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  1. grumpy That is some rugged dirt in your photo.. My hips hurt just looking at it ! And I bet the 5000 wasn't fun on those slopes ! Hope the kid has better luck with that Garrett on relics. A pan and sluice probably worked better on the small stuff anyway... ? live long and prospect
  2. Gonna be a long drive if I go north to see it in totality. Need to wait for the weather report......?
  3. I add split key rings anywhere I need one with a Speedy Stitcher or just rug thread and a bug needle.. I use a small hydration pack if I need it but usually have everything on my "Batman" utility belt and leave the back ups in the pack back in the car. ! I also use the leave most of the gear nearby method if off road away from the vehicle. Just don't set it down in chigger territory.......?
  4. Smooth seas compass ! Must have been a sight with Bryce as a background !
  5. Badger Here ? Awesome ! Good idea looking at what nobody else thinks of during an eclipse too ! The floaters that I have now are probably indicative of seeing enough of the eclipses I've been under so far anyway ..... ? Nice pics GotAU? !
  6. Grumpy Probably just needed adjusting of something like ground balance ?? Good move with the gift to the grand niece ! ? Detecting buddies can be hard to find... especially ones that are young and can help dig .
  7. Welcome to the crew David ! Nice display without a doubt ! I used to live out on Elm Hill Pk just across 40 from the airport and later down in Brentwood. Good dirt to dig in Davidson County ......
  8. Welcome aboard Mike. You're in ! Let your questions begin .?
  9. There is a perfectly good use for those yellow pull tabs. Did you find anything GOOD ? Yep , gold rings ! ?
  10. I take digging pull tabs as a challenge ! Like making down payments on that eventual gold find....? OK , on the walk back to the rig I've been known to skip 'em too.?
  11. You sure know how to make an entrance deathray ! Nice haul ! Good yer son is still on the team too ...
  12. I'm also not familiar with your historical coinage but I see great conditions on more than one ! Photography is excellent ! The USA tag is a curiosity , again in great condition. Maybe attached to a duffle bag or other personal item ?
  13. Nice finds post , the yellow part was not too shabby at all ! Do you recommend this forum as part of that training class ??‍☠️ That one needs to post here. ?
  14. That thing is too cool Doc ! It should make your order picking life way better.? New warehouse is a good sign of success ! ?
  15. Mickey : I forgot to say. Only one post ? Don't be shy . You're allowed all the questions you want ! (We all ,,,,,well VL also wants to know if Minnie is still hot ! LOL ) Lurking is OK but it will be more fun if you join in with comments ! I also have a question from the 80s for you. ? Are you the "Mickey Mickey , you're so fine . You're so fine it blows my mind ! Hey Mickey , hey Mickey." Mickey ? (Inquiring minds kinda stuff) Except here we hopefully will be commenting about Mickey's finds .
  16. As usual .....another good haul ! 37 merc is a nice one ! Spoons are well represented today. The ? #1 key fob/whatzit on the left below the dimes is interesting. Looks like a scared ghost.?
  17. We'll call you the streak, fastest thing on two feet ! LOL If you want to do this , then do it ! We can't tell you if you'll like it , just tell you what to expect or not expect. It sounds like your head is in the right place on expectations and that's a plus.. You'll probably never find a better group to learn from than right here. Mind blowing experienced expertise and newbs learning the ropes along side you . ? If all you want to do is try, get a cheapo detector . I've seen many at Goodwill for under $25 They ALL go beep when the coil is over metal.? The better ones give you more information or go deeper .So ,If you feel like jumping in at the deep end , we sure can help with that too. . The classifieds here is another good place to keep an eye on. Have you thought about what you can afford as to budgeting for these new toys if you decide to jump in ? Top end rigs go into the 1000s but a nice starter set up could be $200-500 usd. And if you're lucky it will pay for itself or more .....?‍☠️arrrrrrrrrr ! That's the best place to start , after you read here for a while ,,,,you'll know which is best for YOU ! OH , STEVE'S GUIDES ! It's all there , straight from our fearless leader . Learning what your detector is telling you and researching likely good spots along with liberal doses of patience are the best path forward.
  18. Great haul , again ! The beach that keeps on giving...?
  19. Mt T has a beach somewhere. Probably hires someone to follow him around watching for drops .?
  20. WOW toad ! You hit it out of the park ! ? I bet you could find that stone with one of those long range detetectors ! That looks like the clam flats uptah camp . Your description of what it was like even matched ! Some diggers just kneel down and spread the weight out more . But we've never lost one to the mud. As far as we know.. So, how heavy did your boots get ?? ( if you tried VL's snowshoes you wouldn't have been able to get the 3 steps Ronnie used to sing about every night ... ) . Was there a beach too? Lots of space without prints , you going back ??
  21. Yeah , just wasn't thinking which machine I was on....I'll go stand in the corner for an hour , and I won't put my hands in my pockets.? Thx for posting the app. ? Can I find your fields with it ??
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