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Simplex Screen Protectors

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Dean Ricker has screen covers available for the Simplex. I've been using his covers for quite some time, excellent quality. I paid $25 shipped. Here is Dean's e-mail addy where he can be contacted..... rickerskpd@cableone.net


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There are some russian ones available on ebay for under $20 I think. With glare shields or not attached in different camo colors...or just make one ourselves.

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    • By Swifty
      So this morning my plan was to replace coil cover on the zed and then do the software upgrade. Last time I had the detector out it was slightly sprinkling rain and the coil had some dirt stuck to it. I grabbed the garden hose and just waved the spray over the coil. and wiped it down with a dry cloth. Then I saw water dripping out from under the coil cover and was a little shocked at how much water had gotten between the coil and cover so fast.  This is what I found when I pulled off the cover. I can say this is the first time I'm glad I've worn out a coil cover

    • By ColonelDan
      I've read a number of threads on the best way to cover and protect the coil and there's been a lot of good ideas for sure!
      I thought I'd add mine for those who primarily hunt sandy beaches like I do.
      Over the years, I've tried several ways to keep sand out since a build up between the coil and cover could and will result in a degree of false signals/chatter. What I finally determined was that sand is the "cleverest" of all elements with which I've had to contend.  It can and does get into everything. No matter how well I thought I'd sealed the cover onto the coil, sand still managed to get in there...granted not much but my thinking is that if it's not supposed to be there, I want it outta there.  And the one time I tried sealing the cover, it was he** to get the cover off!  Conclusion; Sand will always get in but with most methods of sealing the cover, there's no way for it to get out!
      I decided to find a way to give those clever grains of sand a way out.  I came up with this solution about 5 or 6 years ago and it's worked well for me on my Florida beaches.  I simply drilled holes in the cover which allows the water to rinse out the sand while still protecting my coil from bumps and scrapes.   After searching the dry and wet sand, a few swipes in the surf and the sand is rinsed away.  When I get home and remove the cover, there is only a very few isolated grains between the coil and cover...not nearly enough to cause me any trouble whatsoever. 
      Works for me but your mileage may vary and I'm always open to better ideas.
      Note:  I drill the holes from the inside out so there are no ridges on the inside which would inhibit efficient draining.
      Just one method from my sandy foxhole.....

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Well out of the blue Doc or Doc's Detecting Supply of Las Vegas sent me a goodie bag with some product to look over. Thanks Doc! Before I begin I want you to know I did not request this stuff. In order to not look like I am trading favorable comments for gear I am going to use this stuff as prizes in various forum contests I have planned (best finds, etc.). All these goodies Doc sent me will be finding new homes in the near future so stay tuned.
      I already have a few of Doc's products. I have one of his original Swingy Thingy support harnesses from over ten years ago. I don't use it per se but it remains in my detecting kit at all time "just in case". This is cool because Doc sent me the latest version of the Ultra Swingy Thingy to look at, and they are light years apart. The old one is little more than a strap and bungee. The new one is a full harness system.

      Original Swingy Thingy detector support harness
      I also have been using Doc's cover for the GPZ 7000 since the cover came out at the end of 2015. So I am already a little familiar with the product construction. I have not used my GPZ 7000 without that cover since the day I got it. It is a very well thought out protective cover system and I could not be happier with how mine has worked out.

      Doc's protective cover system for the Minelab GPZ 7000
      Here is a look at the new covers for the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 and Minelab Equinox 600/800 models. The two covers are very similar.
      Before I forget, I want to mention that I always apply a stick on screen saver to my metal detector displays before installing any of these loose fit type pod covers. Dust and grit will get into the inside of these covers no matter what you do, and the dust between the inside of the covers and the screen can abrade the screen. I look at the pod cover as a protective cover for the entire pod, but not ones that eliminate the need for a screen protector. If you have gone without and had no issues that's great. I still recommend using separate screen savers and always apply them to my new detectors before they ever see the field.

      Docs' cover for the Minelab Equinox (left) and Minelab Gold Monster 1000 (right)
      The Equinox cover is a two piece affair, with a cover for the display pod and the armrest cup. A new arm strap is included. The Gold Monster cover includes an additional item in the form of a small cover for the upright support post.
      Again, new arm straps included. For those that do not like using an arm strap Doc includes a couple small velcro stick tabs that allow you to attach the cover more firmly to the arm cup using the velcro tabs.

      Closeup of armrest cover showing cordura nylon and stitching details
      Here is a little closer detail of the pod cover for the Minelab Equinox models...

      Detail of Doc's pod cover for the Minelab Equinox metal detector
      The cover simply pulls down over the top of the pod once you disconnect the coil, then make the coil connection again once the cover is installed. Two velcro straps wrap around the bottom and back of the pod to pull it down and attach it firmly in place. Two velcro sticky tabs are included for those who wish attach the cover to the pod via internal velcro tabs. This could help keep the pod from shifting in place but most people won't need them. A nice touch is the little bit of stretch material forming a band that holds the charger cable more firmly in place while in use.

      Equinox pod cover detail showing charger cable in place
      As you can see in the photo above I put the cover over the little cap and strap that protects the physical headphone port when not in use. I never use wired headphones out of water and so this worked for me, but if you wanted easy access to the headphone plug port you would want to route the strap over the cover instead of under it.
      The cover has two slots on each side to allow access to the Equinox pod side buttons. The thickness of the cover requires you push the tip of your finger into the slot to push the buttons, but this is easily done.

