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1980 Wederburn

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WOW, that's all I can say.

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    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, I went out for a few hours on the afternoon of the 2nd of July. That has been my last detecting outing due to my eldest son, wife & my 5 month old grandson coming on down to stay for a week. I then did something to my left knee at work & couldn't get out for a swing the following weekend. I could barely walk on the damn thing. Then my 2nd eldest son, his partner & my 6 year old grandson came for a week. School holidays. While I had this week off work while they were here I went to the doctor about my knee. Seems to be coming right now. I hope. Haven't had the Zed out since the new update. This weekend coming l will be out there trying it out.
      Ok....back to the GM 1000. Back to the same old bed rock exposed workings I have been hammering with the GM & just carrying on from where I had left of previously. Went over a few spots again that I had already been over with the GM 1000. Nothing more, so carried on along the old workings. Was struggling to get any target signals. They were very few & far between. But finally got a positive hit. Full max sensitivity at manual 10 & deep all metal mode. Low, slow & avoiding any ground or bush contact. Signal was behind that little thyme bush  in the center. 

      A small bit of gold it was.

      The next signal was just on dark so I didn't get a pic. That was my lot & had a bit of a walk back to my wagon. So just the two tiddlers for .12 of a gram.
      No catch & release though

      Good luck out there
    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, You may recall this post I did back at the start of May. http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/3599-some-zed-gold/  Well there was more to the story at the time but I couldnt tell it due to the up coming release of the GM 1000 & an agreement I had with Minelab giving them first use of any material I sent them on the GM 1000 for possible use on the Treasure Talk Blog.
      I actually started detecting with the Zed & got a very faint hit. Dug down on it & it was getting deeper & the signal improving all the time. It got to the depth where I could not tell just where the signal was in the hole. So I grabbed the Gold Monster(usually I would use the Gold Bug 2) & put it in Discrimination Mode (Iron Reject where it makes no audio sound on iron) but still shows iron or probability of gold on the Gold Chance Indicator meter & would also give an audio signal on non ferrous.
      Here is whats what on the settings on the control panel & the quick start guide.

      On the screen of my detector you can see that I am in Iron Reject Mode. The battery is fully charged. I am in 4 on the volume & I was using the built in speaker & not the head phones. I am in full maximum 10 on the manual sensitivity setting. There was no audio signal due to being in Iron Reject Mode but you can see on the Gold Chance Indicator meter that it is lit up towards the nail symbol on the left side of the indicator showing it is iron (ferrous) Not to the right towards the gold bar symbol, (Non Ferrous) in which case if it were it would also give an audio signal. So if you are detecting in an iron trash infested area this would be the mode to use if you wanted to reduce the bashing your ears would get from all the iron signals & only hear the non iron (non ferrous) signals. This mode how ever will not give you as much depth or sensitivity as the Deep All Metal Mode will. Which is my preferred setting to get the maximum performance out of the detector & best chance of getting gold. 

      This is why it was signaling iron.

      I then moved on further up this gully where I found those 4 bits with the zed & with the help of the Gold Bug 2. I wasnt very thorough with the GB2 & wanted to have a play with the GM 1000 both in the hole & I raked out the dig out pile & went over that with the GM 1000 & 5" coil. I went in to Deep All Metal Mode & remained in full maximum 10 on the manual sensitivity setting. As long as I didnt touch the ground with the coil the detector ran quiet until it got a target hit. If I touched the ground even slightly then I got a falsing signal. Obviously pushing the detector to its hardware limits. Hence raking out the dig out dirt. I couldn't scrub & push the dirt around with the coil like I can with the GB2 (within reason) with out getting false signals. But I am happy to just be very slow & careful with my coil sweep & placement of the coil to maintain that absolute maximum sensitivity giving me the maximum chance of pinging the smallest of gold, if it is there. Knowing that gold had come out of that hole helped. If I was general detecting with the GM 1000 & going a little bit quicker then I would back off the sensitivity to 9 maybe even 8 so the coil could rub the ground a little with out falsing. I do like pushing the limits though to get the best out of the machine but only to a point where the falsing isnt driving me nuts.

      I ended up with 12 more bits of gold with the GM 1000. So 16 bits all up out of this one hole. I actually dug more out of the hole so see if the small gold carried on producing.....but it didnt & the GB2 got no extra bits either. Using a plastic scoop to pass the target over the coils is a must other wise you will get false signals from your hand.

      Good luck out there
    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, After last Saturdays finds with the Zed & GM 1000 I went to a local spot just down the road on Sunday for a late afternoon detect with the Gold monster. I went to some old exposed schist bed rock workings that the old timers had ground sluiced down to. I had done well here on small gold back with my GP 3000 & 4500 with my smallest coils. Coiltek 10x5 Joey Mono, Coiltek 6" round mono & the little Nugget Finder 8x6 Sadie coil. I had huge confidence that if there was anything left the Gold monster would sniff it out. I wasn't disappointed. It was never going to be any thing of size & wasn't going to be deep. The first bit was in fact a sun baker. 

