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Coiltek Coils For The GPX 6000 - Confirmed!


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23 hours ago, Rob Allison said:

Hey Trevor,

  That is great news!  However, please do us a huge favor and allow the US market to get their fair share.  Since Coiltek started selling coils, I have been there with you.  I got only a handful of coils for the Equinox to date, while there are thousands of customers still waiting, most getting them from overseas dealers rather than the US market.  

I just hate to see a huge hype on GPX 6000 coils and we only get a handful to boot.  

Coming from a loyal, longtime dealers and supporter.  Hope you take my honest opinion to heart.


Hi Rob - Appreciate your comment and we will certainly doing the best we can - the NOX coil demand definitely caught us off guard and has been our biggest release ever - this makes us very happy and in a spin all at once! 

Plans are being set in place to be more prepared this time but we are not expecting the same level of demand as its a more Gold Specific coil type.

Once we release more info we can start better planning from orders. At this stage we are not taking any pre-orders as we want to release more about the coils first.

Thanks, Trevor.

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Since people are throwing in votes, I would love to see a coil further unlike the currently available Minelab selections. One that diversifies the machine even more. A smaller elliptical coil, would be a nice crevice hunter and perhaps allow leaving the Gold Monster/Equinox/other VLF behind. I’d love to see a 10x6” or 10x5”. 

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Interesting feedback. Even with a smaller coil wouldn’t a PI have less reactivity to hot rocks than a hot VLF?

P.S. Not a challenge to what you have seen. Just trying to understand theories. The only thing I can compare to here is the SDC.

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The reason people often want small coils isn't just about increasing the small gold sensitivity, it's often about necessity, the elliptical shape somewhat helps with the small size and ground coverage and also gives you a pointy nose to get up into spots rounded coils can't do.  Having a big round coil, and yes I consider 11" to be quite big is just useless in a lot of places where you can't get the coil to the soil.

Gold is where you find it, sometimes it's in big flat wide open spaces, other times it's in a rocky rough terrain where a standard coil on something like a GPX/GPZ will really perform poorly as you just can't get it near the ground and it's just awkward. 

Where I hunt often using a GPZ or GPX with their Minelab coils would be pointless, and I'd be forced to use a different detector.  It can be quite annoying having a very expensive detector that you just can't use and have to pick up your cheap VLF instead as at least it has a suitable coil.

VLF gold hunters knew the 10x5" Coiltek Nox coil would be popular before they even knew how well it worked, why? Because everyone's always wanted that size, it's one of the necessity coil sizes for a VLF gold detector.  I was not at all surprised by the demand for that coil, it was a given.

If a manufacturer makes a coil that is more sensitive to hot rocks or whatever because it's very small, if they just put that in their sales blurb that the smaller more sensitive size will respond more on certain ground types and hot rocks people would accept that, as long as they're aware of it then it's a non issue.  Coils designed for a certain task that you otherwise wouldn't be able to do is a good thing and opens up opportunities.  I see coils as more a tool in the toolkit, you have certain coils for certain situations, not so much one coil for every job.

This thread clearly demonstrates the demand for smaller coils in different parts of the world, I expect a similar thread on an Aussie forum to be the other direction with people suggesting larger sizes from 14x9" and up.

12x8" is quite a nice size but the nose is quite rounded still, 12x6" gives a skinnier noise to get into rocky spots, 10x6" is a good size.

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3 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Nobody in the U.S. cares about that JP. You can’t find gold where coils won’t fit, and even the 11” mono is too large for many locations here. And, we have lots of mild ground with no hot rocks. So make it smaller, and make it HOT. If it won’t work in some places, oh well. It’s all about where it will work, not where it won’t work. We desperately need a small GPZ coil here, and since that seems impossible unless you go X Coil, then give us one for the 6000.

The 10” x 6” form factor has always been the most popular nugget coil size here, and yet it’s always the last coil we can seem to get out of Minelab. Trevor is surprised by demand for the 10” x 6” Equinox coil? I have been pounding the table, and pulling my hair out, since day one trying to make it understood that is the coil everyone wants here. If we could just get people to listen to us…. from April 2018

And yes, people here still want a plug and play small coil, like the 11” round or smaller, for the GPZ. It’s all GPZ owners here talk about, like wishing we could win the lottery. One factor in my selling my GPZ was my feeling that Minelab reneged on the promised smaller coil, and that still bugs me to this day.

All good points Steve and sorry for not seeing “How it is” in your neck of the woods.🥺 My concern is based around the ultra sensitivity of the 6000 and if that then might impact on the ability to actually make a coil that small, hence the cautionary remarks.😬 I understand the “need” and especially your frustration for not having what is a glaring requirement for a coil size that will complement the areas you work.

As an example of supply and demand though I can actually have a pretty good guess at the numbers of the new NF Zsearch coils that have gone out and as it currently stands I’d say my business here in Clermont has shifted an equal amount of Zsearch 12 coils as the whole of the US orders. Now to be fair the US winter gold season is only just starting up and the Zsearch was hard to get hold of at the end of the US season earlier this year along with the subsequent release of the GPX 6000 (plus the Zsearch is also an expensive add on), but this example probably goes a long way to explain why the need in the US has never been fully addressed which is a shame. 😔 

In the case of the 6000 I think a smaller coil will be a very good seller in the USA so hopefully Coiltek will do their best to develop a coil that is more suitable for your conditions, knowing Coiltek they WILL as they have a very good following and an expansive dealer network over there. Hopefully by this time next year there will be lots of examples of happy 6000 owners showing off their finds on the forum. 😊 


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I'm located in California, USA and would also like to see an elliptical coil with a width in the 5-6 inch range. That size would make scanning bedrock crevices and rocky areas much easier to accomplish.

I don't want a more sensitive coil than the 11in factory round, as it already finds tiny nuggets. I think a traditionally wound small coil could tame it some against really nasty ground, yet the small size help it still find gold the size the partially flat wound 11in round Minelab already cleans up on.  

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