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Hello From Brazil


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 We here don’t care where you’re from but the important thing is you made it here.

 I’m originally from Mississippi but moved to Texas after dark and the next day went got me a pair of cowboy boots. The next day after that I had them boots on 👢 and they thinking I been here for ever.

 Let’s hear more about you as time goes by. We all love show and tell.

 The Best!


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Welcome to the forum where all good hunts are shared.

With your background I am sure that we can expect to see some very nice finds from you.

I have heard that some of the streams and rivers down there have gold in them that may be detectable for you.

Be careful as there are many people there that are not to nice to outsiders.

Good hunting and good luck.

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Hello Cristiano and welcome aboard.

So you're doing your own detectors. Are they some special for the area you're huntingh in?? or for the targets you're after may be??

Anyway, have a great time here and fun.

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