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  1. Well your hard work doesn't go unnoticed. Thanks for having this forum.
  2. So that's all it takes? HAHA. I'll have to keep this in mind if I ever get up that way. Nice gold I love that chevron type gold.
  3. Nice looking Aliner. Good luck with the jeep had both Toyota's and jeeps for years now I just stick with Toyota's. I am sure that I will get another jeep just to screw around in.
  4. OK. Never been but the southern AZ claims are still producing nice gold if you know where to go.
  5. Your little guy is eyeballing that nugget in your scoop like it was a T-bone.
  6. Choose you dealer carefully. I am 99% sure that I know which dealer screwed you.
  7. Paul look into these. https://www.ravelco.com/aboutus.html A little pricey but a lot cheaper than buying another vehicle.
  8. Sorry about your engine. I guess you figured out what JEEP stands for. Just Empty Each Pocket. I do miss mine sometimes.
  9. Congrats on the ring. Did you have time to look for the stone that popped out of the setting?
  10. That 1 million dollar value is probably worth quite a bit more today.
  11. You can still access a lot of it. https://web.archive.org/web/2002*/http://www.billandlindaprospecting.com/
  12. I don't dredge so I don't know the regs. but with that said I see people dredging in the Bradshaws and in southern AZ when there is water. So I know it's allowed
  13. What does the X coil have to do with Minelab giving away a 19in coil with a GPZ purchase? Absolutely nothing.
  14. I call this soil depletion. Same thing just a different term. It is surprising how much real estate the wind and water can move.
  15. Hi Rob nice nugget congrats. I guess it depends on location. South of you in GV I have found much more nuggets on the hills than in the stream beds lot less trash too.
  16. They should know nothing gets by the Hound dog. 😁
  17. Congrats on the gold. Nice to see that you guys are getting the young ones involved I think that is the real gold and the yellow rocks are a bonus.
  18. Your lucky my wife keeps everything she finds in my pockets.
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