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  1. Four coils so far, 8.5" x 11" Raider coil as standard coil, three other options, two smaller and one larger. The Viper will probably be a favorite with many and is already available. The small Ripper and large Reaper coils are still in the works in progress stage. These coils have a new waterproof connector. That plus being optimized for multi frequency operation with the Vortex series means they are not compatible with any other detectors. No word on aftermarket options yet but in general Garrett has always enjoyed good aftermarket coil support, so we will probably not have to wait long. Headphone options include the proprietary Z-Lynk wireless MS-3 headphones for the VX7 and VX9. The VX5 does not have Z-Lynk enabled and so you will have to upgrade to the VX7 or VX9 to get this option. The Vortex models do not have Bluetooth and so for those wanting wireless you have either the included Z-Lynk option, or the possibility of adding an external Bluetooth transmitter via the 1/8" audio out port. The Vortex series uses a 1/8" jack compatible with any 1/8" headphones. Note that the Vortex does have a built in master volume control (not all detectors do) and so you don't have to worry about having an external volume control on wired headphones. Regular ear buds will work fine. Beware of some model specific cell phone ear buds though as some use a modified 1/8" jack that may or may not work. There is also a waterproof headphone option for those wanting to get underwater with their Vortex. See my separate thread on the Z-Lynk system that describes how you can convert any wired headphones to wireless for use with with your Vortex VX7 or VX9.
  2. Good afternoon Folks,i am trying to reduce all the allied wires etc connected on my GPX4500,the specific project is using cordless headphones,have been looking at the Garrett setups but i am looking at getting possibly a full days use out of the headphones and the Garrett setup does seem to be the current way forward.Does anyone use these on the GPX or can anyone suggest possibly another setup. Looking at also doing away with the GPX bloody great car battery setup but Docs screamer would be ideal but they dont deliver here to the UK,i have the option of this setup but its complete but without the pouch for carrying the batteries and amp,so basically stuffed on the part of my GPX setup.So just currently working on the cordless headphones. Another thing i am currently working on is doing away with the GPX full harness and using the over the shoulder strap at the moment and that is also making headway as i hate wearing a full harness and battery and all the wires from the amp,the strap can certainly carry the weight of a GPX with my 18'' Coilek Mono Elite coil,so making headway with the full harness. Any suggestions/advice or help would be most welcome,if only getting Docs screamer battery setup would be alot easier but alas he wont post to the UK due to the batteries.
  3. Got my new steelPHASE 01 enhancer from Rob's today.... Let's try and see if it helps the 4500 find elusive gold.... Anyone using these ?
  4. Recently, I was going through some of My Load-out and placed My Sordin Headset(situational Awareness/Ear protection/Comms/etc) on My Legend Detector..And It Dawned on me..”Why didn’t I think of this Days Ago?”…..(Sordins, Like Peltors are Basically Mil-spec versions of Howard Leights, walker Razors, Range Guards(by Peltor) and Other “Range-Ear Protection”.. I Rigged up/plugged in an “APTX”!/Bluetooth5+ receiver I Had (Useable ones as low as 20$ on Amazon) and It Works With my Various set ups.. So Basically, I Have a Complete Situational Awareness Set up That I can Use with All of My Detectors…(⭐️After a few Hours, “Gel cups” make such a Difference btw..) AnyHow, After a Cursory look I didn’t see anything written on this but do remember “situational Awareness” being Brought up at one point.. Regardless, Decent and Bargain priced “Sit.-Aw. headsets” can be had for 30-50$ and Cheap Aptx/Bluetooth5+ receivers/Trans can be had as well.. So, I just wanted to put this out there in case it hasn’t been covered already… If it already has, Then Cool… (With the Sordins on, You can detect/Use Comms and at the same time hear Snakes, People, Rocks tumbling, Twigs snapping, Everything!..(Boosted if you want)..All while your ears are being protected fro Sudden loud Pops/sounds). Stay Safe, Rad??
