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Running The 15" Cc X Coil Over A 6000 Patch

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You might be right about that version of the adapter causing a problem with the detector seeing it JP especially with larger coils, I secured all of my coil cables with a round lump as you can see in the photo below which stops them moving inside the shaft.


On the very sensitive coils like the 8" I also have this lump down near the coil to stop the coil cable moving inside the shaft as much like the 6000 the GPZ picks up the coil cable moving when using smaller coils.

X-coils don't recommend that style of adapter, it's just something a few of us have done for convenience of changing coils and is best only used with small coils for the reason you point out above.  I have both sorts of adapter and my larger coils are all using the short standard little adapter with my smaller coils on this adapter style.   I would always suggest people stick with the standard adapter method not this long style one, I just wanted to try one out.

I forgot to mention and people have probably already done it but you'll see on the plug end I have a little white line, this makes plugging the coils in so much easier to line up the plug quickly, worth doing if anyone hasn't done it.

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