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  1. Glad you asked, I was wondering same thing about my sd2100. Perhaps someone will enlighten us soon.
  2. Good info in here. Thanks to all for discussing that slight warble-been wondering about those slight change in tones and that absence when over top.
  3. Actually he is a member of the association now, holding 1/8 share of claim. He got the bug abt 8 yrs ago r so, bought some nice equipment and then it sat, waiting for its day. Its day has came. Historically they took some 11000-30000 oz. gold from the 9.5 miles dredged above our claim on the creek, fella lower on creek brought in really big equip last year, havent caught up with him yet this year but he has to believe its in there, big investment in equip.I am just hoping to learn a little and maybe find enough to cover expenses.
  4. Oooohhhhhh yyyyeeeeeaaaa...Very nice indeed. Does look like she was just sitting, I eagerly anticipate seeing all of the others that you will likely find close. Those batteries charged yet? Ha ha.. Thanks for the fix, its beeeaautifulll! Happy swinging. Therell
  5. Congratulations Dean, sorry to hear of your defective machine, I. have same issue with my fors gold. The new handle should be here any day though. Hopefully you wil find his bigger cousin's before the heat prevents you from getting out. Best of luck.
  6. Strick, Thats sweet! I especially like the part where your" in trouble now" cause Lisa really has the bug, I dont think alot of couples enjoy the hobby together. We may be in luck on the rains too, my gut tells me we are gonna have a couple good "wash out", serious rain events this year. Its great you got to meet Steve and Chris, always nice to spend time with those long-time professionals/pioneers of the hobby. Here a shout-out to Gerry and Lunk for being neighborly and helping them out, good karma on you. GOOD STUFF..health and happiness to you guys.
  7. Azbb and Ray, Thanks for posting up. I am happy to say I have compiled a decent reference library of state and local mining, both historic and current. I have yet to read Chris's book. I have couple of Hausel's books on gold in Wy and they provide excellent info. We have a local prospecting association and I went to one of the meetings, i just havent decided to be a groupee yet. I am not really a social butterfly- would rather be out in the hills dealing with the four legged creatures than most two legged creatures.
  8. A couple weeks ago my bro was getting familiar with the v/sat during his lunch hour and took it in to the office at work when he was done. On his way through the boss saw it and commenced to tell him about how he had purchased one for his wife and a gpx 4500 for himself. Last week my bro went in to the office to have his boss tell him "why dont you take my gpx and learn how to use it, and then you can teach me". Too sweet right....it gets better...he heard we were working on our first claim and donated also for-use a mini sluce package, and various other barely-used equipment. I let him know I appreciated this very much-but I dont think he knows HOW MUCH I appreciate this. I want to show him, and with that in mind I pose my question. What resources have proved invaluable to you experienced gold hunters in finding/understanding good gold-hunting methods/techniques?
  9. Very intersting guys, now I too will keep an eye out for them. Thanks for posting.
  10. roflmao-hell i would like to go just to observe. lol. my motto: always be respectful, not judgemental-until someone keeps giving you a reason to be otherwise. very good stuff, much appreciated.
  11. Goldhound, very good post, i really like it when people take the time to do it. the people who do, never really know just how many they helped by doing so. That kind of help could really change there outing and hence thier happiness level. Thanks for bringing more happiness and knowledge.
  12. Hey guys,i figured with a f3 soon on its way i would ask. if anyone has a recon for sale let me know please.
  13. Meeee tooo, definately no sandals in that country.
  14. Norvic, I was just curious what thay batt. weighs? Couldnt be terribly hard (i might have to stop saying that) to retro -fit dummy batt jack and remote mount a battery. That however might mess too much with the balance aspect. I will have to wait, or rely on one of you z owners, to tinker around with that.
  15. I concur. I bought 45 this year after having black bear walk right by me(12-15 yds) last year hunting-my first in-woods encounter. He was only a med size fella, but the old heart sure was a beatin.
  16. Hello all, well i got those posts in the ground, i ll get some paperwok done tomorrow and will have one-if not the last-available claims on rock creek. Finally communicated with seller, he has ailing family, but f3 should start its journey soon. Still havent heard back on any mods, hope to soon. btw-could someone explain how to attach a photo, im on a lg 3d smartphone. Would like to post some pics of local country.
  17. Ken, I think youre right. i am still curious about them though, i was electrician in navy and understand a little electronics. i rather enjoy tweaking something once in a while. e mailed couple people abt. mods, havent heard back yet. if i get it, it will be for short term evaluation(unless we can tweak it), then i would send it on to next curious individual. was gonna make that z my target machine long-term, now i think i will just look for that smokin atx deal.... if i dont feel good abt not spending 10k i will just have to buy a tdi too.
  18. With that meter coil i wonder if it would make a good tool for shallow covered gold-in-vein detection?
  19. Ahhhh... the mountain did settle my down(via a good hike with a couple 8' 4x4 posts). Jury is still out on f3, havent heard from seller today. i may still do this just to appease my curiosity,and provide some input to the forum. I just couldnt hardly believe the under 4000 model repair bit(and thats enough on that subject-blood pressure is increasing)...........aaahhhh Annnyyyyway, found a couple shot shells, 22 cal. bullet, and a steel mystery find. 2 posts on one arm, gmt in the other. i got a late start so only 2 got planted, and snow was trying to fly as i left. i had planned on going up tomorrow anyway so two more posts no biggie, but gotta hike back to post anyway- dropped damn rechargable battery and didnt notice. was thinking on way home...would be nice- mil-spec, snow and mud proof...if it could only hunt gold. probably just have to get an atx.
  20. Congrats, looking forward to my first one myself. Its gotta feel good after all the swing time.I guess that its official-you are a gold detectorist. RIGHTEOUS. Now that one first one is down, may the rest commith faster.
  21. Looks like a good note to end your trip on. very nice.
  22. " ..... i wouldnt expect minelab to just sell the parts, but certainly they realize that as these become available people will want to maximize its real ability. i would have no problem sending it in to hq. for retro-fit for reasonable amount." How very wrong I was. E mailed doc, he said they wont even consider it, in fact they wont repair anything before the 4000. They have stopped supporting the OBSOLETE detectors?. This has me very cruntled. so i buy a gp xtreme cause i cant afford that 5000$ gpx 5000 , it has a problem and im out 2000.00 because its obsolete and they wont repair. with a philosophy like that i hope to see a significant price reduction!!! Anybody got a non m.l. pulse induction machine on that "sumthin 4 nuttin" end of scale-doesnt have to be purdy-just work. as of now the f3 adoption is on hold. Got to go, i have to go set my corner posts.. hopefully the mountains will settle me down. GOOSFRABBA
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