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I was able to go out detecting with the Nox 800 for the first time this year several days ago.  The weather has been bad in Northern Nevada this year and I had minor knee surgery in early March. I didn't find a lot of coins , but did manage to find an unreadable date wheat penny, a tiny gold ring, and beautiful 17" necklace(unfortunately not gold.).  The gold ring measured in at .9 gram and was by far the smallest gold ring I have found in 16 years of detecting.  The Nox sniffed it out at about 6 inches down with a solid "9" .  The ring was so small it was even hard to locate with my pinpointer , but finally managed to capture it.  I was using my standard Park 1, recovery speed 5, iron bias 1, and sensitivity 18-20 based on conditions. 



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NICE digs -- very nice ring!


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Nice! I found one with 0.8g which came in at ID 1 :ph34r:

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Rings are so nice?

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    • By dewcon4414
      Took off early this morning heading to the beach because i promised to look for a class ring for a lady.  Gridded the area repeated for over 5 hours .... nada.   Because of the area it was lost at i dug a lot of pushed up can slaw, crab trap, and pull tabs.  It was one nice day out there finally wave wise.  Picked up a few coin.... but very few.  I did find one quarter that was a 1958.  I showed it just to how what salt water does to silver coins on time.  This babies thin and black.  About waist deep (the ring was lost chest deep) i hit a good signal.... it wasnt the class ring but was GOLD.   A nice Fredrick Goldberg 14K 6.5 grams. 

    • By dewcon4414
      These are my finds for the day.  Absolutely brutal out there today.  The heavy winds we blowing right into shore creating one heck of a pull out current and raised the TID by a good 3’.  The waves were tuff.  I saw about 8 other hunter but only 3 of us got in.  Coil control went out the window in the shallow especially.  Did about 4 hours and that all I wanted since I got 1 gold… 6.7 grams 10k, silver toe ring, want to be nugget ring, and a TI.  For the conditions…. a real good day.  The other was a keeper the last day of May I believe.  Beauty.

    • By devilsrenegade
      I have been wanting to search this ballpark again and try to find some gold jewelry, so today I had the time and decided to give it a go. I brought the Simplex and was going to dig all targets intent on finding jewelry. I put the Simplex in park 2, iron volume off with all notches accepted and set the sensitivity at half. I ground balanced and started swinging. First target was a bottlecap, second a piece of canslaw and third was bam......10k gold band about 3" deep. I don't think I was there more than 5 minutes. The rest of the hunt was some clad and lots of pulltabs and bottle caps and a junk arrowhead pendant. I guess it was just good luck that got my coil over that ring so quickly in the hunt. The ring came in at just above nickel and weighs just over 2 grams.

    • By mn90403
      This forum had lots of 'finds' in the past but not so many now as most are waiting to get their 6000.  The Equinox and a few other detectors can still hunt. Use them and post what you find fellas.
      Here is a pendant I found today which is unusual that it is 14k.  Most of my religious finds are 10k or less.  This one weighs 4.5 grams.

    • By Againstmywill
      I'm visiting family and went to a middle school track today where I found a 14k tiger pendant last year. Within the first 10 minutes there was a strong 11 on the Equinox. I didn't really have to dig because the ring was only down about 1/2" due to not sinking into the ground because the blacktop track was under the grass right at the edge of the inside lane. Didn't find much else besides coins after that. Might anyone have an idea what the stones might be? 

    • By Mikeguard01
      Got out this afternoon for a few hours. Hunted one of the hardest to hunt beaches in my area. Not many targets today, but good for this beach. Started off shallow and picked up a  couple of nickels then went deep. When I can back in shallow the detector was erratic. I noticed if I released my hand off of the grip and grab it again it would sound off. I could release my grip and just tap the foam with my finger and it would sound off each time. Looks like once the grip gets wet you can't hunt shallow. I did pick up a deep small Gold ladies ring that the AQ hit hard on it.

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