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    • By cuniagau
      Had about an hour to hunt this morning before a Dr appointment and made the most of it.  LOL  The ring is 14K and weighs 16.3g.  It rang up a very loud and solid 11 on the Equinox.   You gotta love unique rings!!!

    • By Rivers rat
      Went out today for another session,long walk and lots of digging .Not sure how many miles i did but a few nice weather again,with the nox and a spade ,lots of WW2 remains,and .......1 9ct Gold ring with 3 semi precious stones .Bullets registered 14/15/16 Bullet case around 20/ Fishing weight High 20s
      Gold ring 6/8
      100% of the bullets tip were identified......
      Was running at Reac 2 ,pinpointing at 4,signal are longer but thats fine with me

    • By The Seeker
      I got out 3 times and was able to snag some decent targets. 
      This hunt was done at the rocky beach I frequent during winter. There were lots of targets, more than I could dig in one hunt. I got about $8 in clad. The first row is all the good jewelry, one small 14k (.73g), and the rest Silver. The second row of rings are all junkers.

      This second hunt netted about $12 in clad and a small/light broken 14k pendant.

      The last hunt wasn’t all that great but I somehow managed to get a gold tooth that weighs 3.6g. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Hunting.

    • By Dancer
      Been running A M.  mostly here on the Gulf.   So much I don't even think about it.   Anyway today I met up with a good buddy on his second year with his Nox 600.   Following a good ways behind I hit a few low negative items. No matter How hard I squinted I couldn't make them gold /silver.       So I caught up to my pal, laid em on the sand. Hey check these with your Nox, see what ya think.      He says , Can't hear a thing !    What?  He's says he got nothing.    Ole buddy was starting to get a little sick.   Felt kinda bad.        Thought a minute.  I says , you in All Metal.     No in disc.      He switched it over.  All was good.    Just proves you never quit learning.        Around a buck eleven, out of a surf wash.
    • By cuniagau
      I haven't been out much lately due to some uncomfortable tendonitis but I made it down to a beach this afternoon for low tide.  The beach was sanded in and I wasn't expecting to much from the Impulse but just needed to "get out" of the house mainly.   I had the beach pretty much all to myself with just a couple of surfers and a few walkers.  I was running AM and basically default settings and just enjoying the beach.  I dug several bottle caps so I knew that finding something good would be a crap shoot.   The Impulse was hitting the lobster trap pieces pretty hard and I was getting a double beep on some pieces but not enough. LOL  
      I got a good solid AM hit and switched to Tone mode and got the "doo whop" sound of a coin.  I am thinking quarter all the way.  Three scoops down and it finally came out of hole of the caving in wet sand.  It is the biggest ring I have ever detected.  A big boy for a big boy!!!  18.9 g and size 13 1/4.  I can wear it on my left thumb.  To bad it wasn't a gold class ring but I will take silver any day.  
      I am not sure what the stone is either.  But beggars can't be choosers. LOL
      Thanks for looking!

    • By Coastie59
      From mid beach to the upper slope, not a lot targets but squeezed out a few keepers!  Good luck out there! ☠️

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