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Gold Detecting In Far North Queensland

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In FNQ Australia, there are a number of properties you can go on & detect for gold. Most places are pay to detect & are well set up for camping with designated areas set aside for metal detecting, if you are fortunate enough to have access to private leases & cattle stations with gold bearing country even better again. Up until today, I had access to one of these private cattle stations to prospect on. Unfortunately I no longer have access, this is due to the fact there are still people doing the wrong thing while on these properties. The rubbish left behind at camp sites and open detector holes for cattle to break legs in is out of control. On top of that you got fence jumpers & poachers running a muck too. This is causing huge issues for for graziers forcing them to close the gates to everyone & in most cases getting access now, is nearly impossible. 

I can't express in words how disappointing this is for us guys & girls who are doing the right thing, only to be told you can't detect at your favourite spot anymore because of w#%kers ruining it for everyone. So the quest for a new spot starts again....  Take only gold and memories & leave only foot prints. So we will all have somewhere to look for gold in the future!



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This year over here poachers, thieves and general DH's will find themselve as yootoob stars

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    • By Tugboat
      Hi People when you see other detectorists, how much distance should one give each other?  and 2nd question is, i have the minelab 15 pinpointer  but it really struggles unless its all most on the target, it was a free pinpointer that came with the 600. Do i buy the minelab 35 or another brand? thanks
    • By Joe L
      Being new to these forums, if this is not the place for this, please move. Due to excitement just wanted to sing out here.
      I am adding a Gold detector to my arsenal..  I did research this for quite a bit and realized that gold detecting, nuggets anyway, would only be maybe 1%, well maybe less, use of the machine. It would also be used for general detecting and a unit for friends that want to give it a try (it’s a easy to use detector.) But, I do want a capable detector the will work for gold also. Reading Steve’s review and rating of this detector, I'm pulling the the lever.
      For these reasons I have chosen a     Fisher Gold Bug Pro.
      Thanks for listening.  Joe 
    • By kac
      Found this while scouting out another section of woods along a main trail. It's a Harvard Crimsons pin that was gold plated over brass.
      Also found a 61 silver Canadian quarter. Got excited at first until I whipped the dirt off the rim and saw it wasn't a really old USA coin :( . Also a musket ball and small round.

    • By geof_junk
      A interesting article with some good videos.
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      I was wondering if anyone on this site can help me setting up a Goldseeker 9000 VLF/TR Metal Detector.The detector was built here in Australia by the creators who are now Minelab [I think].Well, my dad [Deceased] bought the unit in 1983 but never got a chance to use it because he had a stroke, so my Mum just put it away in the shed,Well, about 6 months before my Mum passed away last year, she gave it to me after she found it cleaning out her shed.There are a few instructions with it but not very clear, so if anyone out there can help me out, it would be very much appreciated.I know it is a good machine, and I would like to use it and try it out.Thanking everyone in advance.
    • By Steve (UT)
      I found this button in a early 1900’s park in Utah County. I has a 3 point crown in the middle. No luck on the “google machine” so hopefully someone on here may have some insight as to a date and or manufacturer.
      The Nox read brass area but it was found about 8” with a square nail next to it.
      thanks for any help with this!

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