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  1. Dd Depths

    this has been bugging me for awhile, and I can't find any info on it. so I totally get how a bigger mono coil gets better depth over a small mono, but I don't see how there's any gain from going big on a dd, the ground coverage is obviously gonna be more but I don't see how there's much depth gain if any? looking at minelab web page here. thanks https://www.minelab.com/go-minelabbing/treasure-talk/gold-detector-coils-explained-for-minelab-s-gpx-and-gpz-series-detectors
  2. I am to curious about this coil. I use a 14" elite mono and have great luck,punches deep, excellent on small gold...... really happy with it. I do need a big, best depth coil just to check all my spots. I was researching the nugget finder 25" mono and seen a video on the detech 15" coil out punching the 25. kinda thru me a curv ball, I was set on the 25 but if I can do the same with a smaller coil then ill get that. I'm just waiting on more info
  3. Big Coils -- Do You Still Use Them?

    what would the best big coil be? sounds like the nf25 is popular. I have 14"elite and love it, I want something big to check all my spots. I know I'd love the 18 elite but I figured if I'm gonna get a big coil and deal with it just to check spots, well why not get the biggest
  4. thank you I seen it but looked wore out
  5. Looking for one or something similiar.pm me what you have and how much. I have some gpx stuff to possibly trade. Thank you
  6. I wonder if you would be interested in a trade for a 15x12 mono commander coil? it is scuffed up I used it a few times.
  7. so at what point if any is a dd Better then a mono? I have a gpx 4500 with elite 14" ,a great combo, I know my machine well and have never had a problem tunning it. i recently got a claim that has very hot ground so hot that i sometimes have to turn it down below factory presets in enhanced with a mono, I have been wondering if any gains can be achieved by running a dd with higher setting and different soil timmings? thanks
  8. lol not big by any means but WAS a sun baker. worked my butt off for a couple days only to find a few pounds of trash, I tossed my detector down out of frustration and noticed it right there next to the gpx.lol. at least it got me laughing and to quit complaining.hahaha
  9. Golden Mask Universal Telescopic Handle

    yes especially when on a motorcycle. I did convert that xp deus shaft I got from u, but it still stuck out of my pack just enough to catch tree branches and yank me off the bike. plus it didn't like big coils. xp is now the hip stick
  10. GPX 4500 Shaft

    I love my new setup.
  11. Golden Mask Universal Telescopic Handle

    thank you for the review, it convinced me to get one. I agree quality is good and I love how long it is. I gained a couple inches over my stock fox shaft.
  12. Good shape works perfect. Also have the 8" coil.Would like to trade for a minelab gpx, sdc, or.....? Make $ offer not sure what a used one is going for. I don't need to sell it just don't ever use it, i prefer my gpx 4500.