  5. Not abandoned but no response..... http://www.steelphase.com.au/ Emails to that domain are also getting bounced.
  6. Good morning folks,looking for some advice please for a wireless headphone setup for my GPX4500,i have a decent set of wired headphones and they do work a treat but what with the battery cable and headphone cable and also the bungee cord as well,looking at loosing at least on wire ie the headphones.Not really fussed if it Blutooth or 2.4ghz. I have a Docs screamer package coming next week,so that should eliminate the battery power cable in theory that is,so can anyone please direct me into a decent wireless headphone setup that does not cost the earth,its not a case of me being unable to afford a decent setup its just that i am very very frugal with my money or in laymans language tight. Weather is looking dry for the weekend as its been raining here in the UK for a very long time and the fields are totally swamped. Many thanks
  7. Hi all, I work for Avantree, and I stumbled upon this forum and noticed that many of you in the prospecting community are enjoying our Torus for use with your detectors! We would love to continue supplying quality audio devices for the prospecting community. We're currently developing a new product called the Sky Infinity. It is a bundle including our Infinity earbuds (https://www.avantalk.com/products/infinity-multifunctional-wireless-earbuds) and the Relay Bluetooth transmitter (https://avantree.com/relay-airplane-bluetooth-adapter-for-headphones). We will also include a 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter so you can plug the Relay into your detector. The Infinity earbuds have the aptX Adaptive and LE audio codecs. aptX Adaptive's latency levels are slightly higher than aptX Low Latency (which the Torus has) at 60ms delay v.s 40ms, but provides far superior sound quality. LE audio is a new technology as phrunt mentioned earlier, which trumps both aptX Adaptive and aptX Low Latency. Unfortunately, we do not yet have a transmitter that supports LE audio, but if there's enough interest in this, we can definitely develop one! If you're interested in trying the Sky Infinity bundle for use with your detector, let me know via message. We can send you one to try! If you have any other ideas for a product that would work well with your detector, please share and we can develop something great for you.
  8. I got into one of those frantic "maybe they won't be easy to get; maybe ML will raise the price;..." moments and grabbed the first WM 09 wireless module I could find on the internet for the MAP(?) $139. I took it out to one of my well-searched parks for a 3 hour test run with the Sun Ray Pro Golds. First the photos (with Equinox WM08 as reference): As the photos show, the WM09 and WM08 are quite similar -- same housing, just different guts. The WM09 has four charging pads for the magnetic charging cable pins. I now have five interchangeable charging cables (two detectors and three wireless modules since I have a backup WM08) so at least they've kept that 'standard'. As is the case with the WM08, the 3.5 mm socket is recessed by ~5.5 mm which can be a problem if the jack being inserted is a right angle version. I've installed a straight plug on my Sunray Pro Golds so as not to have this issue, but most right angle 3.5 mm plugs don't work as the pin can't get deep enough to properly seat. As far as audio performance in the field is concerned, I don't notice any difference between the supplied ML105 headphones and the WM09+Pro Golds. That is not the case (in my experience) with the ML80s vs. WM08+Pro Golds when running the Equinox. The sound quality of the ML105 is much better than the ML80's, to my ear anyway. I also notice no latency (time lag) with either the ML105 or WM09. But I receive two advantages with the Pro Golds -- they block out ambient noise better and are warmer in cold weather. Another likely advantage is the quality of the soft over-ear rings -- something Steve H. has talked about for years. The Pro Golds use higher quality materials which matter in hot conditions. Personally I tend to switch to earbuds in hot weather and just live with the background noise. I haven't tried the WM09 with my Bose earbuds yet, but don't expect any problems. ? Bottom line is for those (like me) who have a favorite set of aftermarket headphones and/or earbuds, the WM09 is a valuable addition. If you're satisfied with other options (ML105s or the control unit's speaker) then no need to spend the $139.
  9. I logged into Minelab's "Detector Center" to file out a ticket on the ML-105 headphones today. I used them yesterday, charged them yesterday evening and they were dead as a doornail this morning when I got to the beach. I was lucky enough to have the headphone cable in my car, so my hunt was not totally spoiled as the headphones worked with the cable. When I got back from the beach, I tried to charge them. I even tried with three different USB cables and with different USB to 120V outlets. The results were the same as there was never a red led light to show that they were charging. It appears that the battery is dead. That's when I logged in and started a ticket at the Detector Center. So, we will see how Minelab handles the ML-105 problems. Joe PS I have been using the Manticore since the middle of Jan.
