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  1. Nice spot.πŸ‘ Looks a lot like uptah camp. Except for the gold....πŸ₯Έ
  2. πŸ₯Έ Someone chose that spot wisely . Pocket knives are one of my favoritesπŸ‘
  3. Star Vatrex , that's a nice lookin' piece-ah yup yup ! X2 Brad maybe 3 .Location ,location ,location .πŸ€”
  4. Well , those sure don't look like pull rings .🧐 Skull crosses the finish line with the mermaid's yellow once again !πŸ₯Έ WTG
  5. Corporate greed can be used against them. Maybe all Nokta has to do is offer a larger profit margin to get into those stores ?
  6. So,, Erik . How does it feel to be King of the island ? I'm thinkin'.....Maybe you should get a trident spear ! Scare the crap out of (gold off of) a tourist seeing you emerge from the waves with it !
  7. I don't know what it is but I sure would like to know why it was left like that underground. ?? Might be a good idea to put it back under the dirt until you know what it is !! Just sayin' . That voodoo guess might be right.........better safe than sorry. πŸ€” (I thought it looked more like Roy Orbison than Elvis....😎 Just needs sunglasses.)
  8. I missed this one too ! A belated welcome to the crew Rob ! Underwater dirt pirates get the booty πŸ₯Έ arrrrrrrr !
  9. Even without the coin I'd say that day you found "something good". WITH the coin , it's a WTG day !
  10. Nice display George ! πŸ‘ πŸ€”It's like a who's who of coin royalty got together for a reunion.
  11. 925 ding ding ding we have a winner on beach #1 πŸ₯Έ
  12. Lead mine with benefits without a doubt !🀯 That's a pile a bullets right theyah ! I'd say you're tuned in.πŸ₯Έ
  13. Tx You might have luck at state parks etc.🧐 Ask a ranger. Sometimes they will give you a pass but there will be rules..... Don't risk it otherwise , you might need a new detector after they take what you were using .😩
  14. Welcome aboard Paulobzh ! Soooooo you're admitting you're a virgin to a bunch of dirt pirates ? πŸ₯Έ No worries. We'll be gentle with you ! 500 budget.......and hunting for ? ( I'm guessing coins and relics instead of just gold nuggets.) If you are challenged by a smart phone and turn on and go sounds like you . I'd direct you towards the Vanquish 540. If you dominate your phone , The Legend will do turn on and go too but has more controls to adjust as you learn more..
  15. Welcome to the crew Harry ! Just meeting the one post minimum to stay aboard , avoid the plank and read read read? Good plan , but if correct you would learn more by asking your questions . There are always questions.. πŸ€”
  16. It sounds like a big rig truck term to me . I guess maybe on a tractor or bulldozer.πŸ€” Definitely could be used to describe that big claw they're using in Baltimore though . A blender? Seriously , what were they thinking ? They really missed the ball on that swing.πŸ™„ The blender should have had a tornadomode . On a detector it would obviously be referred to as plundermode ! In plundermode it would only beep over gold or silvarrrrrrrr .πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ
  17. I agree on the it looks custom made. My first real ring was jade. Mom got it for me instead of my HS class ring. I later pawned it to buy an album.....yeah , I regret it. Agatized coral point ! That's gotta be rare ! One of your finds ? 😳
  18. That is a good day's hunt ! πŸ₯Έ Good dirt no doubt.
  19. πŸ€” One thing comes to mind for yet another property in the neighborhood. Paraphrasing Oliver from Laurel and Hardy ........ "Well Stanley, here's another fine permission you've gotten yourself into ! " May you live long enough to clean out them all !πŸ–– Keep it up and you're gonna have to start cloning Chase ! 😜
  20. A ring is a ring , even the bling . I like the scallop shell design😎
  21. Cool find , I thought it was a buckle. Verrrrrry interestingsk LDK! 🧐
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