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  1. Hi Rob nice nugget congrats. I guess it depends on location. South of you in GV I have found much more nuggets on the hills than in the stream beds lot less trash too.
  2. They should know nothing gets by the Hound dog. ?
  3. Congrats on the gold. Nice to see that you guys are getting the young ones involved I think that is the real gold and the yellow rocks are a bonus.
  4. Your lucky my wife keeps everything she finds in my pockets.
  5. Very nice Norm. I think I saw something very similar on Rob Allison's forum a while back. I'll see if I can find that.
  6. Keeping busy researching, stripping and seasoning cast iron cookware, reloading my MP3 player with new songs this year is all Irish bands, and working out on the heavy bag.
  7. Very nice knapping skills there. I think my dogs would be in heaven if they saw those antlers.
  8. All you need with the eggs is some scrapple.. Pizza oven looks nice.
  9. Stick to gold and silver. I am about to flood the market with all the Toilet paper I have been hoarding. ?
  10. I was really hoping Goldwell Sluices were going to show up with their new design.
  11. That looks really good. That should last you a lifetime.
  12. Too much drama for me. This thread reminds me of the Bud vs Bud light commerical's.
  13. Don't forget about the slaves. The Spaniards used Mexicans and Indians in the new world. Some Americans used slaves during the California gold rush. Still back breaking work.
  14. Yep best $7.00 I ever spent. Picked one up years ago at a yard sale. It looked brand new.
  15. I'm a realist. I would say that you had a glass with milk in it. ?
  16. Lots of cool photo's here. https://www.tacomaworld.com/threads/jeepandrew’s-abandoned-mines-thread.545953/ These guys are pro's and they do get permission prior to entering these mines.
  17. You have good eyes. I don't know how long I would've stared at that photo before noticing that log wasn't just a log.
  18. Yep. The original designer was Joe ??? This design has been around awhile.
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