      Side view of Equinox cover showing button access slots
      The Gold Monster pod cover is simpler, just pull over and secure with a velcro strap. As noted the Gold Monster cover set includes a cover for the upright battery compartment support post - see the first picture in the post.

      Detail of Doc's pod cover for the Minelab Gold Monster 1000
      The bottom line is I found both these covers to be well designed and constructed. Visit the Doc's Detecting website for the latest information on pricing and availability.
      Doc included the latest version of his Goldscreamer Brand Qweegle Bungee. Earlier versions I saw had a kind of bolt on attachment for the detector rod. This latest version attaches to the detector with a velcro strap clip not unlike the one that comes with the Minelab GPZ 7000. I really like this type of attachment since it will work on any rod size with no issues. What makes Doc's bungee unique is the quick adjustments at both ends of the bungee.

      Doc's Goldscreamer Brand Qweegle Bungee
      This is a nice stout bungee, and one that can be rigged to support almost any detector from any backpack or rucksack shoulder D-ring attachment point. However, for those in need Doc has made the Qweegle Bungee an integral part of the new Ultra Swingy Thingy harness.
      The Ultra Swingy Thingy is basically a large "Y" or yoke. One wide padded strap goes down your back and attaches to your pants at the belt line. The strap splits behind your neck and drops large padded straps over each shoulder.

      Harness rear attachment point
      The front padded straps end in adjustable steel clips that attach the harness to the belt line of pants exactly the same way that suspenders work. There is also a front cross-strap at chest level to tie both sides of the harness assembly together for a snug fit. There are two super oversize rings on each shoulder, either one which can act as an attachment point for the Qweegle Bungee.
      Click photo for closer view...

      Details of the Ultra Swingy Thingy Harness with Qweegle Bungee
      This, simply put, is a really great detector support system. Here is Doc's sales sheet below for the harness which has all kinds of details about the product.
      If anyone has any questions on any details of these items including any requests for any photo details - please just ask. And like I noted, all these items will be featured soon as prizes in various contest activities I plan on offering to stir up a little more action on the forums. Thanks again Doc for this surprise package. Keep up the good work filling in the gaps in available detecting gear for the avid detectorists among us! ?
      Doc's Ultra Swingy Thingy - click image fr larger version

    • By SDMiner
      I'm not much for carry bags for metal detectors but I figured it would be really nice just to throw the Gold Monster in the truck and take off instead of wrapping it up like a precious cargo to head to the desert. I found a Minelab Excalibur bag on eBay and I figured it was big enough and said what the heck and bought it. I'm pretty happy with the way it worked out. And yes that is the new Doc's Gold Monster cover and arm cuff that is the cats meow when it comes to protection for this machine.

    • By Doc
      This has been a long time coming. All of these items are now in stock and available. (They just cleared customs Friday)  You can usually purchase them through Ebay or your local Minelab dealer.

      New Cover Sets for Minelab Equinox and Gold Monster 1000. 

      And new Qweegle™ Double adjustment point bungee made with highest quality extreme grade Marine Bungee.

      I had announced these products before as I was getting various prototypes, but the entire production run is now in my hands as of Friday when they were released from customs.
      While the Qweegle ™ is available by itself, it will now also be supplied with the Ultra Swingy Thingy which has had a new improvement as well.  I didn't like the "D" rings that the bungee attached to as #1.  They were very small, and #2. They had a tendency to rotate and end up not situated correctly. 

      So I designed a new LARGE non-rotating "O" ring.  You can snap your bungee on it or take it off without ever having to look at it.  This "O" ring is available by itself with a piece of webbing for you to attach to your favorite backpack or hydration system, so you can use the QWEEGLE™ Bungee with your favorite harness system.  The QWEEGLE™ works great with Minelab's Pro Swing Harness. 

      The QWEEGLE™ (rhymes with Beagle) Bungee has these great features:
      • NO METAL Shaft Clamp!
      • Fits any detector shaft, guaranteed.
      • All parts are made of Ny-Glass the most durable and expensive "plastic like" parts available.
      • Best Quality Marine Grade Bungee Cord, Extreme durability
      • Quick on / off Shoulder Clip to get the bungee on and off easily at the "D" "O" ring on your shoulder strap.
      • Shoulder Clip is a quick adjustment point that can be used to quickly adjust the perfect length of your bungee instantaneously.
      • Shaft attachment quick adjustment device allows you to instantaneously adjust the length of the bungee at the point it attaches to the rod.  Simply tug the bungee into the "V" groove to lock it in place.  Tug the bungee out of the groove raise or lower your detector for the proper height, tug the bungee back in the "V" groove.
      • Instantly detach the detector from the Queegle™.  Pull the bungee out of the side slot of the shaft adjustment point, and you are detached from the Queegle™ and can lay your detector down.

    • By RayfromAK
      I was thinking about what you said relating to the buttons on the control pad needing some more protection to reduce wear, something that I agree with.  I wonder if a couple of layers of a clear nail polish, only over the buttons, would help?  Nail polish is quite strong while still somewhat flexible.  
      ~Just wondering
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