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  1. My first machine was the Gold Demon II. I had a number of coils for it, the 4.5X7 DD coil was the most impressive. To my memory it was capable of about 3/4 the depth of the LST on #8 shot with the 6X9. I liked the manual ground balance and the retune switch for zeroing in on pinpointing. Good starter for a dig it all machine. Lack of coils really makes it a dinosaur. That Faswing rock hammer must be a Chinese clone for an Estwing (so sorry). The Hodan pick, you did great. The rest of the bundle made it a good CL buy. Good news about John, Thx. Should you ever get bored wit
  2. Sorry I missed this post earlier. The SEF 12X10 is an outstanding coil for any of the Sovereigns. It and the Ultimate 13" are two of the best all around coils and superior on beach hunts. For some, unknown reason to me, the Ultimate is used more on the East Coast and the SEF12X10 is used more on the West Coast. Most Sovereign users would have 90%+ of all their needs covered with the stock Minelab Tornado 8" coil and one of these two. Going to a larger coil and you may wish to bring a friend to help with the digging.
  3. Bill, you might wish to look on Ebay right now. Ending Aug 23 @ 6pm. Good luck. HH
  4. Sven, Thanks for the write-up. These units and the Deep Tech Vista X detectors have always caught my interest. Good to hear an unbiased review and assessment of the V5.
  5. Whoa GK, From what I've read the Gold Trax is a highly prized collectable which you have pictured here. If you would have the time or inclination to do a video of it please post and share it with us. Real 'eye candy' for the more 'mature' crowd'.
  6. Thanks for sharing the video. I have followed Keith Southern over on Tom D.'s site and Keith has mentioned Mr. Paynes original designs and units were quite remarkable in their performance. This all took place before my entry into the hobby so your video was very enjoyable to see.
  7. I concur with CK, the 800, maybe slightly better than 90% with the 6" , but you will also gain with it's great versatility in other areas. You didn't mention any details about your TDI, but stock even with the 8X6 Sadie you won't pick up much under a 1/2 gram. From sub grain and larger the NOX will do well to increase your recovery abilities.
  8. Still hanging in there with the old Tesoro Lobo ST. Yes I know it's long in the tooth but the fact is as Steve has said single frequency VLF machines have not come that far in the last 20 years. The LST is very forgiving and just works good in Southern Cal. soil. I keep getting detector units that I believe should out perform it but so far it hasn't happened. With the high iron content of the ground the high frequency machines just don't go very deep. With all the coils of the Whites Goldmaster series detectors and all the detectors in that series I did not see a significant advantage over t
  9. "A second detector for friend to tag along". If they're "tagging along" your activity probably wont be in the gold nugget search mode. The outing will be for a 'fun adventure'. Get something inexpensive that produces like a Compadre, Silver U-max, or Ace 250. I still on occasion take out my Compadre just because it brings a big grin to my face. It's light, dummy proof and finds the goods with the least amount of frustration. And they probably don't want to dig much more than 6 inches.
  10. phrunt, I agree with you on Minelabs short sightedness in the after-market coil strategy. I'm sure it was a marketing ploy originally to bolster their in-house sales of their own competing detectors (Nox vs Monster). But ultimately it may come back to bite them. When Whites took on Detech to supply their own in-house coils it was a big 'gold star' for both companies and the reciprocal effects served the MD community for the greater good. My hopes are that Garrett will follow suit in some way.
  11. I guess my first leaning would be to the detector that has more optional coils available. Sven mentioned about Deeptech, the DTVG accessory coils came out so slow he left the machine before he was fully able to appreciate the machines capabilities. Minelab was very slow with the Nox accessory coils. I think if Garrett quickly either produces coils for the Apex or accommodates someone like Detech to produce aftermarket coils, they'll steal the show.
  12. Wow Sven, Just down to 12 grains. That tells me what I wished to know. Thanks for your responses. I probably wont go there. And.....Oh yes Kac, In 'hot' ground the SAT is real slow to return on the Tejon. With the pinpoint switch pulled it is better but the DNA of the machine is just different. The Lobo ST is quite unique in that it has ground tracking yet is quick in recovering it's threshold. To ground balance it takes two pumps of the coil and then on the third pump its ground balanced. Sweeping, the tracking seems to aggregate over about a 2- 2 1/2' sweep span. On the swi
  13. Thanks for your reply Sven. I emailed Dave over the Pond at Pentechnic's Detectors, the offshoot of Tesoro making the Lazer Trident machines, see if their company could accommodate me and this is their response; Hi Don, Thanks for your email. The audio mod needs a replacement processor and unfortunately I have no more left. They were programmed by Tesoro but as you will know they are no longer in business. Sorry I haven't been able to help. Regards Dave
  14. I have found that my Vaquero is a good honest all around detector that fits much of my detecting style and needs. I would like to do the high tone audio mod. Contacted Keith Wills and he does not do this mod. Is there anyone currently doing this upgrade?
  15. Flycatch, That's funny and a good observation. My Lobo ST (AM) does close to the same thing on a small target at it's extreme edge of detection. Left to right a soft signal, right to left almost a null or no signal, I scrape off a bit of top soil and give it another pass. I then investigate if the signal improves. Jeff is right about small bits of lead for practice targets.
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