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  1. osbod007

    Detecting Old Claim In Alaska

    Nice bird, 'Champion?' What's under the cowling? Gravel bars do create opportunities. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Thank you Steve, I've got some reading to do. HH, Don
  3. Drywashing according to Jim Straight requires less 5% moisture content for efficient recovery. Theoretically figuring then I would assume that desert dirt ground assayed at an ounce per ton, processing a cubic yard (3'X3'X3') should yield an ounce. I guess this would follow logic if the gold was evenly distributed? My thought is going back to the early years when an old drywasher miner up in the desert would stake a claim to run material. He had to conceive some method of calculating how much yardage he would have to process to justify his labor effort. Hopefully more than just putting beans on his plate.
  4. RD, I believe they are referring to adjusting the sensitivity. Set too high and the PP wants to sound off to the iron mineralization in the ground. Both my TreasureMate PP and PistolProbe ( both PI pinpointers) did this. Too much, for maximum depth and it becomes unstable sounding off indiscriminately. So you to back it down, lose a little sensitivity and depth but it becomes stable for finding your targets. My question, being it is a PI unit, how does it compare to the PistolProbe or the LandandSea PP's on the market. Don
  5. osbod007

    Frying Sound When Turn On Sport W/6” Coil

    Capacitors going bad (leaking) will give off a scratchy like crackling noise. Most likely it will need a return trip to Sweet Home. GL Don
  6. osbod007

    Why Dig Nickels?

    Must be related to the soil conditions where one hunts. My local park reveals clad dimes and quarters a dark reddish color and copper pennies a dark brown. Nickels have a purple coating but in good condition. I recover about 1 pull tab to every 10 zinc pennies, the zincs are usually totally corroded. My take is about 50/50 clad to zinc.
  7. I may be missing something here but I'm inquiring to see if someone might clear up my question? I believe mining reports of gold recovered are quoted in ounces per ton processed. My question is 'what is the physical dimension of a ton'? I've done some research and came up with the general consensus that one cubic (3'X3'X3') yard of dry dirt is approximately 2000 lbs. However one cubic yard of dry sand is quoted as approximately 2800 lbs. and a cubic yard of mixed gravel is quoted as approximately 2600 lbs. Do these figures seem correct? I would think quoting ounces per cubic yard more meaningful. If drywashing I guess the weight for dry dirt would be close enough to figure the approximate recovery rate per yard?
  8. osbod007

    Lobo ST With Hot Technology 3x18 Coil

    Thanks Mike, the little Compadre puts a big smile on my face every time I pull it out. I'd love to see how it air tests with a cleansweep mounted.
  9. osbod007

    Lobo ST With Hot Technology 3x18 Coil

    Time to eat 'Crow'. My first post was just after receiving the coil and a quick hour in my backyard. I'll have to take a redaction on what I posted previously on/after "the interesting stuff". I've had this 3x18 cleansweep coil out now on 4 park hunts and 1 dry sand beach hunt. Ground balancing no longer appears to be a problem. Coil is no longer is unstable in the Disc. mode. It does 'false' when bumped hard on the ground or hitting the sand tops when swinging at the beach. For Mike I did the following 'air test'. This was done with a brisk sweep speed only obtainable on a bench. Mode AM Disc. both at sens. set at 8 all figures in inches penny 6 8.5 4.5 7 nickel 7.5 10 6 8.5 dime 6 8 4 6.5 quarter 8 10.5 5 7.5 First figure in each column is just under the first 1" of the coil where one would pin point. ( does this well). Second figure is across the center of the coil.
  10. I've been in the hunt mode to find and acquire one of the rare 3X18 Delta 4 pin Hot Technology cleansweep coils for about 3 years. Finally got my hands on one. These coils have been out of production for about a decade and they're about as rare as 'hen's teeth'. Tesoro still makes the Cleansweep in the 5 pin Epsilon configuration but not the 4 pin Delta . Mating this coil up to my Lobo Supertraq has provided me with some interesting observations. Generally speaking it does cover a large swath of ground with each sweep, but the sweep speed has to be slowed down to say 1/2 to 2/3 of the speed of the stock 6x10 elliptical coil to get a good target response. My best depth was a measured 5 inches on a quarter on edge. It pinpoints fairly well off both the toe and the heel, but I do a full circle of the target to make sure the target is within my 6 inch cut plug. The coil discriminates very well. Now the interesting stuff. First, it does not fully ground balance in the All metal mode. Pumping the coil down and up, it sounds off loud on the down push and does not respond on the up pull. However, it is still functional in the AM mode, targets are still picked up clearly and the pinpoint function still works. Both modes, All Metal and Discriminate achieve the same depth. I ran the Sensitivity at a gain of 3, more gain didn't achieve any more depth. In All Metal with a smooth threshold the coil ran stable and only responded to ground tracking and targets. In Silent Search Discriminate (setting of 3 1/2) the coil had at times a propensity to load up and give off erratic chatter, it also sounded off on 'bumping'. I found the best way to run the coil was in AM and upon locating a target I would do a quick switch to Disc. to determine to dig or not to dig. I will do some further testing but I believe I have found it's boundary limitations. A good coil, it just has some quirks. I would imagine this would be more stable on a Vaquero.
  11. osbod007

