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  1. The 6000 has plenty of headroom volume wise for headphones. I recommend wired headphones, BT headphones, BT receiver to headphones or booster then to speaker are all fine. The inbuilt speaker in MY OPINION should ONLY be used for basic tasks and not for serious detecting, especially if there is any EMI around. EMI for some reason jiggers the heck out of the speaker whereas listening to the audio in the same areas with BT or direct wired the EMI disturbances are barely a murmur, basically a slight mumble that dissipates, whereas the same murmur using the speaker triggers a cacophony o
  2. Yes DO NOT use the inbuilt speaker, use a BT receiver unit then direct the audio to wherever you like and cut way back on the need to constantly Noise cancel. 😊
  3. Nailed it Steve 👍. The VAST majority of the training I provide with detector purchases is based around actual use of the machine in the field and demonstrating how I go about actually swinging the detector to manifest a buried signal. Along the way I also go about explaining why I’ve targeted the area and likely clues etc, I tell people the menu settings will become more familiar with exposure over time and to keep the detector as close as possible to the way I’ve set it up till they’re more confident. Seeing a nugget found in the wild is hugely empowering for a new chum as it makes it a
  4. Yes let’s 😊, the less 7000’s that are out there the better then there’s less competition for me. 😝 But seriously the 6000 is a no-brainer, the weight factor alone justifies itself then the ease of use on all sorts of ground types combined with extremely good performance make for a pretty unbeatable combination in the majority of people’s hands. Probabaly the only negative is the detector expresses itself very freely and can be a little unforgiving in a new chums hands, poor coil control in harsher ground types will punish the operator who is unskilled in the types of actions that c
  5. In extremely variable soils where the detector reacts aggressively when the coil is brought in too close to the ground you can achieve a different more refined ground balance (GB) to the one further away. There is a GB that is from say 25mm and up (most soils and for general use relative to ground and timings used) and then there is a refined GB that requires very careful movement of the coil from say 40mm to almost touching the ground. This GB can shift or go out of whack extremely easily in super bad variable ground and requires regular use of the Quick-Trak button and controlled carefu
  6. Steve I’m the contrarian not you. I’ve used the 6000 for many hundreds of hours with just the speaker alone and found many ounces of gold doing it, so the speaker works just fine and dandy. 😊 However IMHO I can get much better overall stability using headphones either through BT or wired. I have a number of users out there now who are reasonably inexperienced or very inexperienced and they DO NOT have the tolerance you and I have when it comes to ignoring detector chatter that is not signal related. You and I just ignore the non-essential noise and focus on the real signals without even
  7. Hey Steve have you noticed the dual Ground balance coil height position in your ground over there? 🤔
  8. I think someone might be in love 🥰 😆 . My little trick will be to place a dummy connector into the headphone socket to permanently turn off the speaker during startup while waiting for BT to connect. But your right Steve the 6000 sure is a sweetie 😊, Just wish we could get more of them sometime soon, it’s driving me nuts with all the demand and constantly having to say we are out of stock. 😞 🤯
  9. The 6000 will yodel just like any detector near power lines until you put the GPX14 DD coil on, then it defaults to Cancel mode and it is pretty much hush quiet after that unless you use the inbuilt speaker. To work as close as possible to EMI sources with the standard 11” mono keep the coil as flat as possible especially at the ends of the sweep. You’ll soon work out what the boundaries are. I have found with the GPX11 mono you can dial back the sensitivity in Manual mode or put the detector in Auto sensitivity then turn Threshold off and still maintain some pretty impressive depth witho
  10. Anyone read a series of books by Julian May titled saga of the torque’s? These neck thingies look very much akin to what the books were about, I wonder if it will give GPX6000 users any special powers? 😊 I want a gold one. 😂 JP
