Don't know if it's still on as I shitcanned the satellite dish. Gold looks great also.....
  8. Noticed your comment about busting out the Nox, using 2-tone ferrous, then finally finding a couple old coins amongst the trash. Never could quite understand Monte and the Tesoros being so good in trashy sites? I swung Tesoros for 22 yrs (GSII & Tejon) and dug lots of good stuff plus had fun. I had no idea there could be a much better coinshooter until I switched to Minelab. My trash to treasure ratio did a 180 flip after I learned the Etrac (actually still have more to learn). My favorite, and simple, setup on the Etrac was a six inch coil and also 2-tone ferrous...killer in trash. Only problem I had with 2-tone ferrous ON THE ETRAC was the break point on the fe 17 line. Never tried 4-tone ferrous but that would open up a few more iffy-deepies once learned. You probably have more options I'd guess with your Nox on setup? No experience with a Nox. Anyways...just wanted to comment on the 2-tone ferrous, might not get em all but 2TF gets a lot and won't fry the brain listening to multi-tone by the end of the day either...jmo Thinking about it I guess I can understand Monte in a lot of ways, he's old school, learns what he uses well and continues to use what has worked for him. I no longer coinshoot but should I return it'll be with my Etrac as I feel I've paid my dues learning it and it works for me? Just like swinging Tesoro for 22yrs...it worked at the time and I knew no different? Same with the Goldmonster...I absolutely love that thing and nowdays nobody thinks squat about the Monster anymore. I'll swing a Monster till the bitter end...lol get some more and have fun.........
  9. Monster 90%. Ground is steep, brushy, and timbered with lots of old workings, prospects, tailings....
  10. Use the Monster the most...love that f'n thing and would be lost without it. Don't use the PI's much unless some really hot ground and/or low trash area (rare) but you gotta have one when you need one. I'm old and tired and like some info the Monster gives in my high trash area(s). I've mentioned in previous posts how I sometimes can use the PI's and mark targets then run em down with the Monster...works well for me in certain areas and saves a lot of digging time being able to walk away from most targets found with a PI. Rob... Basically got tired of the unstable aspect with air traffic and/or emi? I dug a little over 100 nugs with it and quite impressed. I got annoyed with having to wait for the 6 to settle back down during and after air traffic. Nothing a guy can't work around but rather annoying IMO. Sometimes I miss it, especially when swinging the boat anchor (sdc) but the SDC ALWAYS runs stable, all the time, and anywhere in my ground. I'm in steep ground in a tight canyon and often wonder if maybe the steep terrain funnels or condenses air traffic emi more than more open areas? You watch...these new smaller coils coming out will probably end the 6's emi issues. In a nutshell I sacrificed depth, performance, and ergonomics for the stability of the SDC. The guy I sold it too is doing great with it, no problems and very happy. Yes...the Coiltek is a nice little coil.... good luck and thanks everybody!!!
  11. Halfway thru season now. 834 micro bits from private property. GPX6000 got 5-10 of these before I parted ways with it, the rest using tools in pic. We'll weigh up the totals around Thanksgiving.... Good luck out there......
  12. I see your point.... I just have a real hard time trying to imagine higher traffic areas (higher traffic, more coins) without all the trash that usually follows? I almost always did much better on quantity and also quality (old) coins by heading right into the downtown oldest heart of the nearest big city nearest the railroad tracks usually. No avoiding trash unless you stumble onto a downtown permission on a private house that just "MIGHT" be semi clean of trash...it has happened but rarely. JMO's carry on and good luck
  13. This is kind of more a question along with my way of thinking from an ex coinshooter (25yrs coins/5 yrs now nuggets). Not a big fan of PI's even in the gold fields just because of the trash aspect but use them and they do have their place. You only have x amount of time in the field you have to manage wisely. IMO...using a PI and the "dig it all" approach is a waste of precious time if coin shooting. You have 2 of the best machines out there ...CTX/Nox with the ability to give you fairly accurate info in regard to trash or treasure? Use those abilities and IMO trash to treasure ratio improve? I swung Tesoro's for 22yrs (Golden sabre II, Tejon) and was pretty happy.....THEN I bought an Etrac and because of all the fairly accurate info my trash/ treasure ratio completely did a 180 and the old coins really showed up... a lot less trash. So the Tejon gave me the depth the GSII didn't have but the Tejon lacked the added info the Etrac gives that helps make the decision to walk or dig (time saver)? I probably put time management as a major priority in my everyday hunting be it coins or gold. I see digging trash as something I try so hard to avoid. Just my points of view above so back to the question part of why would you want to use a PI for coinshooting when you have two of the best shooters made already????
