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  1. Welcome aboard Tyler ! May your every swing find "something good" !
  2. That looked like my kind of raking it in ! Sure beats raking for sea moss.?
  3. Braving bugs is just a part of it uptah camp. I'm not complaining about the sno* predicted for today....the temps keep the bugs unhatched , which is the only kind I like ! Everything I found last year doesn't come close to that one buckle . WTG ! You're so right about location being most important , and you're surrounded by location ! I'm told I am too but can't prove it with finds ,,,,so far.
  4. Well , that didn't work out as planned.... A detecting buddy came over saturday morning but didn't want to go to the big beach , so we went to a small town park beach but went by another on the way(including the rock I used to fish from when I was a kid) that had more people than sand. No open ocean exposure at either and the low tide is all soft mud flats so just did a ~ 50' wide wet and 20' wide of dry x 200" stretch of sand at beach #2 . Not one solid beep except for a huge amount of ID # 1 . I decided they were not gold rings and notched it out. T-Rex went hungry , nada. Next to an old park on a small river that used to be a ford crossing called Wescustogo. It was covered in mud from recent flooding . And water was still too high to detect , even the banks were under water. My friend detected in the park around the trees and picnic tables and in the weed areas that had not grown up yet. He found junk and not sure but might have pulled out a zincoln too. I scouted out the higher ground and came away with the only non junk finds of the day . A pair of hemostats 8" down next to a big rock on the path from the parking lot and 2 pennies , 1 was a zincoln. All of these spots were less than 5 miles from the LLBean main store , expected more from places that are probably swarmed every summah . I did find a clad rosie right behind my car here on my space in storage while I was waiting for him to show up !?‍☠️
  5. I'm going to a real beach tomorrow , unless that plan doesn't work out either .....
  6. I'm a musician so I have an airtight excuse.... I just realized I posted my beach hunt in your beach thread. ? No charge. I'll move it as best as I can........... Post move due to me being a dum bass (not to be confused with dumb ass.)? But I did leave you a couple of likes !
  7. Nice lookin' spot . If I could drive my rig there I'd probably just park it for good ! ?
  8. Like an old western star ! Slim Pickins I got a couple rings of bling this week + some green crusted wheaties , a fist full of clad , and pull tabs , lots of pull tabs since I found out a 1/10th oz coin of AU is the same ID # LOL ,,,,some day , when I least expect it , I guess. There sure are a lot of them here so the ratio is building fast . I l start skipping them by quitting time. Speaking for myself and my elbows we miss the beach ( being a son of the) and I managed to miss the week+ of negative low tides , in the day time even for some of them . However it looks like I'll be going to one of the biggest ones saturday , the 11am tide will be -.3 , not the -1.7 it was a couple days ago though. Gotta wake my scoop up from hibernation..
  9. So I was gonna post the wheatie I found and then I saw this ! The pics were all nice and clear unlike my chromebook ones..... Daaaaaang that was a bunch of nice stuff !,, Oh AYUH First the eagle coins , and then the columbia button . ? I think that might be a lead nickel , and you know you should never take any .? Oh , and the trigger guard looks like a duck. Now I forgot what I was gonna post. ?
  10. Hey Gerry is in Idaho.? bet he already has at least one though. They don't make mashers like they used to anymore. Still no beach action , just the fairgrounds.
  11. The weight of a scoop is only one aspect for me. Those big CKG titanium scoops might weigh less than my little SS T-Rex (? ? ), but that much sand would cancel out the difference (and my elbows) quickly. They really need to make a smaller one before I pay any attention...... https://www.detectingadventure.com/trex-sand-scoops GO Ring Daddy GO !
  12. Ahoy Skull ! Very nice ring finds down in Davy Jones' ! Good ta see ya beat the mermaids to 'em ! It sucks the D2 is becoming an issue but any tool is what it is, to you. May the rats with wings gulls have their way with it ! You need to know your tools are performing 100% what you expect when you're under the waves in the briney .Arrrrgh . When you're on the bottom , it's dive gear like everything else you use. Sell the stress stick and only look back to the rings you DID find with it. ( they should go nicely towards the $ you lost in the testing.) Plenty here that would love to have it I'd guess. YoHo !
