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Finally Arrived, Still Have To Wait

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I sold a Gold Bug 2 and bought an Equinox 800 to add to my arsenal.  It finally arrived but still to early to head out.  I want to try it on some trashy tailings piles where I have found nuggets in the past.  Just got to get rid of the snow! 



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Good luck with it.

I had it for a couple months and I am very happy with it.As I am at the moment in Europe I can not talk about gold nuggets finds but its fantastic on coins/gold in the sea and coins on land.

Easy to set up and use.

I am sure you will find a few nuggets with  it.


Stay safe and dig all.



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High Bear, ordered mine last Wendsday showed up Thursday. AMDS is slow?

Whent up to the claim  yesterday to check my dredge, water flow jumped overnight and blew my plans to dredge but I did tote the EQX along and got a short hunt in to check the prospecting mode. 


Not much for it biut was hitting some sub gram stuf in the 40 KH mode really well.

IMG_2923.thumb.JPG.977bd9873895e0492e048fe4adf0fd7b.JPGGood luck. 

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Nice little nugget and great pictures.  How did your spring mining go?

With all of the pictures of the little stuff people are finding that detector is going to shine south of Anchorage.  I may need to get down there for a weekend 

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8 hours ago, Bear said:

Nice little nugget and great pictures.  How did your spring mining go?

With all of the pictures of the little stuff people are finding that detector is going to shine south of Anchorage.  I may need to get down there for a weekend 

That was no nugget, hell it was a flat thin flake. Really surprised the EQX got it. Found about four more even smaller! All on bedrock and just a slight waiver in the thresh hold, the one pictured actually zipped pretty good!

Spring dredging didn't happen for me, Dad passed last month and I missed the low water flow. Hopping to still get in and give it a go this weekend. Looks like the water is dropping to 1000 cfs that's gonna be tough but I did sample my spot two weekends back and it looks promising so we'll see. If not I will move the dredge to a new spot that will be easy to dredge.

So far I really like the new EQX, I put  my F19 and gold racer up for sell and we'll see about the Ecal. Looks like I may be down to the EQX and my GPX 5000? Really is cool I can use one machine to hit the beach for rings, hunt gold in the hills and hammer the parks for silver coins that by the way do not exist in Anchorage!

Just ordered some Grey Ghost phones today for  hunting wet locations. So I'll see about that soon.

How about you, any dredging yet?

8 hours ago, kiwijw said:

Did you try Multi IQ? It is unbelievable what can happen in that setting. The EQ is a fun detector on gold, full of surprises with that 11" coil.  Nice little find. They will keep coming...I am sure. Thanks for sharing.

Good luck out there

JW :smile:

Hey JW, No I ran it in 40KH figured the gold I would find was going to be small and I was short on time. But the next time I will.  I have used it in gold mode at the park and at the beach and If the trash isn't to bad I really think it would be a killer on micro jewelry!

I think I have about 15 hours or so on it but I can see it having the ability to be impressive in many different areas.

Best of luck to you!


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Sorry to hear about your dad.

No dredging here yet.  It has been such a late spring.  Once it finally warmed up there was so much snow the rivers are full.  I probably won't be able to get out for another couple weeks.  I am going to take a drive this weekend to check it out though.


JW, I really need to get into the manual more and watch some videos.  I like following your adventures and now with Simon it's even better!

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      I am not liking my EQ600 with 15” coil and am wondering if it’s just my brain is too attached to my CTX, or if something is wrong with the coil or detector. I am noticing that the coil cable is being sensed if moved when I’m detecting so I did this little video test that uses my car as a ferrous background/target. If I move the cable with it in the background it senses the movement. But if I do it in air, no detection of the cable.  I’ve never seen this discussed or tried before so don’t know what to think about it.
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