  14. Don't watch too many anymore but probably watch Bill Southern vids more than any other. The guy that I really miss that made the funniest vids was General Hercules. Think he may have got booted off youtube...damn, he was funny!!!!
  15. wouldn't that be something "IF" it had near 6000 performance and actually ran stable......(just thinkin out loud)
  16. so I'm guessing this is the new Garrett PI that Phrunt posted about???
  17. Spot on...imo My 6 worked great in between air traffic and possibly some other emi type issues. Sold it because my brush time is limited and got tired of the frustration of waiting for the machine to settle back down while I watched and listened to planes leaving my air space. Soon as I could start back up 5-10min later here comes another plane. I could work around the emi issues as the machine DOES perform but the frustration caught up with me as I only have x amount of hunt time so parted ways with the wild beast. I just got tired of waiting on it so back to the boat anchor (sdc) which ALWAYS runs stable ANYWHERE it seems...
  18. thunder, lightning, wind, and lots of rain cut todays hunt short but did manage 15-20 tinys. So I get home about 1:00 and neighbor trots over and tells me that a few minutes before I rolled in a blackie crossed my yard right by garage and strolled onto his place. Bears in the subdivision happen semi-regularly, even had one on my front porch a few yrs back. Bears behind every bush in Montana..... JEEEEEEZE Reese..... I thought the blowdown up XX creek was bad but that shit on your new claim is triple bad compared to XX creek.....have fun with that...lol
  19. EVERYBODY laughed at me when I told them ants weren't stupid.........
  20. Just my opinions so take with a grain as I have no experience in AZ. or NV conditions. To be well rounded you really need both a vlf and a PI. The 6 is an impressive unit but threshold seems a little too wild for my taste so sold it and went back to my SDC. Take up with your buddies and try the 6 yourself and see how it works for you in your area(s)? I also hate trash so I try and use both a PI and vlf if the ground I'm on isn't too steep/brushy. I added an adjustable strap and a telescoping EQ800 shaft to my Monster so I can collapse the unit and throw it over my back when hiking in/out. If the area isn't too steep/brushy I also mark 6-7 targets I find with the SDC with bright flouresant markers then chase them down with the Monster. IMO this saves me BUNCHES of time by being able to PP faster/use probability meter to dig or walk and not have to dig up every target the PI finds? Kinda a pain in the ass packing 2 machines around but I'm getting it down pretty good and find at the end of the day I've been able to check more targets (more chances for gold). Also had a 5000 and sold it because of all the fucking cords and bungees and harness crap getting hung up in the brush....BUT it did have a very nice stable threshold, unlike the 6. Either way...you really should have both a PI and a VLF ...imo Good luck whatever you decide.... NICE noogie...!!!!!
  21. That's what I was thinking the whole time and that's exactly what I did with my 6. No issues, the 6 does wake up pounded patches, sniffs out the tinys, has depth, good ergonomics, and seems to do everything it was designed to do and a good job at that! I parted with mine as I tired of having to wait on air traffic to clear (1-2min usually) and stop hunting while watching planes leave and listening to the 6 to settle back down so I could continue my hunts. Not a real big deal but annoying as managing my time is very important to me. Now that I'm back using the SDC the air traffic doesn't interrupt my hunting one bit. I now notice how many planes are overhead daily and I estimate 20-30 per 5-6hr hunt...it's insane!!!! Another very minor personal "issue" I had with my 6 was the fact that in order to lighten up the 6 Minelab had to understandably cut a few corners on the machine so imo it's kinda delicate (?), or at least that's the way I treated mine. If the SDC falls down the mtn or gets banged around I KNOW it'll come out just fine, it's a battleship. So I parted with mine even though I was very impressed with it's performance in between ever present frustrating air traffic...jmo's
  22. All I can add is I've owned 5 Minelabs (6000,5000, goldmonster, etrac, and an SDC and NO ISSUES whatsoever outside of personal ones..... Will most likely own future Minelabs...... Scuze me..... I had faulty headphones that came with the SDC, Minelab quickly replaced.
  23. I may have already said this but like the above post....mine was also from the first batch to hit the US and zero problems after one year of use and 100+ nuggs. I parted with mine for personal reasons (too wild for my tastes) but no quality or performance issues outside of the wild threshold.....
  24. Cool pics! If you haven't been up the Yankee Fork yet and seen the dredge it's worth the trip, I didn't take the tour but should have....
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