  13. A nice honker 925 ! Beefy lookin' without a doubt ! ?
  14. UPTAH UPDATE Finally moved to the track infield after only finding one zinc and several pull tabs/rings by the barn I've been at the last several days. . . I gave up after 2 1/2 hours , I was starting to get pushed around when I was standing up. Otherwise it was an all orb 50* today , the ground is totally thawed and a perfect soft/moist ratio. 2 clad dimes , 1 wheatie (and again it looks like it might be 1930) . 1 copper memorial and 5 zincs. I've used every light source and magnification device I have and still can't clearly see the mark on the ring. (it's recessed into a little rectangle). So it's bling for now...arrrrrrr? Still no time period for the tack bits . ID same as many of the pull tabs on the 800 ...I thought it was higher but must have been something else nearby. (using the 6" coil in the trash carpet near me.until I hit the infield and switched to the 11") .
  15. I think the wheatie was a 1930 ?, hard to see and can't get a good pic. , will try again later to get the horse bling and the ring composition sussed out too. The slayer is calling me but it's 35* and the winds are still howling (but not as bad as the werewolves of London).?
  16. 3 hours at the horse/pulling barn entrance = 1 wheatie , 1 copper memorial , 1 clad dime , a couple more pieces of matching horse bling . And YES I dug some ring pulls. Froze my butt. BUT once again , on the walk back to the rig . a RING ! ?‍☠️ Not yellow but it IS silver . Tiny 1.36g Gonna need more magnification to read the mark . The glasses of shame would not do. What a shame . ? I did use the flashlight I found last year.....
  17. Guessing he was able to afford 6 new tires (two spares) ! ??
  18. I found a 10 euro cent version last summer. (it was from Greece) . The first view of color on those things does raise the blood pressure ! ?
  19. You sure did find multiple something good on that hunt ! ? Sounds like many more trips there are called for. Could you bring trimmers if the weeds grow ?
  20. Saturated ground yesterday uptah camp . Passed on playing in the mud. Ankle was a little sore from stomping the slayer on saturday. Declared it a charging day and worked on inside of the rig. Still more 40+ wind gusting today. I did get more of those fancy little horse tack pieces saturday so my ID guy was right ! (They were all in the ID range for silver too , might be testing them ! ) Might see him today. It's 32* right now , maybe make it to 40. Windchill is brutal but I can layer up.... and detect in the lee of buildings.....?
  21. Impressive finds count as always ! Silver well represented . Lead count confirmed the settings . Ya shoulda got a gold there ! That beach owes you one now ! The "private" beach will have less depositor observation on a rainy day.... Extra low negative tides here too , hope I can manage a visit to a beach .
  22. Got in a couple more hours so far,had to come inside for warming up. So far , 3 more pieces of the tack that "everybody had" . I'll ask him when the next time I see him. 1 quarter , 1 nickel and 3 rotted zincolns , 0 of the zincs were round , 1 was almost square and 2 were actually cupped ??... found the quarter dragging the coil across the lawn on the way back to the rig ! 5" down , a 2000 MD states quarter?. Almost finished with the road and saving the area near the big entrance to the show/pulling barn for last . I noticed last summer that most of the rigging up happened on the lawn between me and the road (where the MD qtr was ) . Big area so still going to the EX hall first. Many more pull tabs removed in search of that 1/10th oz gold .... I'll probably be going back to the camping area in 5 weeks I almost forgot . 2 more hours till a minus 1.3' low tide today too...trying to talk a friend into going to one of the southern beaches . Too cold for that to be fun if it is raining though ! (36* SE@10-15 w/gusts to 30). The minus tides are for almost a week but will be after dark in a couple days.
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