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  1. Dredge Hose

    Awsome thank you. As always very helpful steve.do u know if tiger flex sh is compatible with proline adapter? Yes even in this hot whether this hose is very stiff. I was thinking ad 10-15' of very flexible hose so I can at least maneuver the end of it, then when I'm in tight/shallow spots only use the short hose. I would of loved a shorter hose last time out.lol. as u can see was a tight spot. Ended up just having to go thru the belly because telling were backing up to fast. Do u have 9hp motors on ur 6 or 6.5hp?
  2. I know, this has already been gone over but im looking for the most flexible not the toughest like most people want. Hello I'm looking for 6" suction hose. I have a proline 6" dredge and the hose I have is tough which means stiff. I'm trying to find the most flexible suction hose with matching ribs on the out side that is compatible with proline thing that threads on the outside of hose. I would like to add a 10' very flexible section. And sometimes use just the 10' for tight spots maybe even get 15'. Thanks in advance.
  3. Where To Dredge?!?

    I use to run a 4" full time and I could never get enough material thru the box. A 6 can always be reduced for different state laws, unless it a hp then I'm screwed! Lol. Anything smaller is just to slow, when I use my 2" dredge/high banker I don't even bother with suction until the holes empty then I suck the cracks clean, I can shovel the gravel 3 times faster then sacking it up with that little noodle hose. I'm most likely going to run it close to home, until late construction slows down, then I'll take a vaca. I was thinking idaho nevada or arizona, my sister lives in Colorado and I would love to go there but it's just to far, same with alaska! I'm a smaL town guy don't leave home very often.lol. I also have a couple 4", so I could go to that if the laws are strick.
  4. Where To Dredge?!?

    Hi thank u. I am already a amra member. Anyone who mines or enjoys going out into our blm or fs land should donate to them. They really are fighting for our rights. They have many out of state claims, just not sure where to go. I'm picking the dredge up this week. I don't have time to run it to busy laying concrete!
  5. I've never really seen one in person. Looks cool. Can u submerge the sluice completely, how's the recovery. I would guess more of a nugget trap.
  6. Ok so I live in tuolumne ca and i got a proline 6" dredge on order and will be picking it up in a few weeks. And I can't decide where to go? Looking for guidance on good out of state spots. I used to kill it arround here begore it went illegal. Not to say i ever stoped but im sick of sneaking arround! I have unfinished holes that are right off the side of the road, good half ounce a day holes! That I had to walk away from after having law enforcement chase us out. Used to be my only income. Really screwed me!!!! Any way I could botch about it all day.lol. I have some hard to get spot arround here I might go for but would like to take some vacations to somewhere legal
  7. Thanks for the help everyone. I ended up going with a brand new proline 6". real happy!
  8. I'm pretty sceptical myself, price is 3900 but I might be able to get it cheaper, I have plenty of other pump and motors I could configure on there. I actually have another keene 9hp with same pump so it could be worth it. But I don't like buying a project so I might just pay 3 times more and get a new proline.
  9. Well every thing is suposidly brand new never used and I can get it for 3900. What really attracts me is a enclosed trailer he will sell together. I think I could get both for 6-7k. No can't dredge in ca yet, but the ban never stopped me. I'm just sick of sneaking around and I would like to go somewhere I can bring my family. My boy is turning three yrs old and I want to find some good ground with good camping out of state so we can start taking family vacations. Me and my wife started our relationship arround dredging and we both love it between the ban and having a kid she hasn't got to participate in my mining excursions much. But in a couple years I foresee not being able to go mining without my kid😁
  10. He built it right before the dredging ban in ca. So he says he never used it. But claims he's built many dredge. I like the portability of it especially since I'm a one man show. I do have some Honda 13hp laying around, I could fasten it to the pump, would that boost the performance?
  11. Yes, a very experienced gentle man just told me it would not work😧 but the person that built it is 70yrs old and claims he knows it will work wonderfully, claims it would be almost equal to 16hp! I wish I could test it
  12. How was cleaning out the triple stage? Looks like a lain.
  13. Thank you for ur input. Did u get the triple sluice on it new keene?
  14. I'm looking at buying a custom dredge, it has a honda 9hp with a Keene 3x4 450gpm pump coupled to a tri haul jet. My question is that it seems under powered? but I have never seen or heard of a tri haul jet. The claims are that it is equivalent to a typical 6 dredge with 16hp and a normal jet set up. Please help .