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Good Mercy Its Here Fisher Pulse AQ ??

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I have to hope you are joking, especially since you posted a picture I took of my Impulse a year ago. This machine has basically already come and gone, and there is a ton of information on it, with these forums being the number one source. Here are nine pages of threads on the subject:

https://www.detectorprospector.com/tags/fisher impulse/

The AQ Limited was released as a prototype build of a yet to be released finished version of the detector. It’s discrimination features are overhyped, and I found it to be basically a very finely tuned TDI type machine. I loved the electronics, but was not happy with the prototype physical design and high failure rate, so I sold mine.

A new version that fixes the issues revealed in the prototype release is in the works, and will likely be available in 2022, though at a higher price than the $1500 the AQ Limited sold for. It's already way overdue however, and FT has gone silent on the machine, so hard to say what to expect at this juncture.


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