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Why Can’t Other Top Platforms Match Deus Iron Performance?

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I should clarify that there are some Bounty Hunters, maybe a Whites Classic, and a Tesoro or two that can nail Montes nail board test and outperform Deus/ORX for shallow commingled items, but when it comes to machines with fringe depth capability nobody has been able to replicate Deus iron performance. It makes me wonder why that is. They must’ve tried, but it just hasn’t happened. It seems anything capable of hitting fringe targets has to make trade offs the Deus doesn’t. It appears from early testing even Legend will not be able to match or exceed this XP standard. 

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I too have wondered what tech gives the XP detectors their reputation for being so good in high iron sites.  I figure if even able to unmask 1-2% more non-ferrous items among heavy iron than other machines, that would be enough to get XP detectors to stand out.  It does seem they have a fast recovery/reactivity as part of the equation. Your guess is as good as mine what the rest of the tech involved might be.  

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High recovery / reactivity in the detector alone alone is not enough, because the detector must already have a good 3D separation predisposition ....

  You can find out how good the 3D separation predisposition is in a simple 3D test

  there are situations when ... even a detector that is good in the 2D "Monte performance nailboard" separation test ,,, will give only average, weaker results in the 3D deep separation test ...

I will mention MXT PRO as an example  "

MXT Pro's 2D separation Monte Nailboard test works really well .... 


MXT PRO in the 3D deep separation test begins to give a signal on the coin when the nail is placed from the place where the coin is placed at a distance of not less than 40 cm ... / 16 "/ which is already a poor result ..

.Really separating good detectors can prove the signal  on the coin, even if it is at a distance of 17-18 cm  the nail....

The best separation detectors /whit optimal coils/ can unmask the coin
 from the nail to a distance of 13 cm .... with a limit of unmasking to 9 cm ...!!!


....For the best separation properties, the detector must achieve excellent 2D Monte  performance  nailboard test ,,, as well as in 3D deep separation test ..

 ....such detectors also in practice ... they achieve excellent separation qualities and are very successful in separation ..

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