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Multi Kruzer Opinions

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Hi everyone, I’m thinking of picking up a used multi kruzer. I have a Nox but don’t want to put that thing in the water. I have heard the kruzers are pretty chattery. This would be a backup machine and a water machine and maybe for dense iron trash with a small coil. Is the kruzer still a viable good machine or should I save up a bit and get a used Anfibio? Thanks in advance.

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i have a multi kruzer & its a good machine

it can be a bit sparky but you can control it with the shift on the fly settings

it can have great depth  & the id is good to around 6 inches +

also its water proof to 16 feet

so far in my hot az ground its a winner

a bit like having a fisher 1266 / fisher f75 / t2 / gold bug pro on 1 stick

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Salt water or salt and fresh?

There is a special going on for the Simplex with wireless headphones and pinpointer, toss in waterproof headphones and you may be under the cost of a used Multi Kruzer. As a backup that might be a better option.

I like the MK but took me a bit to get used to the audio and tame it. I have a bad habbit of pushing the machines and running them too hot.

I haven't tried my Superfly coil in the water yet, little tricky with the ponds being frozen over 🙂 Found the stock coil bit of a workout to ground balance so I would either toss on tracking or manually gb it.

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Wltdwiz and I have had similar experiences with the Multi Kruzer. I would totally trust it underwater in calm fresh water with gentle sweeps and maybe with one of the smaller center mounted coils. The stock coil can be a handful and its rear mount makes the Multi Kruzer feel nose heavy in my opinion. The Anfibio was even heavier when I tried it. 

I would trust one of my Equinox 800s in the same water situation. But I have two of them so having one leak would not mean I couldn't use a detector for awhile like it would for you.

I like the Multi Kruzer better for underwater work than the Simplex. The Multi Kruzer is capable of hitting deeper dry land targets than the Simplex too with similar coils but its target ID instability and EMI hyper sensitivity in urban areas were a negative for me. I like the Simplex better for its more stable target IDs and EMI handling.  Since you already owned and sold a Simplex, getting the Multi Kruzer would be a step up and it would make a good pair with the Equinox since they would compliment each other due to their different search modes, features and vast audio differences.

Like kac said, if you are able to run it a bit conservatively the Multi Kruzer will do well. I didn't have that luxury where I hunted. It was either run it on 90 and get some depth in mineralization or run it on 60 or so and have fun digging only shallow targets. I blame that on my dirt. Strangely enough, the Simplex did not have that problem here. You might also get an even better deal on the Kruzer that only has 14kHz.

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I do want to add that the Kruzer with Superfly coil is an excellent combination. World of difference on that machine and made it much better with handling emi, more stable numbers at depth and bit more depth than the stock.

As Jeff said the rear mount coil is tough in the water. I recently picked up a Mars Tiger 10x13 for my AT Pro. This seems like an excellent coil for water hunting with it's center mount and very open and robust frame. I tried it for a little along the shore of a pond and found it very stable with iron and sensitivity was actually very good. Coil is fairly heavy which is exactly what I wanted for wading. Nothing is more annoying than when a coil floats.

Mars Tiger on a 14 khz Kruzer might be a very sweet combo for puddle hunting.

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