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  1. Welcome aboard Goonie ! 🏴‍☠️ I B A pirate too ! arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr You weren't actually in the movie were you ? That would be 🤯 . New detector hunting huh ? What do you prefer to look for and where ,and maximum budget you have to spend will help us a bunch with recc's of that dream detector you seek..
  2. Welcome aboard Elbows ! Sounds like you're off to a good start. Don't be shy . now you can actually ask questions.... Good Luck out there ! (duh 😆, you're Irish guess you didn't need that?) LOL Pics of the hoard you find !
  3. That's a bust ? Looks like an overflowing finds pouch from here. 😎 All that anything good mustah saw you coming ... I take it easy with the big coil too. My elbow got too used to the little one this summer .
  4. gopher Outstanding display . 🧐 But you're making me look bad😆 It's a good thing , keeps my head from swelling too much...
  5. Oh my goshk ! I realize now that what I posted could have 2 meanings...I'll work on that. I meant envy your field but hope there's a possibility I might find one of those largies somewhere here on the fairgrounds.👍 But , yeah on getting permissions on the fields around here though .A lot of farms here uptah camp are disappearing to development 😩 . I do keep some opening speeches in a notebook to rehearse but there's always room for more . Just meeting them is a half the battle win . I spent some time last summer here volunteering in the pulling/show barn .....ya know, getting my cred's in the livestock community so they might recognize me when I do ask or knock. I was working the sound crew at the same time so got to meet other locals in the fair community . (Including at some of the concessions booths of the non carnie variety ) Plus some of the regulars see me detecting around for the last year. Easy to talk to once they ask if you found anything good . ( Just thinking,,,I am more likely to show someone that doesn't ask though ! hmmmm🤔) Maybe that would be a good time to ask FOR a permission ? "No, there's not much of anything good here . Do you have someplace with interesting history that I could look on ?" They'd only ask once and might be a few that say "yup yup hook ya up chummy" ! Well , something similar anyway.. You live in a colonial/CW paradise of detecting , guess I'm trying to emulate as best I can but the fair IS 145 years old. 😜 and STILL NOT frozen solid !👍 It wasn't earlier but tomorrow it might be. Clocking as many hours as I can in the meantime. Not sure if the new shovel will buy me more ? arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr🏴‍☠️
  6. Welcome to the posting side of the forums.
  7. Field envy.🥸 I know there must be one of those here SOMEWHERE !
  8. Wherever you go , try them all.Then use the one that works best. Eventually you will be able to pick the right program without the trials.. Good Luck .🥸
  9. I think I have extended my season a bit. Got a root slayer shovel , I can barely carry it for an hour and I have to climb up a foot to jump on it but it EXTENDS my season !!!🥸 Think I'm gonna mod my cheap garden spade to look like the slayer only a mini me , that I can carry all day (3 hours 🤔)
  10. With all the targets in this place a no-thing day is impossible unless I stay inside.😜 The nox on 50 tones and all metal button sounds like an EVH solo. Think I could play eruption intro if I swing at just the right speed...😎
  11. Hot spot or not. No aluminum would make my day. Nice 100 YO Merc frosting on that 225 YO Largie. Yummmmmmmm !😎 8 miles 350 ? 😯 Skheeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww . I went out for a couple of hours and only made it about 60 yards from the rig.......massive rain last night into mid morning . 50 kt gusts dried it out pretty quick by noon . Targets were banging ! Easy digging here too. Clad and a 22 casing ..
  12. Something I want to try making..... How about a yabbi tube ?🥸
  13. I usually save my Oh My's for the yellow George. But you're the gift that just keeps giving ! It seems you have "the ear" which is very high praise in my line of work ! It applies here just as well. Thanks for sharing the view once more....🧐 Your research skills are also stellar no doubt . 🖖
  14. Welcome aboard Camp from uptah camp Oh AYUH ! Good luck with the Eagle. You picked a good place to ask.
  15. Welcome to the best forum for D/Ps AMG ! Yet you persevered WTG🤯 ! And keep going , it's a great story so far...........
  16. But you didn't throw it away . 👍 It would be something if all detectors came with claim permissions ! Go show them why they shouldn't have sold it to you .....🤑 Maybe that was the plan all along ????? You pay them to teach them how to use a detector ! LOL Either way , GL+HH
  17. Hard core beach you detected toad ! I know I'd have fallen in at least once doing that spot ! 😜 Made it pay off you did !
  18. Collections are a sign of maturity and wealth. Or a sign of obsession and addiction. I look at it this way. None of all that , I have something I love and I don't want it to get lonely.🤔
  19. Great buncha finds ! OH AYUH ! Whatever you're doing , keep doing it ! It's WORKING !🤩
  20. Well , that was quite a show !🤯 But did ya find anything good ?😉
  21. Welcome to the forum Megaora Pull yer chair up a little closer to the fire . You're in ! Tell us about some of your hunts past or present. Toss in a pic or two. If you have any questions , this is the place for the best answers on the net.
  22. Welcome to the crew Bob ! An Excal at a Florida beach.....that should work !👍 But don't leave that Manticore to get lonely in the closet. Take it out on every other tuesday.....😉 and see what it has to tell ya .
  23. Welcome aboard Rembrandt ! You stumbled on a mother lode of experience when you found this forum.. Enjoy that retirement every day. Beep. Latah gatah , gotta go dig something..
  24. (permission) rut roh Rorge , I (usually) dig alone ...so does the ugly guy ever have a chance? 😜 Nice display George !🤯 OMG ! How many zincolns did you have to dig to get all of those ? 🤔
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