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  1. That was research worth doing . Impressive haul right there Oh Ayuh !
  2. Welcome to the crew ! Making detectors . Please , tell us more about those !
  3. Welcome from Uptah Camp Mike !πŸ–– πŸ€They say It's a better life when your digging buddy is your wife ! I don't know if it's true though..... My digging buddy is my sand scoop .😏
  4. Thx for all the pics guys ! All interesting to see finds for sure !
  5. Beep beep , honk ! (I wondered if they could make a detector do that ?)
  6. Frozen ground ? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh ! And you still got 3 ? You're gooooood !
  7. Welcome aboard TxQ ! You have chosen a forum wisely !🧐
  8. It was piece of cake easy Steve ! And I felt like a pirate again for that minute arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr skuh kuh kuh kuh THX for the help !!!!!!!
  9. THX Yeah It's kinda cluttered here too. Had another admin that just OK'd all apps I at least do an isp lookup and check their email provider , still doesn't stop it all though.. I have a purge button here , 2 clicks purge/ confirm ! Handy little bugger !! Plus I have The Wizard . Coder level. yup yup. It's a lot of work , I see how much you have done here ,,,wow my head spins ........thx again !
  10. The previous occupants of that place sure did lose a lot of stuff ! I can't wait till you find their jar of gold coins ! 🀩
  11. Steve I have a forum that suffers this same thing and I was just discussing with my tech wiz how we might address the issue . Your post is perfect ! Do you mind if I post some of it over there ?
  12. Welcome aboard Joe ! I've learned a lot here too. Get that shoulder back in shape and good luck detecting next year !πŸ€
  13. Good lookin' finds photo ! And wishing ya a better next year....πŸ––
  14. I've already lost this contest. I have no nuggets to show .. My best find ever was this forum ! But I'm NOT putting it in my mouth !! 😜 Thx everybody πŸ––
  15. A very productive and lucky trip ! Ya found some good yellah , OH AYUH !
  16. Wicked good review Gerry. Thanks ! Seems Garrett made a believer outta yer crew and YOU ! If their first try is that good , I can't wait to see the next generation too ! If this keeps up.... Maybe someday,,,,,,,someday I CAN afford a PI !
  17. Interesting ring ! I'd wear it. Possible evidence of Templar presence at some time .πŸ₯Έ
  18. Good surprise ! All gold rings are good gold rings . A score on the power play ! They sure did clear that beach in a big way ! Think of how many holes you would have had to dig to find that ring without their help???πŸ€” I bet they used more than $65 of diesel ! Hmmmmm , I wonder what would happen if one of us wanted to skim that (or any) beach with a dozer ? πŸ™ƒ
  19. Thank you storm ,,,,may I have another ?
  20. I keep coming back to look at that pile of treasarrrrrr ! You gotta nice beach right there !πŸ€ͺ
  21. Karma is going to make you find more ??? Your back is gonna be sore! Seems like that much land will never be completely covered.
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