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14x9 Elite Coiltek?

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My biggest sellers of late have been the 14x9" Evo, 15" Evo and 11" Detech. Don't know why but the 4500 owners (particularly the older 4500s) seem to be favouring the 11" Detech, but the 5000 guys like the 14x9" Evo. 

To sort of answer the original post, the 14x9" Evo was released first, so a lot of people pounced on that and had one when the Coiltek came out. So that may be why info is thin on the ground. I'm sure it's a good coil. 

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    • By Steve Herschbach
      We are proud to announce the addition of a new coil to the Coiltek Goldstalker range. The 22” Goldstalker in a Double-D (DD) configuration. Compatible with all Minelab SD/GP and GPX detectors. Available for order at your local dealer today! For more information on this product and to locate your nearest dealer, visit our website here: http://www.coiltek.com.au/coils/goldstalker/22-goldstalker/

    • By Coiltek
      Hello to all at Detector Prospector!
      Just started on this forum so wanted to say hi and say I have enjoyed reading the topics. 
      I hope to post up some finds too when i do get a chance to have a swing... and also contribute in a beneficial way on topics (i hope!!!:)) 
      Have a great day all!
      Trevor @ Coiltek.
    • By Playlist
      Hi all just moved into new house and found coiltek coil 1271 number on top of coil any ideas what this coil fits 15 inch.
    • By Ridge Runner
      Yes it is so. You can read all about it on the MD-Hunter Blog. The coils will be for the series of TDI detectors. Coiltek makes great coils but again I'm left out in the cold with my MX Sport.
    • By californiagold
      I made it back out again today but with a different strategy.  Use a gpx 5000 armed with 2 new high tech coils from Coiltek instead of a vlf detector.  Actually most of the area has already been grided with the vlf detectors. So it was time to see what the Coiltek coils could find. I already have been running the Coiltek mono elite 14" since last spring with great success. but now I have the 18" mono elite to add some more to the 5000 arsenal  I tried the new 18" first today. It was a particularly bad emi day to start. so I ran the 5000 in finegold mode with some minor adjustments. Despite the emi, The 18" did a good job finding deeper targets. Managed to find 3 pieces of yellow with it. It gets amazing depth and once the emi settled down it ran very smooth in sens xtra. For a big coil it handles the mineralization very well. the smallest that I found was .3 gram. which seems to be on target with some results from Oz. It is only 10 grams heavier then the 14" mono elite. But you cant even notice. it is well balanced and is not nose heavy. And this is without a harness and running a gold screamer in the side pouch of box cover. All in all a great coil for sheer depth on smaller and bigger targets. Next was the 14" mono elite to see what it could get in the same grid. it is very good at finding tiny targets deep. I ran it in sens xtra with some tweaking. I managed to pull up 3 more with it. The smallest was .1 gram. the 14" is amazing aswell on how deep that it finds small targets. Both coils together brought in 1.5 dwt for the trip. I have tried other coils on the 5000 from Coiltek blitz coils to nuggetfinder 14" and 16". But it is very easy to see in person that something is going on inside the new Elite series that is making a real difference.  Not just smoke and mirrors. It will interesting to revisit some patches from the past that produced muti ounces, to see what the new 18" elite can dig up. I will be heading to them soon. 
      Good luck and Happy easter
      I did a couple videos that I will post aswell. Only bad thing was I didnt bring my speaker with me. Only had the phones. So you cant really hear the detecting. Just faintly from my headphones.