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  1. I wonder how JP likes the Axiom? Congrats on the gold but sometimes the real gold is with the company you keep.
  2. I thought that was Gerry 20 years from now. LOL.
  3. Congrats Rob. I thought you said it was doable in the heat. LOL.. Just messing with you. Summers are for researching.
  4. Livin the dream. Congrats on the gold. It's on my list of places to go.
  5. Yes there is a Salt mode. There is a video that talks about Detection Modes. Salt mode is near the end.
  6. I see what you did there. 😁 Is there anything that you guys don't like about the Axiom?
  7. Day two with no Caffeine I think my head is going to explode. Yea I don't know why I said her.
  8. Raquel Welch..... LOL I spend some time looking for the strange movies. The Blob, Them (which is very similar to Empire) and many others.
  9. Minelab is having a MInelab Meyhem Live tomorrow on Facebook @ 11:30 MST
  10. Congratulations I'll be in for two books. I just ran you thru IMDB and I was amazed how many movies you had your hands in that I watched and enjoyed. Yes I even enjoyed Empire of the Ants. LOL Cheesy but still enjoyable.
  11. Might know on the Aug 27th at 11:30 MST. Minelab Mayhem live on Facebook Aug 27th at 11:30 MST. Might just be that video that Sandheron posted.
  12. Once you know the invoice price your golden......... This applies to most products not just cars.
  13. Yes it is from Deadwood and I promise I won't make anyone throw themselves off the balcony or feed anyone to the pigs. LOL
  14. Exactly. That is a touchy subject for a few on here. LOL. Welcome to the forums.
  15. You shouldn't feel responsible. 99.9 % of the folks here are adults who should be able to make up their own mind. Maybe there are a lot of sheep here and look to you to be their shepherd. That's on them not you.
  16. I somehow think that you have hit big gold more than once. Thanks for sharing.
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