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Minelab SDC 2300 Strip Down & Rebuild

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I got pretty excited about this so, yesterday I did this and I`ll let the photos tell the story.

Bit agricultural but has it been to Jenny Craigs, the SDC box without the electronics weights 839 grams, the "Plumbers" SDC box with the electronics weights 662 grams. I have a couple of 2700Mah LiPo batteries for a Hubsan Drone in the mail should be here next week. I believe one of them will be enough and it weighs 116 grams and will slide in below the circuit board. Alternatively the 18650s in a 2 cell holder will also slide in below the CB but I feel the flat pack LiPos with their PCB will be the more permanent go so as once tested it can be sealed and batteries charged externally, Also in the screw on end cap there is room for the Pro Sonic Trani at present I have the speaker mounted in there with holes cut in the end cap but once finished suspect I`ll just mount the Pro-Sonic Trani and seal as that.


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I wanted to try something similar but swore off after my last go of rebuilding a detector, so I am glad to see you tackling it Norvic!

I split this off as a new thread from the one going previously about the SDC 2300 battery.


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Crikey, Steve that was quick, Many Thanks I should have started a new thread originally but I didn`t think I`d get around to it so quickly, what with Xmas and all that, just got a wee excited and it was so easy. Of course I haven`t turned it on yet so in a way I`m jumping the gun. If I get the chance today I`ll finish mounting the "box" on the shaft, hang the original SDC battery holder and give it a go. Earlier rain has gone so might get the chance to test it out in my backyard on the real stuff.

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OK, Steve & Dave you have spurred me on, the SDC works AOK (no smoke escaped) and is ready to find that magic stuff. Note in the bottom photo, speaker & HDphone socket, the batteries will slide in the space below the CB compartment. Assuming all goes AOK ( Murphy might interrupt) this mod will make the SDC so much easier to swing, of cos it loses the "packability" it had in its original form but for me should be the go. Time will tell.





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Modded SDC has been field tested and proved itself AOK after these few refinements, have replaced original made up armrest with a GM1000 Monster armrest, much more comfy, also because it was operating with bugger all range have removed the Pro-sonic tranii from inside and placed externally. I suspect internally it was being influenced by the SDCs electronics.

As per the photo below it now has, as its power supply the flat pack 2700Mah on the left, rather than the 2x18650s on the right, this allows the simple USB charger (in the fore) to be used and further cuts the weight. With this battery pack a days run time is no drama whereas the 18650s give near 2 days run time and can be easily used should they be needed.

I am very happy with this mod, the SDC is much lighter, more stable in operation, more powerful and no longer a beast to swing, if the NF coil that is currently being trialed is a success this will be purchased and fitted, I feel the center mounted coil over the SDCs original will further enhance this mod. 20180114_080552.thumb.jpg.5227313b428f59d95f67c32f32f04742.jpg



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Thank you Steve, I was either selling the SDC and getting a QED or changing it to what I believe is what most of us wanted. Especially with the hopeful release of the NF SDC coil. No doubt the Z is my main gold detector, now I also have a lightweight & easy to swing PI for those areas the Z just can`t get at, although a bit agricultural in looks it is very functional.  I suspect I will use it a lot more now, well until ML make that smaller coil we seek for the Z.

It was a very easy mod., the basic guts of the SDC have not been changed at all, so to put it back in its original form would take probably 2 hours max. No wires were cut, no soldering or alterations of the CBs, just so easy to do for anyone that is handy with their hands.

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Camo tape, like it, but initially I was going further and 3D print a flash case but decided (through perhaps sheer laziness) that the mod works AOK, SDC became a lighter, much more stable beast, although a wee agricultural looking..…………..just a shame that the aftermarket elliptical coil that was in the pipeline has not as yet become a reality. 

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Highly innovative adaptation.

You are fearless, and it paid off.

Nicely done, and good on you for thinking outside the box to make it lighter and far more ergonomic thus easier to swing,


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