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  1. 10/4 on the points.😏 The ring should be good for a point or two ?
  2. Well , that worked out pretty good ! 😳 Def go back and don't wait longer than tomorrow. 😎
  3. It might be possible to restore those coil wires , but I wouldn't go too overboard with trying to replace the cable. The coils might fail anyway.( BUT maybe NOT !)πŸ€” Your shrink wrap idea sounds like a good try at sealing the outer coating IMO. It wouldn't have to be one continuous piece... There are variations on shrink that have a sealant inside ! There is also a product sometimes called liquid electrical tape that would work on the shrink joints too.~$5-10 for a tin. Available at an auto pts or even wally's . I think it's the same stuff that they used to sell for dipping tool handles in. Or the stuff that is advertised by sealing a boat with a screen bottom......( Not getting into brand names.)😏 Another product that could prove useful is the self sealing tape that is intended for things like radiator hose leaks. Good luck on the rescue ! Looking forward seeing your results. OH , one other thing if you decide to just go with electrical tape. I will give a brand name on this one...Scotch 88 , worth the extra price to this old road tech.
  4. Welcome to the crew indyh +1 ! Lots to learn ! Here's a couple of links to help you find lots of info . AND as always just ask anything that just doesn't make sense to you . Steve's Guides (This is the best place to start for a good understanding of detecting in general) https://www.detectorprospector.com/magazine/steves-guides/steves-guides/ Nokta Legend forum (post your detector specific questions here for best exposure) https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/forum/62-nokta-makro-legend-forum/ If you have any maps with a big red X on it, you must now post it for us all to go plunder together ! arrrrghπŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ , err , I mean Good Luck with yer new addiction .....and the popular opinion is the pull tab to gold ring ratio is somewhere in the 1000 to 1 range.....
  5. I guess you know the drill. Hope ya get over it soon . Really enjoy your weigh in pics. Nice spot to spend a day or two....😎
  6. Welcome aboard from uptah camp Phil ! Nox800 spoken fluently here. Ya should be able to pick up a clue or two fer sure ! Many clues already posted . https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/forum/53-minelab-equinox-forum/ Just ask for info you can't find. HH+GL πŸ––Live long and prospect.
  7. I'm sure Sally didn't want to chew on that speci ! At Gerry's gold training camp . And Gerry taking the pic. The pressure to taste dirt must have been overwhelming ! So tell us Gerry. Inquiring minds need to know........ Do you teach them all to do a dance while cleaning their treasarrr too ?
  8. After seeing the sheer quantity and variety of detectors in phrunt's tool kit . This one statement about the Garrett means a lot IMO .
  9. A plundered bowl of beauty ! πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ arrrrrrrrrrrr , WTG Matey !
  10. Amazing difference after you finished. You have skills. 🧐
  11. Nice finds Compass ! Some nice color in that pile ! πŸ–– Time well spent lake hunting.. A lot of lakes reduce levels this time of the year. Good reminder to check your local puddle levels !πŸ₯Έ
  12. If anyone is debating on whether to take Gerry's detecting training . THAT ^ might help you decide !😜 I agree with geof_junk Gerry but,,, Not even ONE pic of the ol "washing machine" mouth ??? πŸ₯Έ That must have taken a lot of willpower ! 🀐
  13. Welcome to the forums jecooper ! 😎
  14. Good post and you probably danced , I give it a 10.🀩
  15. Hope the test scratch doesn't dissolve🧐 Like the look of those bleachers ! The ones here have too many cross braces..But I get under there anyway....
  16. sohN 24" ? that's not black sand , you hit oil ! 🀠 Lots of the old familiar junk but it seems like there's always some treasure no matter where you're hunting . Or which detector you're using.πŸ‘ You do realize that I've developed expectations when you post a hunt ? 😏 If I get to a beach and see you leaving , I expect I'll just keep going !πŸ€” Keep on keepin' on ! You're an inspiration to this old pirate .πŸ––
  17. Welcome to the forum Space Rocks Box ! Good luck on the hunt . πŸ––
  18. Welcome aboard soundfanz ! I'm kinda a soundfan myself! . It's been berry berry good to me ! 😎
  19. Welcome to the gang nOxes ! πŸ₯Έ Put those detectors back to work ! It sounds like they've been a bunch of slackers.πŸ˜‰
  20. That right there is a good hunt ! I don't care who you are....πŸ€ͺ
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