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  1. Stainless T-rex for me, Can't imagine I'll ever wear it out .... It doesn't go through the frozen lawn any better than my shovel though.πŸ₯Έ I tried shoveling snow with it , it kinda worked but no , just no. !
  2. It's working for ya ! Buttons not silver but not pull tabs either. Mongo like anchor one .😜
  3. OK , I just went outside. Only a couple of inches of white and ice and even a bare spot so I'm headed to it..... The shovel just bounced a little bit when I jumped on it.πŸ™„ Probably wouldn't be so hard if there was more snow . Maybe try a splitting maul next timeπŸ€”
  4. From a 1 shovel sample...............πŸ‘οΈβ€πŸ—¨οΈπŸ‘οΈβ€πŸ—¨οΈ
  5. Welcome to the crew ! Whichever detector you decide on choose one program and stick with it just the way it is until you get really used to what it does. Then when you change a setting you can tell if and what it's doing different and if that is helping or hurting your results. Do only one setting at a time , or you'll take much longer to figure it out . There is a lot to absorb.πŸ€” Work on your permission speech . πŸ€
  6. Welcome aboard BTF ! You've found a good place to learn. A good start is "The GUIDES"
  7. That pic looks WAY too familiar... I'm beginning to think winter is gonna skip me this year ! Sure everything is frozen but I've only got an inch of white here and THAT fell today πŸ™„ That last big snow storm was rain instead. Only had 5" before that.. Naaaah It's 145 days till June !
  8. I was going to comment on the other post about this detector but I had seen this one too and couldn't wait to see what else you found !πŸ₯Έ You sure have some kind of voodoo magic you're using on those landowners ! I don't think you'd cover all that in 100 years , even if everybody showed up ! So many permissions and such big fields ! πŸ€” I'd forget which place I was at and have to ask the neighbors !
  9. This is what I have learned. So far. No matter how much you know about something , there is plenty you probably don't know yet ... And hands on experience plus studying beats out just studying x10 . I've mentioned before the parallels I've seen between my old world and the world here at DP. Well , I always had a goal in my pro sound career and worked towards it since my tween years. Once I finally got my foot in the door ... I had an idea of what I needed to learn to get to that goal and always tried to work towards it . The learning curve just to keep up with new tech was vertical , but that aside there was the science and math plus learning how to use the gear and setting it up the best way possible for each venue.. No party in the band rooms after (or before) a show. (that got me nowhere , real fast) I'd fire up the sound system and experiment and read through the trades during any spare time I had . And EVERY time I thought I was getting close to "knowing" oh say 80% , I'd run across some little detail that opened a whole new world of things I never thought of before immediately moving my progress to less than 50% , sometimes much less LOL. I wouldn't expect to even get to 50% on ANY subject after all that. This happened more than once before I retired still knowing I'd probably never get to even 80% again......... So now here I am with my detector and seeing skills of some of you on here I know this without a doubt , 30%,, maybe skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh 😜 Probably won't last long enough to get to even 50% of where many of you here are . ! But I'm working towards it.
  10. WTG phrunt , Sourdough and Aureous. ! It's still gold whatever the weight.πŸ––
  11. Well , It's on my bucket list now ! Maybe you just forgot to add it to your list before you found it ?πŸ€” πŸ€πŸ––
  12. Beauty of a beach ! First coil on the sand bonus too ! The temps sound good for detecting. Wish it wasn't cold here. Fart in my general direction if you get a chance.....😜
  13. It sure beats the pull tabs though !😏
  14. Great looking finds !πŸ‘
  15. I don't imagine there are very many that can say they found one of those detecting a beach ! πŸ€ That cleaned up real nice. Prospector graphic too !πŸ‘
  16. Looks like you found a good spot or two !
  17. Welcome aboard. Look at all the junk other beach hunters are posting . You'll have to dig it all to have the best odds of finding something "good". Gold can ID just about anywhere.. Are you finding many fishing sinkers ? Check these out while you wait for more responses.
  18. All the usual suspects in the lineup today. I 'd book that barber without questioning.
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