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  1. George Back in the 70s , we coulda been twins ๐Ÿคช Now that I think about it , that still applies ! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh ! But shampoo sure LASTS now , huh ?
  2. Watch out Chase , he might come start another collection in your neighborhood !๐Ÿ˜ณ
  3. I lived in DV for 7 months the winter of 06-07 with my then GF while she workamped at the grille/bar at the golf course Furnace Creek. The rangers give info talks at the visitor center there. I think I remember seeing one about DV rocks and minerals,,,,No gold even if 'Ol Scotty said so......๐Ÿคจ I saw some of those at the gift shop at Stovepipe , forget what the label said though. We didn't take any rocks home with us but sure did take sand ! It was everywhere no matter how much we cleaned it out. The tops of my leaf springs , engine compartment , inside the roof vents .....LOL
  4. I just read through this whole thread and... I'm still stunned from the pic at the beginning.๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  5. Welcome aboard CSO ! I have family and friends in Colorado , nice place to live . The other guys telling you this forum is great just ain't right ! It's way better than that ! Plop yer chair down around the campfire ask any questions you have and answer any you can.
  6. Interesting reading here. Thx ElNino for the FFT spectrum analysis . Have you done that on an 800 ? (Nice scope display !!)
  7. 350 You have had a good season , bet you'll start finding some amazing stuff as you work your way through the "easy finds" layer.. That farmer sure did make your year a good one ! Keep at 'er !
  8. She'll work fer sure ! Course remember now , you need to get it right over the gold๐Ÿง
  9. Welcome to the group Hombre ! Que pasa amigo ? Found the mother lode , you did ! Got any questions , maybe some answers ? post 'em up !
  10. Welcome aboard this ship of dirt pirates Tony. Your oar (scoop) is up front on the port side arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  11. Thx . So ? the RF website is ok but some of the members may have some issues ? Sorry if I stirred something better left alone . I saw that they only allow 3 finders listed per city etc. and If you "buy" 3 memberships you get exclusive listing for your area. (brings to mind Amway ...) Retirement plans don't include a new job , guess I'll just wait for friends to lose something.... and If I can return random finds , bonus !
  12. Saw gigmaster mentioning this again and got curious.... ?? (I found a friend's lost engagement ring once , a good day on the hunt .outside in the winter snow+ice. LOL but she sure was happy !! and yes I was using that old Micronta.) So I started to check it out....It seems like a legit operation... (The fee for a listing is $65 a year) https://theringfinders.com Saw a couple of mentions here on a search . Anybody actually a member or have other experience with ringfinders ? Other comments ?
  13. Good hunt . You gotta use that buckle for your finds pouch !
  14. Gerry That there is a gold horn ! Every time you honk it , all the gold within earshot moves a little closer to the surface ! It's true , I tell ya ! (I know this because of the clam whistles we use out on the mud uptah camp !)
  15. Soooo I'm applying this conversation to my own experience... For many years I had one detector , the BH/Micronta -Tracker/Discovery 2. My detecting bud had a newer version...But then a couple of years ago , he got a Garrett Ace400 so the seed was planted. I watched more than a few YT vids and liked what I saw on a couple of them( Merril's NY MD. and NH beach MD. Both were swinging 800s Then came J. Williams , and Chig and ) Found a great deal and started digesting the manual. ๐Ÿค” Thinking about my experiences with some young musicians .(I could bring those kids career's ahead 20 years in 20 minutes ,,IF they would listen . Most wouldn't. LOL.) SO , I was "all ears" here ! Knowing I'd learn it faster from someone that already had experience on one so looked for a forum populated by some. I found DP within an hour ! Steve and JP whoah , I struck it big !! So I did use social media video exposure to influence my decision completely. Then used it again to gain "experience" , second hand but from what seemed like a very experienced bunch. (AND That was saying it mildly as I know now !) Just what I was looking for ! Some of it is even sinking in !!! My friends call me popeye , and I'm a Detectaholic ,,,,Glad to be a part of Gold Anonymous , I WAS making progress with my problem BUT NOW .........I want to move DOWNUNDER !๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ˜œ You guys are a great band to be in BTW ! ............Except here it's "more gold" , NOT cowbell ...
  16. Thx guys ! I have a friend in VA. I'm trying to talk into getting a detector. A link to this thread should help a LOT !
  17. WTG What a display ! Now take that PI to the other shore and clean up after those early birds !
  18. Yup yup !๐Ÿ‘ The Force was with you ! That's what I call entering with a bang. And welcome in from the dark side......
  19. Welcome to the forum Johnny ! Sometimes life just gets in the way . If you have a detector or not . You can learn a lot here. Like which detector is the perfect fit.. or figure it out after you decide. The pics here will be a big motivator to get out and dig too !
  20. Errrrrk ! You mean ,,,,,without my "Expedition Vehicle ????๐Ÿ™ƒ Wahhhhhh , skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh At that find level , I could hire Musk to build a stainless steel one ! I hear he has a nice scrap pile going.........
  21. I see some value in both sides of this ... (BTW , I started out clicking likes but quickly realized my 20 would soon be gone here !!!!) As some here probably know , my area of expertise is audio. And YES , I look at things from an engineer's problem solving POV. (Can't help it , It's what I did for so many years) Audio: The direct feed for video is instantly solved by an inexpensive Y splitter in the headphone jack. And/or a BT reciever on the go pro and ,,,check , bases covered . Nowwww.Video: Device screen visibility is an ongoing thing that isn't unique to metal detectors , I do know THAT ! But fixing it ? Hmmm , an anti-glare stick on screen protector? (Does that exist ? I'l buy it for my devices ! ) Might work for vid recording... Some good suggestions on this posted here...as always. Cheap , aftermarket fixes have solved many issues like these . The marketing part of this ???? : OK music biz background again but I worked in a waterbed factory building product in my early days also and worked with a radio ad guy experimenting in various different markets and I've seen some pretty outrageous methods be by far the most effective , no matter what demographic each station served.. JMHO Considering addressing people not in the current consumer base...can't really be bad for a sales viewpoint ? Can it ? A million newbs could be a pain for us already out in the field doin' what we do. But to a profit driven corporation , the concept might just seem like ..... well , gold ! ( I realize this is something they probably already looked at too .) I like these threads that make us all think. And talking out the pros and cons of anything is what forums are ....right ? This sure did generate some comments too huh ? OK , so where are all the pics ???? LOL .
  22. Wow, I think I need a new place to hunt ,,, is there a bridge to Australia somewhere ???๐Ÿค” WTG ! and good luck getting back to your high-er #s ..
  23. It's interesting to see various methods we're developing on the Nox. I started out in 5 tone but there was 50 tone just sitting there......so I've been trying to decipher 50 tone lately , Each one has a name for us musicians but the chart linking them all to their respective target doesn't seem to exist ,,,yet. thus the deciphering part...arrrrrrrrrr I figure if the the Nox is capable of something I should at least investigate ......finances say we're hitched for the long run so I'm sure I'll go back and investigate other tone options. Kinda reminds me of how I learned everything a effects processor did in my music biz "early days" I'm not there yet but I will be,,,,maybe skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh If I do get there ? Being here helped make it happen . THX to ALL of you ! Ooooie ( Yes it's a word , well at least it is uptah camp...Think of Oh, Ayuh... but with more feeling .) As always , YMMV aka "different strokes for different folks"
  24. I'm sorry , you've exceeded your good find limit for this year..... All new finds will have to be sent to me until Friday at midnight !!๐Ÿ˜œ
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