  10. A couple of months back I decided to look into hearing aids again. As it turns out I had done this as an 'exercise' about 7 years ago with a hearing test, but the test didn't cause me to be fitted with aids. This time I got tested and fitted. The aids that I chose to try required a hearing test and then based upon the hearing test they would be programmed. The style that was suggested to me was a behind the ear model by Horizon. It requires a wire to an earpiece. It really was not that noticeable with my big ears, and I had a 45-day trial period. These aids after insurance are a bit more than an Axiom! The programs for them are interesting which include tinnitus, noisy room, echo room and universal to name a few. It is controlled by my phone program on my android smart phone and can also be used with Bluetooth controls which allow you to take phone calls. I found that feature to be a bit distracting as I only wanted to hear better. They did make me hear better and I used them a couple of times with the external speaker on my 800. One night I forgot my headphones and went to the beach but that was just too much noise. I've been a headphone guy for many years, and I've had volume control and additional power on my GPZ with the Sp01 and B&Z Booster. Prior to my GPZ I used noise cancelling headphones with my 5000 that had a volume control that was direct wired to my headphones. I really didn't think I was missing much but I didn't compare much either. Lately I was beginning to sense the volume I required was quite a lot on my headphones and I was also asking some of my friends to repeat things. It was time to find out more, so I got these aids. They were good but I developed a problem with them because they wouldn't stay seated in my ear canals. I was constantly pushing them back into my ears for maximum benefit. Each time I would take my reading and sunglasses off it would cause them to loosen. I'm remembering I did put my headphones for the 800 over the aids a couple of times but it was a bit uncomfortable. Nothing remarkable comes to mind if I did or didn't leave them in. I informed hear.com that I didn't want to keep those aids because of my lifestyle. My contract was voided. They suggested I get another pair that would fit completely inside the ear. I ordered Signia aids this time and when they arrived, they were programmed in the same way. These aids fit better. Now that I had an in the ear aid, I wanted to try them out with my detector. That was about 10 days ago, and I should have written this piece then as I've forgotten some of the things, but it is simply remarkable what these aids do to both of my detectors. My 800 was the first one to use on the beach and all I can say is that EVERY signal sounds different. I use 50 tones most of the time and for years I've known the sounds of my targets and ground. I've found a lot of stuff but now I've been introduced to sound enhancements and programmed frequencies I could not hear. My brain now has new information. My first reaction was 'what have I been missing' all of these years! A nickel doesn't sound like a nickel. Quarters are higher pitched than they were before. There is a new chatter in the swing. Sounds that don't register on the digital scale can be heard. I'm just totally blown away. I've been several times to the beach recently in tough conditions, but I can hear things deeper, farther off the coil and with more detail. I'm a big fan of the 15" coil on the beach at a sensitivity of 23 but the last time out I got the feeling that it was too much information coming in and had to take it down to 22 or 21. Who knew after all of these years I was missing all of this information? Some of my initial thoughts were that EVERYONE should get tested and wear aids. This could be better than getting a new detector. Dealers should offer 'in the ear' amplifiers which will give anyone a better chance. This is more than just an increase in volume. It is a substantial increase in information coming back from your detector and coil. I just had to go out and detect the desert for nuggets. I don't think I will ever detect without hearing aids in in the future. I've been out a couple of times and found small gold with the GPZ and the 800. These were limited tests, but I found gold that was in the .2g range both times within 15 minutes of starting the day. The total is 7 little nuggets for about 2g. I could hear the subtle variations that I know I had been missing. I think now I understand what Kevin Hoagland and others told me for years about the subtle break in threshold in a way I was incapable of before. My mind is definitely not occupied with thoughts of 'what am I missing?' The clues I can hear with the aids are more distinct than without. I still have the Sp01 powering the headphones on the GPZ and use the WM12, but I hear more of the nugget. I'm anxious to get back out on patches and find more MISSED nuggets. I know my old setup left missed gold and not just unseen gold. I may actually find gold that others have missed because of my equipment and what I CAN hear! At least I can hear a big difference with good hearing aids.
  11. Please forgive me if these things are already old hat, I just cottoned on to them today.. I've ordered a pair for my 'Foxy Noxy Mariner' (a Nox 600 that got flooded but has since dried out and now works fine again as my main dive detector).. The ONYX is waterproof down to 50 meters.. It was dreamt up by Detect-Ed and SeaGhost Engineering.. On paper they sound good, can't wait to give them a good flogging in the wild.. I'm already in love with the curly cord, it'll make a nice change from the long stiff BonePhone lead on the Deus II.. The ONYX is on sale in Oz at various dealers as well as online at Detect-Ed.. I paid Au$219 for mine.. You might be wondering what happened to the Deus II as my main dive detector.. Sad thing is I've now gone through two sets of BonePhone headphones, they both stopped vibrating and then cut out on the right ear.. I was actually looking for 'over the head' waterproof headphones for the Deus when I spotted the ONYX for the Equinox.. Hopefully Detect-Ed/SeaGhost will also whack a Deus II plug on them.. Big shout out to Minelab for allowing aftermarket headphones to be used with their finest VLF detectors, it's a bit like Coiltek's Nox coils.. Hope XP also comes to the party..
