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calabash digger

Shallow Water Hunt..

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Few relics from the hunt yesterday. My buddy pulled all the bullets. I got the 1700s jewelry though!




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    • By calabash digger
      We killed it today at the honey hole... I tagged the plate on the first signal..

    • By calabash digger
      Hunting relics in the low country..

    • By calabash digger
      Spot gave up a few from land and water..

    • By strick
      Been hunting a spot close to home its still giving up some cool finds. The wheat penny is struck off center?....only the 19 is visible on the date. Maybe GB- Amateur knows something about these types of coins? The rifleman's badge is stamped sterling and also you can see part of a bracelet in the first photo that is stamped sterling as well. This spot has gotta have a gold ring It's just a matter of time.  Been having fun hunting down here in the Bay area but I really need to get up to the peace and quiet of the mountains for a couple days of gold hunting. 

    • By calabash digger
      Me and my mentor hit a mill pond in the low country and these relics flew out...

    • By Dan(NM)
      I got out this past Sunday to hunt a place we hunted a couple weeks back to give it another pounding. It's a WW1/WW2 dump site out in the desert, it looks to have been burned somewhere and dumped here and spread out. Just under the surface is powdered ash, some things look burnt, others don't. It's littered with every type of metal you can think of, copper, alum, brass, lead and iron everywhere. I was running park 1, using the 6" coil, recovery speed 6, sens 18,  0 disc, 0 iron bias, 2 tones with my tone break at 17 and ground balance at 0
        I decided to go over the same area that me and another guy had hit previously only from a different direction, ? man we both suck lol, it was like we never hunted it before. I spent close to 9 hours going slowly thru all the crap, I was amazed at how much we had missed !! I finally had to call it a day when it hit 104 ?
        As you can see, it pays to hit a spot from different directions multiple times.  My favorite finds are the large rosettes, the 2 WW1 dog tags, the heart rosette and the collar buttons.

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