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  1. Looks like Minelab has started to ship these. Minelab made a post on Facebook about 15 minutes ago.
  2. Pretty sure it's winter in the whole country ?. There were a few members who I really would've thought posted by now. Maybe they ate too much Turkey and are still sleeping it off.
  3. I am a little surprised that there are only two reports on the Axiom so far. Gold pics Rob or it didn't happen. LOL..
  4. Thank you for taking the time to post as you were hunting. Congrats on the gold. Now go and enjoy the Fajitas.
  5. Is Garrett paying you? If not they should be. Thanks for doing what your doing.
  6. I always have a few rolls of self fusing tape with me. One in my pack and the other in my truck. Little more expensive than electrical tape but it doesn't leave any residue.
  7. I hope you can give an update on how the Axiom works out for you in GB.
  8. Looking forward to reading some reports from a few users.
  9. What does a new unused Monster go for? A 6000 is $6000 - 15% = $5100 - a gold monster($500-600) Now you have a 6000 or $4600 or so. Something to think about maybe.
  10. The story goes many guys swung their detector over this and thought it was trash. https://nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/topic/20783-story-about-the-silver-dog/
  11. This book is easy reading and very enjoyable. Be warned that you may have the urge to watch each movie as you are reading the book. King Kong is up on deck for tonight. Thank you David for the help.
  12. I would agree with you but Kellyco is legit and have won many Minelab awards over the years. If I was buying an Axiom it would be from Gerry as Phrunt pointed out who better than a tester.
  13. I believe a dealer on this forum is doing exactly that. I’m not going to say but a quick search will.
  14. My guess would be one of their detectors. Which ever is being advertised.
  15. I wonder how JP likes the Axiom? Congrats on the gold but sometimes the real gold is with the company you keep.
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