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Cotton Balls, Q Tips And........

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Knowing that my coin would never be graded as a very expensive coin although very desirable, I decided to make it look better for my personal viewing. I looked at a lot of U tube videos and read several things about cleaning silver without damaging the object. Just wanting to know the outcome before trying the method on my coin,. I tried it on other objects. I settled on using cotton balls, Q tips and non abrasive Carnuba oil auto polish. This didn't seem to leave any scratches, only cleaned and polished it. As you can see, all of the scratches and marks from being in the ground for about 140 plus years are still there.



thumbnail (2).jpg


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Great shine!

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Gorgeous! And thx for the cleaning info.

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real nice Norm

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Great coin!

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    • By kac
      Sometimes I do a quick search on old coins I find on ebay for quickie reference on what people are selling them for and think I found a counterfeit ring going on. See back of this quarter for example:
      You will notice where there is detail it is raised more which leads me to believe that it was created from a 3d scan. I say that because typically 3d scanner will not have enough resolution no matter how good and will average the heights when details are too close and small causing a puffiness in that area. A coin back then was done from a large master and milled on a pantograph milling machine. 
      Now coins dies are made from edm (electrical discharge machining) where a graphite master is burned into the die then it's polished.
      Anyways the prices on them are ridiculously low and there seems to be a lot of subtle oddities that make me suspicious. The example I showed a real 1943 silver in half descent condition would be around $20-$30 and not $0.99.
      Who do I contact on that? Does ebay care?
      Anyways buyer beware on that.
    • By calabash digger
      This how I clean my iron relics using electrolysis..
    • By Lobo Lover
      Hello to All Members,
                                            We have been finding many pre-decimal New Zealand Coins. After washing off the dirt they are covered in a layer of patina, that dull brown stuff which we have been reading should not be removed for poor technique will devalue the coins worth. Toothbrushes, bristle brushes, chemical compounds and polishing cloths are a No-No, but they look so nice and shiny to a novice like me.  Also just to let you guys know that electrolysis is not the way to go that ate a few of my good coins.
            We have been reading  that valuable coins are "Best left to a Professional", so it can be done the proper way!  What do they use? How do they do it without depreciating the value of the coin? Is there a knowledgeable Coin Expert who is willing to divulge their secrets, not for me but for the sake of the coin? 
            Failing that, how should the coin be presented to a potential buyer or collector with this patina on it? Because it doesn't look very nice like this, underneath is a beautiful coin and I would like to get fair trade value for them. Will they appreciate our respect for the coin in this condition by leaving it this way?
            Some are very nice and valuable judging from coin evaluation sites and others not so much. How can I decide which coins to show? Even some pennies are very sought after and small silver ones which are a rarity. What do I do, What do I do? Hum.
    • By phrunt
      This seems mighty weird, a guy on our local auction site is selling hundreds of roman coins from between 100 and 400 AD for $1 each, about 70 US cents I guess.
      Claims they were found with metal detectors.

      Are these things likely to be fakes or are low grade roman coins really worth that little?
    • By Chris Ben
      Hi all. I made it out Sunday for a nice hunt. Great weather temp wise, maybe a little windy. I want back to the wash I found the nuggets in a couple of weeks back, and was able to squeak out 1 more. I tried to expand the area but not luck. I picked up and headed to an area that has been mined a lot, full of trash, but I figure must be full of gold. Wow I really am amazed what the GPZ is capable of.  2 of the nuggets I found really amazed me, size and depth. 1 of those I was detecting a drywash header pile and got a small repeatable signal. I kept raking back the rocks, still getting the signal till I got to virgin ground under the pile, 6 more inches down I pulled out a sub gram nugget. Amazing. 
      All 4 for the day added up to 3.8 grams.
      Now to the question,  I've been soaking that big quartz specimen I found in Wink for about a month now, it is exposing more gold, very slowly. How long do I soak? Do I need to refresh the wink? The longer I soak it the more quartz will dissolve? 
      Thanks Chris 
    • By Andy2640
      Hi Ya'll
      Well im now building up a huge collection of various finds.   Ive got so many British 1800 and 1900 pennies, half pennies and farthings that i dont know what to do with them all.  But also some really nice silver sixpences, half crowns, florins and other nice silver coins.  Other items are rings x2, musket balls, badges and roman/medievil weights.
      Question is, how do you lovely buggers store your finds?  Be it coin cabinets, display cases or just sprawled over your desk.  Do you lot keep only the best coins for display, or show everything you find?  See im not sure whether to display only the cream of the crop, or enjoy everything, both the good, the bad and the down right ugly.
      Would love to see your collection displays, coin trays, etc and your thoughts on finds which meet either the ... "keep/throw/stash or display criteria".  Hopefully you'll give me and others some ideas ...and of course inspiration 😉
      Cheers peeps.
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