    Lobo ST With NEL Snake Coil, No Bueno

    Very good point Steve, you're response is one of the main reasons I did this post. Any issue with a detector or coil from Tesoro, even 2nd hand and for $50 they will make it right. I'm sure this is one of the main reasons so many call aftermarket coils a crap shoot. I wish the Tesoro factory still produced this coil size. Long Live Tesoro. The other reason for this post was to find out if others with the LST Snake coil also had problems with the LST's microprocessor not being able to ground balance and auto-track. This may be an inherent problem with this size coil on the Lobo. Quite possibly the CORS Shrew would be the same. According to Rusty, in the 4 pin Delta coils, the small elliptical coil and the 3 X18 Cleansweep were taken out of production because of the high volume of returns. Circuit incompatibility would definitely cause a manufacturer to cease production of an item if they offered a lifetime warranty on said item. Perhaps aftermarket producers have run into the same problems.
  12. I really enjoy using the LST, most of the time it is wearing the 5 X10 elliptical coil. I've always wanted a small shooter coil so I picked up a NEL Snake coil, same size as the White's Goldmaster shooter coil. Installed the Snake and 'whoa' the LST will not ground balance in All Metal mode. Pumping the coil repeatedly ... down stroke nothing ... upstroke the coil sounds off loud. I tried changing the ground conditions mode and found no significant change. I put the LST in discriminate mode and the machine seems to work pretty normal, much the same as my Tesoro 5.75 concentric. Placed back in the AM mode, unable to ground balance, I tried sweeping a 5 grain pellet at 2'" then 1" and got no response. Needless to say, pinpoint didn't work either. The coil looks pristine, the previous owner had about an hour run time on it on his Vaquero. He says it performed flawlessly on the Vaquero. I emailed NEL just to see what kind of response I would get. Response... none. Perhaps I'll not get the NEL coil for my Sovereign I've been eyeing. At this point I'm very disappointed.
  13. osbod007

    Gold Hunting Shop In Ca?

    A little late chiming in. If you're in the High Desert....In Hesperia there is miningsuppliesandrockshop.... in Victorville there is helmsoutpost. Add a dot com to either for their site. They're both brick and mortar stores that should be able to meet your needs. http://www.miningsuppliesandrockshop.com/ https://www.helmsoutpost.com/
  14. GB...Thanks for the link....good info. Quite obvious the battery type will vary with the needs of the end user, sounds familiar.
  15. however, being somewhat 'thrifty' I have often gleaned over the thought of using a rechargeable alternative. My brother, who is thriftier than I, not long ago told me about rechargeable alkaline batteries and their abilities. I have experience with both the normal NiCd and NiMh rechargeable varieties each type having their pros and cons and the biggest being the lower operating voltage when fully charged of about 1,2 volts. Alkaline in my experience initially will be in the 1.6+ voltage range, much better for my LST and GM4. I guess my question might be, why did the Rechargeable Alkaline alternative never get advertised or promoted? I believe they may be a worthy consideration but, " anyone out there ever go this route?"