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Profind 35 Self Calibration Question

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My Profind 35 seems to sound off on nothing and seems to be getting worse. 

If I turn it on away from anything facing upward it will sound off if I turn it facing down. If I turn it on facing down it seems to be ok but will start sounding off sometimes sideways. I have cut the sensitivity to halfway but that makes no difference. I have a fresh 9v in it.

Has anyone else run into this?

(note it is a replacement unit, previous unit the speaker died but would run pretty stable)

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kac, yes, same with my 35. I'll pull it out of a dig hole and it will continue to beep. Sometimes just starts beeping by itself, I have to turn it off then back on for it to work, not very reliable. I have purchased a carrot and given up on the 35. Not sure what is up with Minelab pin pointers but my 25 did the same thing.

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If I turn it on facing down at a 45 it does better but there are time I feel like just leaving in the hole I just dug and burry the bugger.

So I guess that random loss of calibration is a "Feature" and does not warrant an RMA from Minelab.

Thanks for the reply.

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My Profind 35 also gets "stuck" on occasionally also but so does my Garrett pinpointer.  I have to turn it off and back on to get it to function properly.

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I noticed my Pro Find 35 acting odd also. It interfered with my ORX and also Tekentics T2. It's a nice pinpointer that has great depth but due to it acting weird and interfering with my detectors it is not used anymore. The Mars pinpointer I bought is not as bad about interfering. I can run my ORX at the lower end of the frequencies now without the interference. I've been pleased with the Mars pinpointer. It seems to be more focused on the tip end than the Pro Find 35.

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