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New To Metal Detecting

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If you haven't picked up machine yet there are plenty of recommendations here to get you swinging.

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Welcome aboard and glad to see you here.

You are going to find many people to help you here on what detector to get, and where to find the rocks.

Please post some of your pictures of the finds you get so everyone can enjoy them.

Good luck!

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    • By Helen Nomatter Dube
      Hello family am new here n would like to know more about gold detectors i would like to purchase a Minelab Gpz 7000 gold detector so i would like some more details on the item please help
    • By DB1000
      I had been detecting for over the 25 years with many good finds and good times. Went to many organized hunts, meetings and belonged to 2 clubs. Caught an autoimmune as well as a neck/head injury which has made me make some huge changes. Was a fishing guide for 22 years, gave that up, sold the boat, sold the truck, played in a band etc etc. Finally after 6 years the Drs all keep telling me "you need to get out and move around if only for a little while". I tried with my DFX 300 which was just bought prior to this, but it was to heavy to swing for me. Tried my regular DFX, the CZ20 with the belt and nope, nothing worked (they both for sale now). My wife talked to a friend of mine who I used to hunt with and he recommended the Minelab 800. Well, it is much lighter for me and I was able to get out for 1 hour the other day.  She also bought me a Lesche digger that was the exact height as my walking sticks to which I use that as my walking stick now. Worked out well. Hopefully little by little I can add some time but for now even a little is great for me. Here is a pic after my first time out in 6 years with the new 800. Take care everyone. There is always someone else worse off somewhere and never give up!

    • By scdoc22
      Hello, everyone. My name’s Greg and I’m a metal detector in Catawba County NC. If anyone else is from the area I would love to meet up for a hunt. For your viewing pleasure, I’ve attached a nice little flat button I found yesterday at an early 1800s site I have permission on. 

    • By Jim S.
      I am fairly new to MD'ing. Mostly Myrtle Beach while on vacations. A little around home Clark County Ohio. I want to upgrade to something else from my DFX 300. Any suggestions that won't break the bank?
    • By KellycoDetectors
      Meet Shelby. As the newest member of our Customer Experience Team, Shelby has been with Kellyco for just over a year. She is a new detectorist that finds time to hunt in between raising a toddler and a new puppy. Shelby’s favorite find also comes from the Team’s participation in the annual Boy Scout hunt at Camp Lanoche in Paisley, Florida. 
      As in Leilani’s Treasure Find story, the Kellyco team went out detecting to celebrate another successful year of helping the Scouts at their annual camp. Camp Lanoche was established in 1950 and has been used many times a year by a multitude of Boy Scout troops in the area. Thanks to the camp’s long-standing history, something interesting is uncovered every year.

      This year, Shelby was swinging her new Nokta Makro Simplex+. As the new kid on the block, she was super excited to learn from her seasoned coworkers on one of her first outings with her new detector.
      She took all the advice handed to her and went out hunting. That day, Shelby recovered a key and 5 pieces of Clad coins. Since then, she has recovered over 120 pieces of clad coins (pictured). Even though it’s “just clad” Shelby says that the thrill of what she’s going to dig up next keeps her going.
      Treasure Find: Shelby of Kellyco originally appeared on kellycodetectors.com.
    • By Stevio
      Good morning from a currently misty part of the world . Waiting on my CTX 3030 to start indulging in my new hobby.
      Lucky to be in an area with plenty of beaches and Gympie gold fields 1 hour away. Into 4wd and camper trailing , so plenty 
      of other areas on the list. Who says semi retirement has to be boring :-)
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