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Comin' Aboard Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

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popeye from Maine has just dug you up !

Finally upgraded my trusty Micronta Discoverer 2  6KHz detector . ( Bounty Hunter) to an 800 last summah OH AYUH !

Located this forum without using it too. skuh kuh kuh kuh (LOL)

Not a lot of detector addicts to hang out with so thinkin' this group will be a good source of info and fun.

Have done all the updates on the 800 so far .

Haven't had a lot of detecting time on it yet though , maybe 20 hours...so still have many things to learn about it.

I also bought my first pinpointer (the ML35) and wow ! Gotta say I love it !!! 

Weighs a lot less than the screen box I have been using yup yup.

She just froze ovah uptah camp and I'll be hangin' out with the forum till it thaws out .......U boob videos only go so far .....

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3 hours ago, rvpopeye said:

Haven't had a lot of detecting time on it yet though , maybe 20 hours...so still have many things to learn about it.


She just froze ovah uptah camp and I'll be hangin' out with the forum till it thaws out ....

Welcome, Popeye!  20 hours?  Get out there!  (Well, in the spring when it warms up.)

"Not a lot of detector addicts..." hopefully means not a lot of competition.  Tons of history up your way and that leads to old coins, too.  Are you close to water where swimmers & sunbathers have left you some goodies?

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Yup , I'm on the southern coast just north of all those beaches of which you speak..

"Get out there"

I know , I found out my rv had some serious wall rot and had to change priorities just after getting the 800.I live in it fulltime so needed to get that done before now. Almost made it too ! It's insulated and dry. Now back to important things like being here.

Did get to a few smaller beaches in my town though .  My biggest find was an anode plate a local boat had scuttled....ugh . It was deep and the signal strong so I persisted.   

(Haven't submerged the control unit so don't know about the leak problem I just read about on another thread here.)

My T Rex scoop HAS been broken in.

Did a few short trips into the woods but nothing worth bragging about yet.

I'm going to spend some time in front of the heat doing research on old sites this winter and sure will be on the big beaches too , maybe even a couple times before the cold goes away and the depositors come back !  Probably meet more locals while out there after storms. They'll have to be hard core to be out there freezing !

A little concerned about the temperature limits I see in the manual....maybe some more experienced Nox users can give me ideas of how cold they have used it in ? High temp today is 23* Yesterday a little less....it's a good thing windchill only affects skin. Well , for the detector anyway










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13 hours ago, rvpopeye said:

popeye from Maine has just dug you up !

Grandmothers relatives are from York and it is a great area to do some detecting. Old area there and just a little North of there.

Glad to see you here and there is a lot of information from the nice people here. They know just about any problem that you may run across with really good information to help.

Welcome and when you get to get out there please share the adventure with us.

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 Valen's Legacy

I was spending a lot of time on those southern beaches years ago , I was doing live sound in the beach clubs...and had most daytime hours free to do whatever I wanted..usually chose sleep .

Unfortunately , wasn't taking my detector with me due to lack of space in the truck...

THAT won't happen again !!

I had relatives in Ogunquit when I was a kid . 

No detector , just a skim board .😎

Spent a summer in Old Orchard working in a campground after I retired . Had the Rat Shack (Bounty Hunter) that time.   (The real $ was on the Pine Point end. Less people to trip over and nicer deposits too.)

Will be heading  back there asap with the NOX  and the T Rex scoop ! 

Last summer I hit the beach with the Nox out on Lands End (where the lady got munched by a Great White the week before) yikes ! Like I mentioned the control box didn't go under water !!! for a reason.

and Mackerel Cove local fleet HQ ,where I found the anode plate...meh , now I get to recycle it !

I will of course be checking the sno* piles in the shopping centers in the spring when they melt.

Some of the lakes drain down a bit in winter so those beaches are on my list too.

I hope nothing else takes priority cuz I got PLANS ! skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh 


















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On 12/19/2020 at 9:45 AM, rvpopeye said:

I had relatives in Ogunquit when I was a kid . 

No detector , just a skim board .😎

Spent a summer in Old Orchard working in a campground after I retired .

Well grandmother said she knows every place that you have mentioned and she still has relatives there.

Good luck on your next hunt.

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Thx guys !

All  my remaining relatives from down that way have moved to Sanford.

Still close but not on the beaches .

It's OK though , the beach parking lots don't charge the locals during off season ! 

They don't plow them either....

Skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh

In a frozen fog bank today . Over a foot of sno* on the ground and it's been frigid so the only digging left IS those beaches....unless you count digging out from the sno*

  Yo Ho Ho Hope everybody gets a new detector for Christmas !


Oh another thing I might need to mention... ?

I'm also a professional pirate. 

Captained the good ship Buccaneer ,,,,at Storyland theme park ! (and NO , it wasn't on a rail....)

Best job ever ! arrrrrrrrr  .And I had my dream job for 25 years before that....

Dig 'em all !   We'll sort 'em out latarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.







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   Welcome to the forum Popeye, 

    I have a hunch that you are quite a character! Drive that RV down to Florida sometime to hunt some "reale" pirate treasure!

   While your freezing, and can't hunt, we are getting into our long awaited, few and far between "Winter" days! My Nox and T-Rex scoop love to go to the Treasure Coast whenever possible! If you don't mind sharing the beach with many other's that are like minded, during the brief North winds, come on down!👍👍


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Bucket list location.

I'm staying close to mom for now. 96yo and in assisted living.

I'll just have to be happy reading about all the gold  found in that particular sand ...

but you can send any you don't need skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh🤑


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