      Just in case you cant see it

      I was operating in Deep All Metal Mode, Sensitivity on manual setting maximum of 10. Due to our extremely mild ground I am able to get away with these hot settings as long as I keep the coil off the ground & don't touch the ground or any bushes. I get no ground feedback at all but if I do touch the ground or any thing I do get falsing signals. So obviously running the unit to its hardware limits. As long as I keep a very even & smooth coil sweep & placement & dont touch any thing I can detect in these hot settings all day & it really hits hard on the smallest of targets.

      I stick my finger in there to give you scale. I didnt take many pics but I ended up with 7 little pieces for a total of just .17 of a gram

      Detecting for this size gold isnt usually my cup of tea but it was a beautiful afternoon to be out there. End the day with a nice sunset.

      Our two ski fields are open for business now. The Remakables ski field opened last Saturday & Coronet Peak ski field opened today. So the snow bunnies will be happy.
      Tomorrow is the first race in the America's Cup where Emirates TEAM NEW ZEALAND Beat Swedens ARTEMIS in the challengers series to Challenge Oracle's TEAM USA for the America's Cup. Even if you arent in to sailing these boats are pretty impressive.
      Look at the speed they go
      Do they crash & burn?... Hell yeah. And when they do it all happens VERY quickly. A bad day on the water for team NZ.
      Oracle Team USA not exempt either
      Any way. Go Team NZ........
      Good luck out there
    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, Headed to a spot not far from home for a late afternoon detect with the Gold Monster. No two & a half hour drive one way today.  Exposed schist bed rock.....seems a common theme with me this exposed schist bed rock......That is because the basement rock of Central Otago here in the South Island of New Zealand is schist & the gold just loves to work its way down in to the folds of the schist when the schist is tilted up on edge....like the pages in a book up on its edge. The perfect gold trap.

      Got a faint signal in this chapter of the book & peeled out a few pages to open it up & get at the signal stuck down in the folds

      A sassy bit of the good stuff.

      Not one...but two bits.

      Near the top edge of a tailings race I got another faint as signal. Scraped away a bit & it improved heaps & was still in the schist.

      A few more scrapes & it was out. Not a bad piece. No wonder it "lived" on down a bit in the dig.

      Not far along the same edge & right on the edge was another sweet little signal. I had to scrape it back from the edge so the target wouldn't drop down in to the tailings race.

      I was surprised at the depth this little piece actually was. It was more than a few scrapes in to the schist

      Half way down the drop off in to the tailings race I got a signal in a ledge.

      Again the target was further in to the schist than usual

      But out it came.

      The sun was going down & I had a bit of a walk back to my wagon but I managed one more piece just before dark.
      So I ended up with 6 bits for .4 of a gram. Wont be giving up my day job

      Cheers. Good luck out there.
    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, Headed out for 3 hours late this arvo to the spot where I left off on my last little finds with the GM 1000. In amongst the exposed bed rock schist that the old timers had sluiced down to & also in & around their tailings races. Didnt take long to get the first little hit on the drop off down in to a tailings race.
      Scratched it out of that crevice on that little ledge

      The next signal was down about three inches & I thought it was going to be bigger than it turned out to be.

      My next signal was in the exposed bed rock on the top edge of a tailings race or drainage channel that the old timers had carved out of the solid schist.

      A few scrapes & the signal was out

      It wasnt long until the sun would be going & I hit another signal just as the sky lit up in to a beautiful sun set. The signal was a small piece of gold.

      And the sky was a beautiful gold as well. Time to pack up & walk out.

      All up 5 tiddlers for .34 of a gram Deep All Metal Mode & Manual Sensitivity on 10.

      Cheers guys.
      Good luck out there
    • By DolanDave
      Got a text yesterday from my buddy Chris, who said dude, get your , and lets get out there !!!! ( Well something like that , hehe !!! ) . I told him I can only hunt a half day, even though today was just a great day for a full day of hunting today, darn it !!!!  Ended up finding almost 10 grams today.. :) . The large piece was a little more than a foot down, and just made a break in the threshold, I kicked some dirt out of the way, and it made the nice mellow weewoo sound, and I was like . Some digging in the side of a wash a little more than a foot down, and got a .....  maybe a foot away I found another small nugget right on top of the ground, and found another small piece in another wash.
        I also brought home a new pet,  and the good ol U.S. deserts give them away for free, as you can see in the picture, he is enjoying his new home....  I have been bringing baby dinosaurs home in the backyard for years, but they never grow up  , they just make babies in my back yard and eat the spiders...

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