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  1. New neighbors in uptah camp. 12 yo boy had the cheapest Bounty Hunter fer sure (the one with the pistol grip) and came outta his campah when he saw me detecting. Well he now has a China carrot clone that I "loaned him for the summah" . He seems already addicted to it ....lol in case you all can't guess , he's keepin' 'er, I sure don't need it back. I gave him a couple of 9v from dollar store but new ones after that will have to be paid with finds. I have no doubt he'll find enough to keep going even if dad has to take all his found iron to recycling. Now I have to teach him how to leave no trace, Gonna be a chore for sure. He keeps finding huge pieces of iron and won't be discouraged by "do you really want to work this hard to get some junk you don't want ?" LOLYeah , he does ! His digging tool is a mini army trenching shovel about the size of a trowel so it's a mess every time. (I'm looking for an old shovel) I gotta get that under control or he'll mess us both of out of business.arrrgh. Only here with dad on weekends so I get some lawn repair time in between hunts plus he has an electric skateboard and a mini 4 wheeler that he seems more addicted to. He'll make a fine dirt pirate and I already offered dad my old BH . He said no but that boy will work on him for me.......I really don't need that boat anchor either !!! He'll come around. Actually dad mentioned he had a couple of pans (I saw them , 9" mini pans) and wants to try for gold in the creek that runs through the middle of the fairgrounds.......he'll take my BH before it's over me thinks...arrr I found a quarter and a zincoln (which I planted in his path) , he did find the zinc but I'll have to dig the quarter and show him a "here's a good sounding target" later , "see if your detector finds it? " OK , he isn't my wife but I'm sure the old plant a gold in front of her routine should have the typically desired effect IMO. after all, not a gold ring but it IS a whole quarter ! Arrrrrgh My apprentice Oliver . 🖖live longer than me and prospect.
  2. rvpopeye Full Member 2.8k Location: South Coast of Maine Author Report Posted April 1 (restored on 6/3 after reset) Two layers of wool and fleece lined pants with a rain coat wind breaker was the key . Just happened to have it all laying around.. (Might get slammed on the 3rd+4th so not time for the cargo shorts just yet. Summah is still a long way off uptah camp.) Did it again yesterday 2 clad dimes and 3 zincs. The dimes were "thanks for hunting" on my way back to the rig walking through a parking area with 3 stinkin' zincs and junk in the pouch. There's a pretty hefty pile of fair junk for only 4 hours too. I think I'll save any curiosity items from the pre season hunts for a pic in case someone recognizes any of it. (Great bennie of hanging out here on D/P ! So many experienced eyes...) Time for round 3 , the bee bop beep box just finished charging. 5kts and a slight haze 44* . Where's my shades ? My future is bright. Quote rvpopeye Full Member 2.8k Location: South Coast of Maine Author Report Posted April 2 Yesterday and today's hunts , 6 hours total. Weather was sunny and 50* uptah camp and the winds still 5kts today . The digging was easy . 😎 Only 4 people asked if I found anything good . 😩 800- 6" coil , park 2 , recovery 6. Swinging over an area where 2 big carny rides were set up. It took a while but I finally located where the lines of people were.. Things looked a lot different now vs. then.. 1 quarter , 4 dimes (1 a 1966 almost but no cigar) , 4 nickels , 9 copper memorial pennies and 18 zincolns. 1 8d crusty square nail . A 100 amp electric plug casing (rusted steel probably a carny cast off). Also found some bling bits . 1 looked silver-ish but no markings....arrrrrrr🏴‍☠️ I had to get a bigger junk pouch ! Using a 1 qt insulated water bottle holder now , it even has a trap door on top , @ goodwill for $2 👍 The sky will be falling the next couple three-four days best I can figgah accordin' ta some young fellah on the tv . But the lows just around freezing so the ground's not gonna be gettin' hahd . 8-10" heavy and wet on the shore tomorrow night but the rest of it should be rain dontchyaknow Chummy . 18" or more up in the hills oooie ! It's lookin' like I'll be the only one with power again..... Son of the beach
  3. I missed that post too, so..... Two months later......🥸 Cool , I'll put the pic in my finds folder. When I get one.🤩 If you do make it to anywhere near just let me know.👍
  4. That right there is a pirate anchor chain ! ?‍☠️ Yup yup.
  5. I vote for the Radius Nomad too ! You can order it at Amz , HD orange or L blue $41. ,( about $5 cheaper at blue than orange). L blue has the big root slayer in stock in their house brand lineup. ~$40 I had the big root slayer first but it was too big and heavy for me . It sure can cut a deep plug though. Gave it to my detecting buddy.... Don't call me Goldilocks but the little root slayer Nomad was just right ! Sometimes just using the tip for shallow targets works better than my hori knife ! I drag it behind me unless I'm in the rocks. I sometimes clip it to my belt with a big carabiner and a bit of para cord to leave a hand free. OH , one more thing . Keep the protective plastic and get a heavy rubber band to hold it in place. It makes a huge difference in what those teeth chew on in the vehicle ?
