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  1. Mt T has a beach somewhere. Probably hires someone to follow him around watching for drops .πŸ™„
  2. WOW toad ! You hit it out of the park ! 🀯 I bet you could find that stone with one of those long range detetectors ! That looks like the clam flats uptah camp . Your description of what it was like even matched ! Some diggers just kneel down and spread the weight out more . But we've never lost one to the mud. As far as we know.. So, how heavy did your boots get ?πŸ₯Έ ( if you tried VL's snowshoes you wouldn't have been able to get the 3 steps Ronnie used to sing about every night ... ) . Was there a beach too? Lots of space without prints , you going back ?😎
  3. Yeah , just wasn't thinking which machine I was on....I'll go stand in the corner for an hour , and I won't put my hands in my pockets.πŸ™„ Thx for posting the app. πŸ‘ Can I find your fields with it ?🀩
  4. Yeah , just updated my post above. The chromebook was the issue . Phone is OK . I will get to delete 2 other apps Gaia and OSM .
  5. I got a message that it's not available on Google Play Store....😩 ON THIS DEVICE ! DUH. I'll try using the phone instead of my even more useless now , chromebook ! GOT IT !
  6. Welcome streak ! Tell us more . Where are these beaches over which you will swing which detector ? Not there yet ? Plenty of help here just ask about what puzzles you . Might already be one of us in the area !
  7. Welcome masslawman. Pull yer chair up to the fire . Huge amount of already posted goodness to read ! More daily . Steve's Guides is a good place to start.. Ask yer questions as they come up.
  8. Ya know , I did that when I had a ruptured disc w/sciatic ! Not prescribed , I just kept trying things....
  9. Ok Joe , I'm on my way ! Florida is a big sand dune , very little altitude change. Nowhere to go to escape when it gets hot except for air conditioning. Even the ocean is warm ... Besides . One big wave over say 40' and everybody will be swimming in the gulf ! Yes , I know the joy πŸ™„of off season many places that have been on my itinerary over 45 years . I even got paid to do most of that scouting around. Most places have a good season , if not choose carefully LOL The beaches there in FL aren't so bad though , no Spanish fleet wrecks off our beaches at all (or IS there?), are you on the gulf side ? The older I get , the less I like the cold but inversely can tolerate the heat more . Death Valley was a piece of cake ! I left when it was 115 in may but this time of year it might not make it to 50. I'm now off the road here 15 years to take care of mom and restore this old home on wheels. In the meantime my mechanic retired on me and replacing him is turning out to be fahgeddaboutit . I've lost count of how many were gonna "do it by the end of the week ", trouble is what week ? Hope to get back on the road before next year's cold . At least one more trip. If I don't , it will be no worse than this year...maaaaybe. I can heat the rig to 90+ degrees no matter how cold it gets outside too. Living at the fair is an interesting contrast to being on the road 300 days a year doing shows for sure. But a HUGE amount of less stress , and they gave me permission to detect the whole place . I have been researching if any treasure was lost around here and even found a place with real promise just off the coast. ! It's called Oak Island arrrrrrrrrrrrrr Skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh .
  10. Welcome to the forums Mickey ! I liked your cartoons as a kid.🀩
  11. πŸ₯ΈI had to do it again dontchyaknow ! Another 90 minutes on yesterday's spot . The NEer was only clouds and wind but @20 steady with 30kt gusts So I wimped out early but the ground was still soft with a 2-3" hard crust. The Radius Nomad shovel was an easy carry as well as doing a nice Great White impersonation pushing right through the crust without jumping like yesterday with the garden spade. πŸ‘πŸ‘ two thumbs up ! Might go back after warming back up in the rig.... So far the score is a few crumpled aluminum pieces , a 4" aluminum wire , 3" deck screw a pull tab and a separate beaver tail and some clad . 1 quarter and 2 dimes. I dug the low #s today JIC. but no cigar. Oh , I was also swarmed by the police . 8 cruisers...😳.. It was a close one ! Different departments having a pow wow. They were training K9s and this is one of the locations they use. Usually a statey giving training the trainers lessons . Kinda like all dog trainers . They don't train your dogs for you , they train you for the dogs ! The sheppie was happy but after 15 minutes way over by the grandstand , the two cops with him sure were in a hurry getting back to their cruisers, the handler commented "too cold ! " on the way by.. All the other cruiser's occupants never left their vehicles. 😏 Maybe they forgot their down jackets ?πŸ€” Then they all swarmed the heck outta here.