  12. I went for a hearing test yesterday because my wife thinks I am losing my hearing. After the Audiologist finished the tests, it was determined that I have a hard time hearing higher pitch tones. I told the Audiologist that I was having trouble hearing in the car and at the beach. She informed me that's because background noises were making it even harder to hear higher pitched sounds. Fortunately she also metal detects and she recommended that I change the tones on my metal detector to more of a mid-tone for good targets. This will make it easier to hear a good target through the background noise. I asked about hearing aides and she said "No wait until you are over 65, then the Medicare insurance plan will pay for your hearing aides." So the result of the visit are hopefully better target recognition on a windy beach and savings of $$thousands. I of course, told my wife I didn't need hearing aides.
  13. Have been looking bck. at past post on waterproof headphones for 800 NOX. Just wondering if there is a clear winner ?
  14. A forum member sent me a personal message and ask me: "What is the difference in depth between the Tony Eisenhower AQ headphones and the original headphones that came with the AQ?" I was having lunch at the beach condo and trying to think how to answer and quantify the response. Fortunately I did find a 14k mens wedding band this week, I have some string in the car, and a dollar bill is 6 inches long. So I tied the string to the ring, measured off 18 inches and went down to the beach with the AQ. After digging the hole to 18 inches and covering the target I proceeded to sweep the AQ over the target with Tony Eisenhower's high efficiency headphones on and could clearly hear and would stop to investigate the target. There is a little wind and wave noise today, but the signal clearly came through as a dig me target. Switching to the original headphones, I could not hear the target and would not have stopped to investigate the signal. Tony's headphones have more volume, eliminate more background noise and present the target with more clarity. How much deeper are Tony's headphones? I don't know. They are and I am digging some craters on the beach with this combo. My favorite question of the week is: "What the hell are you digging for?"
  15. I agree!! I seen the issue from the start with the AQ, even on the excalibur. In fact all waterproof headsets are weak in the audio department. To be 100% they must make them reliable, which can be very restrictive on the piezo bender. So make your own, all they have to be is water resistant, taking a dunk once and awhile is no problem. And they are easy fix if something goes wrong, since you made them. I have shared this before with others.. and had the same results as Alexandre
  16. I have only been able to use the AQ on the beach for about an hour. With the original headphones I struggled to hear the differences that the Masters of the AQ talk about. I could hear the double beep on the rusty steel, but the ramp up and ramp down and the soft edges vs the defined edges, I just could not hear it. Then when I went home I tested targets for hours. Pennies, nickels, quarters, screws, bolts, tent stakes, copper rings, silver rings, platinum rings, gold class rings, tiny engagement rings.........etc, but I could not hear much difference. I assumed that I was going deaf and scheduled an appointment with the Audiologist for January. Today for the first time, I put a set of custom homemade headphones onto the AQ and let me tell you what a difference it makes. The ramp up ramp down was all there. The sound chop off when the coil was leaving a ring was so distinct you could tell with your eyes closed if the object was a ring or a nickel. It was my wax on wax off moment. Really excited to take it next week to the beach and see if the backyard transfers onto the beach. I want to sincerely thank the forum members who have been so generous with their knowledge, experience and recommendations. Merry Christmas to all and a safe and Healthy 2024.
  17. Does anyone know if the Simplex headphones can be used interchangeably with the Legend? I bought a Simplex a couple of years ago and am thinking about picking up the basic Legend detector without the headphones if they are compatible. Could save some $
  18. Hi everyone, I own a Seaghost headphones on a modified equinox, and I have to buy a new ones, so I´m considering buying another pair of Seaghost (Ukranian ones), or the Gray Ghost Amphibian, but I would like to ask you if someone has tested both and your opinions and advice ? Thanks in advance!
  19. Saw this WM09 coming down the pike, I'm out of the loop, not even sure what the WM08 was for, let alone this one. Maybe it's old news? Or for some entry level machine? Or the 08 needed some kind of upgrade like lower latency? I know a lot of people can't hear the latency in BT headphones but I definitely can and it drives me crazy, so maybe just updating that? But really, I just wanted to hope it means a new detector is coming. ?
  20. Hey Ya'll After buying the detector and the LG24 coil I was looking for a less expensive set of wireless headphones. I found these on Amazon for 29.99! They paired up quickly and sound great.
