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Is This Meteorite?

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Found the smaller one in Alabama, the larger was sent to me from California as a hot rock. Both attract a magnet.


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A couple pictures. Tried another where I filed, not better could try again if needed.



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oh well, the vesticles probably eliminate it as a meteorite.  When you get a chance have someone familiar with meteorites look at it...


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    • By 2Valen
      I was hunting in my backyard again and had a good sounding tone with a TID of 32 on the display so I started to dig.
      I got down to about 4 inches deep and my carrot was sounding a close target as I dug.
      Carefully sifting through the soil I noticed what looked like the outline of a dime. All that it was, was just an impression of one.
      Once again I searched the hole again with my carrot and the target was no longer there.
      I tried the 800 again and found nothing within 3 feet in all directions of the hole, checked to see if anything stuck to the scoop, on my shoes, on my clothes and found nothing.
      How can a good sounding target with 2 detectors get lost or disappear like that. 
    • By Retired_Hunt_Full_time
      I have been a primary whites user since 1972  I have owned the V3i since its release and love it.  I have been looking at the equinox 800  and the anfibio multi. I was wondering if anyone had compared these two detectors the V3i.  Other multi frequency thoughts?  I have the Minelab Excalibur II 800 for salt water and diving.
      My only wish for the Anfibio multi would be to allow all three or select 2 (not available on the V3i)  
      The Graphics and information from the V3i are still unmatched 
    • By Ridge Runner
      White’s you have maybe a month to three months to come out with a new detector line , That’s if you want to keep up with the Jones better known as Minelab and Makro .
       Hope to see the lineup real soon. I know you don’t spend money on flashy videos and beautiful girls and that’s okay with me.
       What I want to see is American made on the housing somewhere and White’s number one detector company again.
       You make it I’ll buy it! ( I’ve been doing it since 1966 )
       Chuck Anders 
    • By oldmancoyote1
      Around here in the Klamaths bedrock is at lest 2 feel down and often much deeper.  Digging through several feet of boulders and cobbles is serious hard work.  Then there is sand sliding in from the sides making progress very slow.  To beat that, I need to set the sides of the hole far apart or I get a hole with a hand-sized bottom continually filled with sand from the sides.  That is a lot of work.  Historically the creek was a huge gold producer.  I see little or no gold in the upper material.  Have I just not found the right spot, or is sluicing here hopeless?  Should I spend more time prospecting for productive material near the surface, or give it up?
    • By nalcomis
      I just received a new to me SDC2300 and wanted to verify it using the Minelab security check on their website. I did not receive the viewer that was originally included with the detector so what worked for me was a coolant leak detector flashlight ( black light or UV light) It works well enough for me to read the hidden code and I was able to verify my machine.

    • By GB_Amateur
      I had a couple lead test targets for calibrating in the field but lost them on my last Western expedition.  This is the main reason I don't use gold test targets!  I'm ready to make a new set.  I'd like to hear your advice on what size and shape of lead I should be using, for both LF and PI detectors.
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