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It's a neat concept for tracing larger areas looking for patterns but I don't see the utility really for finding normal coins, jewelry, and other smaller items. It is more efficient I think to get a beep and dig it up, and move on. It looks like this would lead to more "paralysis by analysis" than anything else. Looks great for serious treasure hunting types and archeologists though. Thanks for posting Shelton. 

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    • By LowTide
      It looks like C-Scope has something new on the Horizon.    What I found interesting was that twice in the linked video they make a point of showing the coil in saltwater, the second shot shows it being moved quite vigorously apparently to emphasize resistance to fals-ing.  Could this be a Multi-Freq or PI?
    • By rled2005
      I saw a White's High Sierra metal detector the other day for sale. I've never hear of that one. Looks like a very deep searching detector with no discrimination.
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      The Coin Finder CF77 looks like a nice simple machine, has anyone here used one? Does it compare the Fors Relic?

      Nokta/Makro CF77 metal detector
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      DetectorPro, the headphone company also makes detectors!  That is news to me.  I saw a guy in the dry sand with one of these waterproof detectors the other day.
      I kept looking and chatting with him and there was no control module on his belt or on the shaft!  I looked at the waterproof headphones and there are extra knobs.  Imagine that, a headphone company puts the detector module in the headphones.
      Ok, I probably missed when these came out and the other models.
      How do they do?  Who has given a review?
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      What is White's DFX Spectrum worth these days? Is it worth the effort to learn? Does it have a place with today's detectors?
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      What is this Deeptech VISTA X ???
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