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  1. Nice 2 cent , that would be enough left behinds to make me go back. 4 million ,,,,hmmm already took a good first bite out of it though. But still could take decades of toil ! Even with perfect soil and a big coil. Considering that you have so many acres of other permissions to comb. . Priority ranking makes a lot of sense.. 🖖 .
  2. Still was a spot you would think about forever if you hadn't looked .🤔 A for effort. 👍
  3. Good plan 🏴‍☠️ collect anything that is still there. arrrr It could fill back in with every tide.👍
  4. You're right it is a thing of beauty ! Nice deep rocky bottom cut ! 🌴 Use the old shovel....
  5. I buy a lot of stainless hdw for the rig solar .🤑 👍 And I detected a half dozen or so pieces last summer too ! Self tappers !
  6. A ring is still a ring . You could also.put it to use as a chess piece.🥸 Or checkers ,,,KING me !
  7. LOL I don't get paid anything for them but I know I pay plenty when I get one of those little plastic pacs of 4 or 5 I buy at the hardware !😩 Of course I could just drill a hole in a coin....🤔
  8. A diggin up silver kinda day,,,terrible situation ... 😎 Two silvers makes it extra terrible....WTG toad !
  9. Wow , that's big alright ! 🥸 Post about your coil quest in the Garrett forum to get maximum exposure to the group of Axiom owners . https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/forum/9-garrett-metal-detectors/
  10. Heya Nikko , Welcome to the posting side of the force.👍 You sure know how to make a first post impression ! Nice hunkah yellah ! And a designer of Axiom coils too ? Expect massive amounts of responses from the gang...I'll throw out the first. A really big one and a really small one and make the mounting ears really strong.😜 I bet you already knew that.
  11. Too bad it was flattened ! 🙄 Wouldn't kick it outta the finds pouch though😏.
  12. Welcome aboard NMAR ! The Equinox has been around here for a few years. You will find a huge amount of postings to help you learn it. Ask anything that you want more info on specifically. Most of it is in it's own forum https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/forum/53-minelab-equinox-forum/ and lots of other clues in Steve's Guides https://www.detectorprospector.com/magazine/steves-guides/steves-guides/
  13. It sounded like the cops were behind me.😎
  14. Uptah camp the Loons , Osprey and Baldies were affected from eating the fish. And look at all the holes dug for the pile of lead in this post with no joy at all ! There should be a law ! and there is. We just need to start making fishing weights out of gold . That would solve both problems. Wouldn't be much fun buying OR losing one though....😩
  15. Welcome to the crew Mark ! Find "anything good" lately ?🤪 We even brag about the junk here ! ( a good reality check for the newbs ) . GL+HH
  16. I think it might have been designed by Picasso ? 😉 Could be worth millions ! Or maybe by some hippie on the brown acid at woodstock....🤔 either way, it's gold ! WTG !
  17. That's gotta be a new record for lead in one hunt ! You saved a lot of wildlife from lead poisoning ..👍 That's gotta be karma at least as good as a ring return !! Nice little ring too ! 🤔 Another hunt on that beach would be on my list.
  18. Nice looking spot to wander around on mcmichael ! That ravine looks interesting . That's .47 in the poke Nice.. Any coins or relics hiding there too?
  19. Welcome to the D/P forums Jim ! I've heard those Deus 2s can find something good ! Post whenever you feel like it. Plenty of D2 info already posted to read. Ask questions if you have any. Good luck on your hunts ! 🖖
  20. Washers ARE worth more than zincolns !🤩 and nickels too !
  21. That's how we get to find all those pieces of busted up trap stock on the beach . Well , draggers do some of it....🥸
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