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Purchasing A V3i For Relic Hunting????


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Hello.  I am new to the forum.  I love Whites products and will probably stay loyal.  I currently use a Whites DFX and exclusively hunt farm fields in the spring and fall for relics.  I have a chance to buy a V3i with 4 coils for $750.  I haven't fully learned the DFX yet so getting the V3i is overkill but I am intrigued by having White's last model.  Maybe I should consider a better relic machine considering I won't take advantage of the machine's capabilities.  Any suggestions for a great relic machine?  I am considering the MXT sport so I can take it into the water.  

Getting back to the V3i.  It is 10 years old.  Will I need to worry about the possibility that it doesn't have a proper software upgrade?


Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 


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Welcome aboard, Jack.

Now that you own a MXT and a DFX and the coils coming with the V3i are V-rated I'd go for it. The V3i will be a nice addition and I think after a few hunts it will replace the DFX.

The MX Sport you're mentioning has different coil connectors so if a coil selection is important to you you have to collect a second row. Depending on all the quirks and issues the Sport had I'd let it go.


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Locator brings up some good points about the detectors and coils.  I've owned the MXT Pro, MX5, and the MX Sport.  All were good detectors.  The MX5 was as deep as the MX Sport and simpler to setup and operate.  In my opinion both the Sport and MX5 had the MXT beat of depth and separation.  The Sport is a very hot detector and many people myself included started out over driving the sensitivity which made it go crazy with ground noise.  I've never ran the V3i but have a friend who loves his.  There may be a little learning curve but after a few hours you should be fine.  There are so many many V rated coils around that you'll have plenty of options on coils.  I still have a SFF WES 5x10 v rated coil that I'm thinking of putting on the forum for sale.  It's a killer coil, especially when using in a seeded hunt.  The pattern width is narrow and hot spot is dead center of the coil, no need wasting time with a pin point.  My only suggestion is see if there is any room on the price.  Compare newer SMF detectors that you can purchase new or slightly used for the same money  Nokta has a deal going on the Legend with 2 coils and you will have a warranty.  

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