  11. Turn Audio Smoothing to High on your GPZ and practice that way, zero threshold kind of behaves the same way.
  12. I am not a fan of the inbuilt speaker and will only use it for very basic work. Zero Threshold is a lot more potent than people realise but it takes time to understand what the detector is telling you so don't discount it based on a few direct comparisons. I see no benefit in using the Manual sensitivity controls with Zero threshold and will only use it with the Auto modes. If you’re wanting to max out your performance and go for edge of detection targets then using Threshold is the best option, but I have a GPZ 7000 for that type of detecting so instead opt for pointing the 6000 in
  13. I use both depending on the weather, during testing I used wired headphones a lot for continuity when making calls on audio ect (full BT operation did not happen till much later in the build/development cycle), but personally prefer a speaker for our climate. I now use the Avantree Rx APTX BT unit just like a WM12 dongle, they come supplied with a lead with a 3.5 mm plug each end and I just add a 6.35 mm adapter to go to the booster input socket. Currently I’ve just been putting the booster in my shirt pocket along with the BT Rx unit and then out to a single GME speaker in my other pock
  14. I will only ever use Zero Threshold in the Auto+ mode, what is not documented is the Auto+ mode has the ability to ramp up the detector Sensitivity a lot higher than what is actually available in the Manual modes. Reason being is the actual sensitivity of the 6000 is exactly the same between Sensitivity Off and Max with other clever things being done to adjust the detectors behaviour when adjusting the manual sensitivity controls (you can test this by placing a tiny nugget on the surface of the ground and see how the target signal is still VERY present even in the lowest setting). In Auto
  15. Steve it pains me to say this 😞 but you are 100% correct. I will personally still be swinging the 7000 because of that outright depth capability and also my own ability honed over many years. I have a love affair with the GPZ7000, to me I’ve waited my whole career for just such a detector and that opinion still stands. BUT other than a bit more EMI with the monos the 6000 just plain holds more of the cards for most people in most scenarios especially in the more benign homogeneous soils. In Australia some of the highly magnetic saturable soils will give 6000 users a bit of a hurry up whe
  16. I can assure all forum readers it is much more stable to use the GPX6000 with the headphones wired or wireless or use a wireless speaker arrangement rather than use the inbuilt speaker. JP
  17. Glad you like the little blue beastie Norvic. 😃 Couple of things about the 6000, one is it is a little more prone to EMI especially if you tilt the coil out of level plane, this is because the timings are a really wide bandwidth. Obviously in the terrain your working titling the coil is the go-to mode so like the 5000 up in your country you just need to learn to live with it. Secondly I am not a fan of the inbuilt speaker so advise serious operators to look into a low latency Bluetooth receiver arrangement and go wireless. Avantree low latency APTX receiver I have tested the Avantree uni
  18. I’ve been told a Zsearch order is headed its way UpYonder 😊 which means not much stock to be had in Aussieland for a while. 😞 Pretty frustrating being a dealer in Australia at the moment, it’s the start of our detecting season and the two main hot items of choice, GPX 6000 and Nugget Finder Zsearch, are in constant backorder with a few dribbling through here and there, losing sales is the order of the day as customers scramble all over the country doing the ring around trying to get their hands on product before they head off on their prospecting adventures. It makes it hard to plan your
  19. I’m being bombarded with this constantly and IMHO I blame ML because of the high price of the 6000 😝. The price brings about an expectation of equality in performance. Forget about price, that’s just the price of admission. Think about weight, ergonomics, ease of use both physically and simple settings, and lastly think about incredible sensitivity combined with 5000 depth. The 6000 is a serious but fun machine that pings little pieces of gold with ease with the chance of a GOOD one at depth if your lucky enough to get your coil over it during your detecting sessions. BUT it is not a GPZ7
  20. Looks like everyone has had their say now so hopefully this X coil thread can continue on in a positive direction moving forward. 😇 It seems to me two important things have happened in parallel, one was the major shake up with all the different entities and the other is the release of the Concentric coils. Both have had a profound effect on the situation and the many discussions around the subject. 🧐 The entities thing is less meaningful now than it was a month ago and will probably continue that way as all the friction points have been largely removed. My friction points were multi facet
  21. Steve a good post and a golden opportunity for everyone to put a line under the whole sorry mess and move on into sensible discussion. No one will truly know EXACTLY what happened behind the scenes because the main combatants have largely gone away for a myriad of reasons with the main incentive being marketing and sales. I for one am not proud of my involvement because of the harm to those who do not know the whole story, that’s the price others are having to pay because of my stupid stubborn sense of injustice. I’ll own my part in the drama in the hopes that those who know me well eno
  22. I’ve spent the bulk of my life looking for gold, so I know gold when I see it, your write up is PURE GOLD Steve 😊. A beautifully written piece that is a credit to the forum and the vast wealth of knowledge you’ve accumulated over those many years of stomping the hills. I love your ageing gracefully analogy, even though I’m younger than you, having been a full timer for so long I am now not only seeing signs of bits and pieces of my body wearing out but have also allowed myself to become a little rotund (Frieda calls me fat 😂) so now I’m a fat ML dealer with worn out shoulders, elbows and
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