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Has Anyone Used The Nexus Mp V3c For Nugget Hunting?

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That is a good question.  I've just seen some of the relic videos but nothing about nuggets.

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I have never detected for gold nuggets ever,but i would think the the best coil for the job would be the 24khz Silver Scout concentric coil,its very good for finding both silver and gold coinage here in the UK,and also another coil possibility would be the 8x6 coil which alas they no longer make,i own and use that coil the most and because of its small size you can increase the sensitivity right up and behaves like a high power laser beam so that could also work,it certainly works on finding small gold coins and artefacts its a shame they never made that coil in a higher frequency though.

Just some possible some thoughts about using the Nexus MP for gold nugget hunting.

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How long have you used a Nexus?  What would you say is different about the v3 from your models?

Looking at all your other detectors, how do you rate the Nexus?

If you have previously answered these questions can you point me to the thread or site?


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On 8/19/2023 at 2:37 PM, jawbone said:

Has anyone tried gold hunting with  a Nexus MP V3 in heavily mineralized soils ?

If so, I'd appreciate any comments. Thanks.

First of all, the MP V3 was designed for heavily mineralized soils. The MP stands for mineral power. As for gold nugget hunting, I would suspect that the 24 kHz concentric coils would be the best option, indeed a very good option. Concerning using the V3 for gold hunting, Georgi Chaushev messaged me the following this morning: "The MP is the only existing bridge between PI and IB detectors rivaling PI in many regards and outperforming every IB in existence."

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