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  1. That makes a lot more sense than what I was doing.
  2. If you get bored https://forums.robsdetectors.com/search/?q=SD2100&quick=1&type=forums_topic&nodes=1
  3. Looks like three sizes for the 6000 coming soon. Not much info but at least they are approved by Minelab. https://mailchi.mp/coiltek.com.au/g2osktoyd3-13772986?e=9ca788132a
  4. I think you did pretty well assuming the two SD's work.
  5. Very nice. I wish I had time to get out.
  6. Thank you. Sorry looks like I gave some bad advice.
  7. I was wondering what the water level was. I haven't been there in years.
  8. Bucksnboulders you can also try along the lake shore line. You are a little early for the spring breaker's (drunk collage kids)
  9. How many more pages are left? I am a binge watcher/reader type of a person. LOL.
  10. You can go to Franconia it's about 35 minutes away. North side of the railroad tracks for meteorite's.
  11. I don't know why that wouldn't be marked. I spent a few minutes looking on Rob's forum to see if something was posted about that switch but work got in the way. LOL
  12. I don't have Doc's but I do have Coilteks. I have a switch that controls the voltage one setting is for the GP'S and the other is for the SD's. So this may or may not help you. EDIT. 6.7V for the GP's 7.3V for the SD's
  13. I believe he was using that to grid with.
  14. wonder how many people know what that is. LOL
  15. Thanks for this. I am going to look for this tonight. I believe the cities California or it may be the state itself is fining the shipping company over the empty containers. I think it is something like $100 a day after the ninth day per container.
  16. Congrats. Any swing there you could have found gold. (Assuming you were in Gold Basin) I have seen baseball size meteorites come from an area south of the helicopter refueling area. Not going to give specific area since it's all private property.
  17. Nice gold. Congrats. I'd rather be hot than cold I guess that's where I live where I do. Sounds like someone should be planting trees. LOL
  18. I will say that those are two good looking pans. How much material was processed for those pans?
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