  21. For those of you who are fans of older "beep and dig" detectors (like Tesoros, for example) and love hunting with them, I'll bet you there is one aspect of them that you hate. Corded headphones. Remember those lovely accessories? How they would be yanked off of your head if you set your detector down wrong. Or get tangled on a bush, or caught on your belt or a million other things. But back in the "olden times" you really had no other option except to run with no headphones and use the speaker. That also had its drawbacks. Things like background noise, or children following you like the Pied Piper every time you got a hit. Yes, wireless has spoiled us all. I found myself confronted by this corded headphone issue recently. The GPAA Magazine, who I freelance for, had approached me to write an article on older beep and dig detectors. Having just picked up a mint Tesoro Sidewinder from a good friend, the timing was perfect so I agreed to write it (it will be coming to the magazine in January if you are a subscriber). The only drawback for me was going back to corded headphones. Oh well, I thought, if it has to be it has to be. I remember thinking at the time that I wish there was another option. In rummaging through my box of headphones, looking for a pair to use, I discovered that very option I was seeking. A box i had long forgotten about containing The Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless System headphones and module. Now that Garrett builds Z-Lynk into their new detectors, i had totally forgotten about this product. I pulled out the box and wondered if this would solve my corded headphone issue. Thankfully it did. I'll be brief here because I could write an entire article on just this Z-Lynk system. By connecting the WT-1 wireless transmitter to my Tesoro, I could now use the MS-3 headphones and be totally wireless. Suddenly my 25+ year old detector was refreshed with wireless technology! And here is an added bonus: the Garrett Pro Pointer AT pairs with the system as well! If you have any older detector that requires corded headphones, toss them in the trash and get the Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless System. Next to using an old beep and dig detector it's the best old school/new technology decision you can make. Bill https://garrett.com/accessories/z-lynk-wireless-accessories/ms3-headphone-propointer-at
  22. Got em today and am blown away so far with music...... Sounds like Dave Matthews voice is in the middle of my head..... WOW.....
  23. As the title says this is a heads up for those that detect with headphones but hate having their ears covered, (that's ME), LOL I have been testing several different sets of earbuds and Bone Conduction Headphones, I love the Bone Conduction headphones but both earbuds and the bone conduction phones do not work properly when detecting with the threshold activated in the Legend every pair of Bone Conduction phones and every pair of earbuds I have tried just would not work correctly with the threshold active in the Legend, (and there is a reason they did not work correctly), but when using the supplied wireless headphones that comes in the Legend pro pack the threshold would work flawlessly, The reason being is the supplied headphones for the Legend are Aptx LL Low Latency headphone the LL is the key to the headphones working correctly. Most all earbuds and bone conduction headphones are Low Latency but they are not Aptx LL Low latency, earbuds and bone conduction phones are just standard Aptx 5.0,5.1,5.2,and the latest is 5.3 these are low latency but not LL Low Latency I have tried many pairs of earbuds at least 12 different pairs, and two pairs of Bone conduction headphones which I do like the two bone conduction headphones the best out of all I tried but, I recently tried a different type of Neck band speaker and I am quite impressed by them so I figured I would share my findings Just received my Avantree Taurus Neck Band speaker and I will say I love these things They are actually APTX Low Latency LL so when you connect them to the Legend you will see the two little LLs by the headphone icon in the Legend screen, just like the wireless headphones that came with the Legend, had no issues with them pairing with the Legend, I hate wearing headphones that cover my ears other earbuds and the bone conduction phones the two little LL is not present by the headphone Icon when connected so they are not true Low Latency LL connections, the Avantree are true Aptx LL Low Latency and work just like the factory headphones that comes with the Legend My main complaint with earbuds and even the Bone Conduction phones which I have been using never would work correctly when running the Legend with a threshold but the Avantree Taurus works great when running with the threshold activated on the Legend I have been on a search for a pair of phones that were actually Aptx Low Latency LL, and these Avantree Taurus are exactly as Avantree states. They are a little different but well worth the try,in my opinion, and yes people will hear what your detector is doing,and saying here is a link to the Avantree Taurus https://avantree.com/torus-nb05-bluetooth-wearable-speaker
  24. Will the ML-80 headphones work with the GPX 6000? I have a pair that came with my Equinox that have never been used. I would like to send in my regular 6000 headphones (ML-100?) to the repair center and really don’t want to use my 6000 without a wireless set. I have tried searching for my question with no luck. I would think it has been ash before.
  25. Sorry if this has been discussed previously. I am hoping to get a general opinion on the Killer b wasp or Hornet headphones. I need dual volume control due to hearing loss in one ear. Will these work with the Equinox ? and eventually the Manticore ? How do they compare with the CTX version of the Sun ray pro gold headphones ? Living in Europe I will have to buy from the US so need good advice prior to pulling the trigger, thx
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