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Nokta New Relic Detector

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On MD-Blog it shows a shadow of a detector that looks like the Nokta fors gold. It's being called Nokta fors relic for 2016.

The Nokta and Makro detectors  are coming out of nowhere. You just say what you need and they will make it for you. That detector don't come out as a after thought but as a top notch machine.

Nokta as I get older I need one with a digging arm.Haha

The Best Nokta


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I am finding this guy likes to "enhance the facts" especially in the photo department. He picked up on my post about the new GPZ coil and then felt free to post a picture of it at http://md-hunter.com/minelab-20-gpz-coil-new-2016/#comment-24592

The problem is that the coil prototype was not shown at the show, so he just found a show picture somewhere and faked it up so he could pretend to have nabbed a picture of it.

Similarly the FORS outline is just that - something he tossed in that may have no connection to reality.

He gets the general idea right though when it comes to rumors on new machines so maybe new Nokta based on Racer 2 circuit? All I am saying is do not pay much attention to shadows and outlines as being anything more than something to illustrate the posts.

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Makro/Nokta are turning out some really great machines, no doubt about that. My main concern however at this time about Makro/Nokta is quality control. In the rush to get as many new machines to market as quickly as possible loose edges are showing in the form of defective product. There was the breaking bolt issue and breaking coil ear issue, and I hear about machines being dead on arrival more than I would like. I know you had that control handle issue yourself Chuck.

Now all new detectors by all manufacturers suffer from this to one degree or another, especially on new models, and Makro/Nokta have been superb at following up and making things right eventually for the concerned customers. But it is an issue they need to stamp out quickly because it feeds into the concerns people always have with new names, especially if from overseas.

People should never forget that any GOOD dealer should be happy to test and verify a detector works well before shipping it. If the say they can't or won't, find a new dealer. I understand the appeal of new in box and being first person to take it out of the box, but that honestly can be shooting yourself in the foot. It is a service you are paying for when you buy from a stocking dealer.

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Good "been dere done dat" advice from a guy who has probably sold more detectors than I have eaten pizzas ( and I worked at Shakeys for a year while I was in college)!

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A young new detector company that comes to the US to get American dollars don't need anything negative. The trouble with negative it will hang in the air longer than whatever positive can be said about their product.

Yes I did have trouble with my Nokta fors gold plus out of the box and the problem was in the control box. The service from Nokta was outstanding and they didn't stop until it was corrected.

The Best to Makro and Nokta


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Dear Valued Members,

As a relatively younger company, we would like to offer a full product portfolio for our valued customers. Most of the time, the new products evolve as a result of customer demands & requests and to meet the different needs of customers around the world. Each device has its own specific use, features or performance to it. With that said, here is the new addition to our product line-up - The FORS Relic:

Built on the famous FORS platform, the FORS Relic offers new features and unbelievable unmasking capabilities for relic as well as coin hunting. Operating at 19 kHz frequency, the FORS Relic features 6 search modes, iMASK (Intelligent Masking), Tone Break and Iron Volume. 

MSRP - $799

• 6 Search Modes (All Metal / 2-Tone Disc / 3-Tone Disc. / Conductive Ground / Boost / Swift)
• Adjustable Tone Break
• Adjustable Iron Volume
• Ground Tracking
• Auto & Manual Ground Balance
• Pinpoint & Depth Indicator (cm/inch)
• All Terrain
• Dual LCD Display
• Digital Target ID & ID Masking
• Frequency Shift
• Built-in LED Flashlight
• Waterproof Search Coils
• Easy Use
• Ergonomic Design
• Long Battery Life
• 10 Languages

Thank you all!



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Got a question. How many iron numbers are on the adjustable tone break, is it 10, 40 or something else.

Conductive ground mode is new.  Is it more than just being able to balance to salt?



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Obviously Nokta picked up on the 19 khz FORS Gold Plus getting great reviews from relic hunters. Now we have a 19 kHz machine aimed directly at the relic hunter, as opposed to 15 kHz on the FORS CoRe.

The iron range on the Nokta FORS Relic is 0-20 ferrous and 21-99 as non ferrous so a change from previous FORS models, which are 0-40 ferrous. Conductive Ground mode is same as on FORS CoRe - a saltwater or alkali flat mode.

Nokta FORS Relic Search Modes

General Search (GEN) Also referred to as the ''All Metal'' mode, this is the deepest mode of the device. In this mode, the device detects all targets and provides a single target tone with no discrimination.

Discrimination 2 (DI2) It is the 2-tone discrimination mode. It provides good results especially in clean fields without much trash.

Discrimination (DI3) This is the 3-tone discrimination mode designed for coin hunting.

Deep Mode (DEP) Recommended especially for relic hunting, this mode is the deepest among discrimination modes and requires a slower sweep speed.

Swift Mode (SWT) It is the 2-tone discrimination mode designed for trashy areas. It is recommended especially for coin hunting. It offers slightly less depth but faster target detection and recovery speed in trashy sites.

Conductive Ground (COG) This is the special mode of FORS Relic developed for conductive ground (wet beach sand, alkali soils etc.) In this mode, the device will not respond to ferrous targets and it will ground balance easily on all types of ground.

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