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How Does The XP Deus 2 Compare To Other Detectors For Target ID Accuracy?

XP Deus 2 Target ID's Compared  

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  1. 1. How do you rate the XP Deus 2 Target ID's compared to other detectors - Click any that apply to you

    • Better than the Equinox 600/800
    • Better than the CTX 3030
    • Better than the Manticore
    • Better than the Equinox 700/900
    • Better than the XP Deus
    • Better than the Vanquish
    • Better than the Legend
    • Better than my First Texas single frequency detector
    • I'm not finding it better than my other detectors

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Owning it for less than a week, I feel like I'm not looking at the screen as often as I do on the Nox. Part of it is due to the little screen and the strange font they use for the numbers, even if in zoom view - where on the Nox a split second is enough, on the D2 it feels like I have to check 2-3 times.. probably / hopefully it betters after a couple of hours getting used to it.

I had some deep bottlecaps, which the D2 IDed as high conductors - once they were out of the hole, they could be clearly identified as bottlecaps.

Numbers are very stable for its big ID range. I've never run a Nox900 oder Manticore, but in the videos I saw, those jumpy IDs shocked me somewhat ..

Some of our european coins lay pretty close together ID-wise, so you can't distinguish them 100%, but I'm ok with that.
Overall I think it's pretty much on par with the nox600/800, but with doubled ID-range.

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