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  1. 👍 ! Well Done ! Awesome feeling reaching the break even point ! I plan on posting a pic like that for my Nox ....of course my pile of zincolns will be a little bigger. 🤗 I figure if I zoom out enough to get it all in frame , nobody could see enough detail so I can call them all INDIANHEADS ! 42 73
  2. That site sure is a jackpot ! Keep on a minin' 'er , ya need ta find a "free night" token ......😍
  3. Gee VL I "lose'' my keys several times most days , you might be starting to get OLD ! 😮
  4. Noticed that happening where I was last year. Figured the critter was lazy and dug my holes cuz it was easier ! Didn't notice any holes where I didn't dig before...... Hope you got the owner interested enough that he lets you hunt some more ! Great spot to lose so quickly....😢
  5. Hope some millionaire is looking for that medal to complete his collection 🧐
  6. It took me 2 days to finish reading your post ! I kept staring at the pictures !!!!!!!😳 VERY nice lookin' chunksa.yellow .......🤗 I bet there isn't anyone here that doesn't wish for a hunt like THAT !
  7. Well Ghost Miner , that would be about the right age , for a ghost . 🖖 And I have to point out also a Ghost Writer.👍
  8. Ohhhhhhhhhh ! SO,,,I think I have some of this figured out now.....🤔 You are actually Slim's dad . You have been on tour looking for the perfect tree to carve your new guitar from. When you prospect you stuff all that hair under your hat so the paparazzi don't recognize you...🥸 It goes without saying of course we all want to see a demonstration of you spinning the sixguns that you used to become the #1 champion duck hunter of the world !!👍
  9. I was wondering what you were up to ! Slim ! Great idea ! Whiskey Jack's Cousin ??
  10. WTG ! What a chunk of ice !😳
  11. And under all the picnic tables .......🙃 An imaginary chair circle around the fire pit. lol
  12. Yeah but it's too hot to hang around inside so lots of them bring chairs and sit outside in the shade. (I workamped for about 8 years after coming off the road....) The store and arcade areas too if you haven't already.
  13. Sweet Haul ! Don't forget to check around the laundry/showerhouse , if there is one...its a big place so I'm guessing there is at least one.
  14. Welcome aboard Newby !.. Seems our fearless leader likes your MXT ! Follow that link. Check in on the White's forum often and ask any questions you have as they pop up.. Lots to learn on ALL the forums here. You couldn't have found a better place to get detecting knowledge....👍
  15. Ridge That flame would happen even without the propane...I did extensive testing with a select group of engineers in 6th grade that proves it without a doubt ! And the teacher missed it completely or we probably would have passed that class on that day ! (and straight to detention,but we were IN detention so 😋)
  16. Can you post a link where we can get one ? I think my Cap needs to have it....🥸
  17. Yeah I've been looking for a longer handle too. I'm using a D handle one off a grain shovel I have. Its about three feet with the scoop. But I'm 5'4" so everything 5' or more ,,,Imma gonna need to bring my mask and snorkel . (I wonder if anyone has ever tried doing this on stilts ?)🤔
  18. Funny this comes up now. I've been looking for a dry suit like OBN uses......... I spotted a 5mm wetsuit at the 2nd hand shop yesterday, looked like it might fit too. $10 , so guess what happened ? 😁 It's a sleeveless and no boots or gloves , so was thinking while I was looking for booties I might look at what they have for weights at my go to dive shop. Not expecting anything close to thrift store prices but they do have used gear sometimes. Guess it would be pretty easy to improvise something.......... Now , about being in deep enough that you can't bend over. Probably hit all the shallower spots first ! 😏
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