  6. sohN As always you're making my typical look unbelievably bad.? LOL And speakin' of bad. That lead thing looks like bad ju ju to me , I'd return it to where I found it? , and in an extra deep hole. (Maybe try it as a lucky fishing weight first just to make sure ?) ? And YES the white coating on the circuit board makes a huge difference in board corrosion in marine/harsh environments. Welcome to the forum Terry. That pic is hard core ! If you search for other sohN 's posts I think you'll see ALL of what that Pi finds for him on those beaches ! We're getting used to it here but you might need a warning before viewing....
  7. Nice pic of all the buttons 350 . The lone shank probably surrendered to be with his friends ? The junk pic had several items I would have put in the good finds pic ! You're welcome to toss them out here for me to find . ? 7 miles....hmmmm I was just thinking about driving the car over to the infield so I don't have to walk the 1/4 mile RT. ? The vehicle gate near me is locked again and the pedestrian entrance is on the other end ... 40* and the same 40 for the wind gusts.
  8. Awwwww BUSTED ! ? Would it be better if I switched to green beans ? I never said anything about this but that spinach in a can tastes like crap ........? It was never shown on camera but there was a half stick of melted butter in every one of those spinach cans.?
  9. The evidence is in....Your permission system sure does work ! You have become one of the locals. Everything found has a story to tell , even the pulltabs ........
  10. You've collected so many permissions it boggles the mind.? You can actually cherry pick the locations instead of just the targets..?
  11. I decided to leave the hemos in my pouch for things stuck in rock crevices. Getting pics with the chromebook selfie cam is a supreme challenge . More so without sunlight. I figured at least it looked like what it was this time.? The 4" of frozen crust left from Saturday is getting a steady rain at 45* so all ground should be bare again when it stops. I probably could have dug through it but zero chance of disappearing diggings if I did . Shoveling the white crust trashed my elbows anyway so I needed the break .
  12. Welcome aboard Robert ! Nice first post ! I'm sure I'm speaking for everybody on the crew. ? Can we see a pic of wifey's ring find in a new thread ? ?
  13. Welcome aboard from uptah camp 8mileshigh ! Byrds fan? Pull yer chair up closer to the fire.
  14. Over a year at the fair now.....I love my small (6") coil !
  15. Any day with silver in the pouch is a good day on the hunt. arrrrrrrr ?‍☠️
  16. I don't watch TV much anymore , but I do remember Dave from back when I did . It's always good to see anyone do well prospecting. And on that note,,,Welcome aboard and we're gonna need more pics of that ring kingnothing420 !
  17. Still a good haul . Not what you'd expect when you read Hollywood PinUps ! They probably sold millions of 'em..... I can't help but notice you're tight lipped about your permission hat though . OK , where do we get them? ?
  18. THAT would be useful ! There's a beach cam on the bigger ones here but some people live at a beach. There's the best answer! An Airstream on the beach like Willis had in DieHard.
  19. Well , you did it again ! Do you wear a "permission hat" or what ? ? Aluminum clothes pin ?? And a walker topper ! (That beats whipped cream and a cherry any day..)
  20. You guys are amateurs. I've got this one sussed! You drop hot pizza from a helicopter using the paddle cuz it's really HOT, to flip it upside down. It lands on the ground on a suspected gold location. You land the helicopter and check the pizza for nuggets stuck to the cheese ?
  21. And you worried you couldn't beat my hemostats ? ? Just the spoons beat that thing , on usefulness alone.. Every time you start to hunt , the beach finds get nervous ?
  22. Welcome to the crew lobokai My first detector wasn't a Bounty Hunter. But it was made by them ! A Rat Shack Micronta Discovery 2 It's still hanging on the wall as I type..I found my only gold ring with it. Not sure if I should credit the detector , the lady that lost it showed me exactly where to look.,,,,in 2 feet of snow . On the first beep , I shoveled all the snow under the coil into a plastic tub and brought it inside....so I can say it did beep when I swung the coil over it confirming it is a functioning metal detector ! I didn't get to keep the ring and that lady hasn't called me back to find the ring again ,,,,yet .( and I didn't say she didn't call me back LOL? )
  23. Welcome aboard Bucktrout ! Hope you decide to post more often than not much .
  24. Welcome aboard from up ta camp ! The 600 is one capable box of wires. Make it so.
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