  12. Welcome to the crew ram79 ! Would you prefer a rowing or non rowing seat ?😜 U A mopar fan ?πŸ‘
  13. Maybe we can talk TTT2866 into having a detecting party ? 😜arrrrrrrrr ! How 'bout it triple T ? I'd even pay LOL That is one NICE lookin' hand full of deposits though . The pic sure would make a great advert for your guide school ! πŸ––
  14. 🀯 IMPRESSIVE ! you should give lessons or sumpin' ! 😎
  15. I like the looks of that beach ! The rocks discourage many but that is a good thing.
  16. Sounds worth trying .πŸ₯Έ
  17. And before I opened the door it powered down ! πŸ™„ So power bricked the suckah ! It's on charge now .Park2 , recovery 6 . Clad: 2-quarters , 3 dimes , 3 zincolns . 1 copper memorial 1966 and a Canadian Maple Leaf Cent 1964. , An ornate (Celtic Knot esque )button or possibly a snap cap by the track fence and a tiny little flat /round thing with some printing on it , slightly resembling the butt end of a bullet but might be too small for a 22. I know my pic wouldn't help with ID or I'd post one , putting it in the interesting junk jar. One of the dimes was green but no cigar .😩 Only 2 pieces of junk . Oh , also found an electric conduit , I assume the copper was the 19 ID. (on an 800) Still a LOT of frozen ground but I found a soft hotspot using my shovel as a walking stick on my walk back to the rig . The dimes and pennies came from there and I'll be going back on ? depending on weather. Winter has a habit of coming back with an attitude after a thaw like this , so ? πŸ₯Έ However ,,,, I just heard the weather report ,that big NEer is down to 1" now.... .πŸ‘ The hotspot is less than a one minute walk from my door πŸ€—
  18. I'm on my way out now. The thaw calls me. Massive Noreaster to 6-10" then 3-6" yesterday and today 1-2" , by the time it gets here it will be a possibility of snow showers , dusting to 1" LOL OR back to the Noreaster ! They don't know , the computers tell them ! AI my A. They say it will teach itself , what could possibly go wrong ? On that note , never say never.. What was that Thaw.? OK , I just turned on the detector I'll be right out !
  19. Alrighty then..... I did a swing after the big skiing event. I took note of where groups of people were standing around the track fence and of course the bleachers . Ground still freezing up at night but I found one spot near the track with a south facing slope that had zero ice ! It might even get better today ? Mid winter thaw ending for a bit tomorrow ..... 5 targets that I could get to. A double clad quarter drop and also a couple copper pennies trying for dimes ! But target #3 was a ring !😜 of bling.😡 but it WAS yellow ! hmmm so was that 925 ring last fall at the festival CG hunt ? πŸ€” Except that one thawed spot , I only dug what the pinpointer could find and had to turn it down a couple of notches in sensitivity so 2" max. or no dig. Under the bleachers was a skunk , glazed over with ice and didn't need to detect , visual only. Much was still frozen but I live here . Just as close but a little less productive than 350s fields .....πŸ˜‰
  20. I have experience with systems that have a turn on/off sequence .(on and off usually being opposite) (Tweeter drivers can get expensive ....don't ask me how I know that.) But individual units ? I don't recall any with such restrictions except don't hot patch a condenser mic ! Maybe similar transient issue in a PI coil w/chip ? BUT After Geotech's response above , due to my inexperience under a detector's hood I would defer to him.... and the disclaimer. πŸ‘
  21. SO , it will show where gold is located by indicating areas in blue . WOW , So easy to learn , any newb could do it ! In the pic it's showing blue areas on the water too 🧐 so I can confirm in my color expert opinion it is a true blue detector. ( I studied the chart in the paint department at Lowes) Settings used seems critical however . I wonder if their design engineer can tell me what settings they used in photoshop or paint to "tune it in " ? Probably be on the first page of the manual....🀩 I see others calling dibs on those detectors Erik. Let me be the first of offer $ . They ought to be worth at least $20 , which should cover the cost of that wonder detector's parts.
  22. Nice country , detector working , true definition of happy days ! .πŸ–– Live long and prospect.
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