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There are some pretty good resources online regarding meteorites. Do you know any professors over at Milsaps? Or maybe up at Oxford? Somebody who studies this stuff might grind off a corner to have a peep inside. (I'm no expert, but that looks a bit like slag in these pix.) Good luck! Pretty cool find.

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It does not look like a meteorite to me, you can try a couple of easy tests like try to see if a magnet will stick to your rock, most meteorites will attract a magnet. Next take your rock and try to scratch the inside of your toilet bowl lid. You can use unfinished piece of porcelain tile if you have some, but see if a streak of color appears or not. Meteorites don't usually leave any streak. Good luck hope you find one!  ht 

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Looks like slag, leftover product from smelting operations. Very common anywhere mining and smelting takes place, plus along railroads transporting smelter waste product.


In theory the stuff is worthless, but I found this guy trying to get the big bucks for some on eBay....


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When I was a kid in the 70's, we walked the old railroad tracks and found loads of those glass looking moon rocks. I wish I had kept some, But mom thought it was clutter. Sorry to say, but it looks just like slag. Keep on looking and asking You just might find the real thing.

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The cut confirms what we knew its's a hunk of slag. Way to follow through with identification, keep in mind if you see bubbles or little holes you probably don't have a meteorite. The other thing i see most beginners post quite large rock suspects, when the real ones are usually quite small like the size of a golf ball not a softball, just a couple things to keep in mind. ht  

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      In the vinegar (6% acid) test on them, there was some fizz but only minor and in corrosive areas. There is a common talk among aquarium folks that limestones leach heavy metals and alter PH/Hardness of the water. These usually come from people who aren't really geologists - I was looking for some reliable info on how likely the water (my tap water ph is 7.6-7.8, water hardness 4.0 dgH, carbonate hardness 4.0 dkH) will undergo changes? I do understand it may happen given the aqaurium water ph can fluctuate slightly but shouldn't this take a very, very long time? I would highly appreciate any expert advice on this.
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