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One Year Anniversary

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2017 was one of my poorest jewelry years in some time. I did not focus on it enough, and the times I did were either not productive other than typical junk jewelry.

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Very nice and good mojo too...

I have found that many people do not appreciate how the orientation of the target affects the reading. Most do their testing with the classic flat, broad surface on the ground...that is not real world...if you haven't done this; take a nickel and put in the ground sideways, same with a gold ring...you will usually see a completely different reading...



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Fred I always figure I have something to learn with this hobby. I've been using the CTX exclusively since 2014 and I still feel I have more to learn about this machine. Deep sideways nickels can be tough and I know I've passed up lots of them...makes me wonder how many deep sideways gold rings I've walked over and not dug.

Steve I did not do all that well last year either but I did not hit it as hard as I did the two previous years. I hope to get out more this year. I notice my wrist is starting to ache after a half day of using  the Lesche hand tool. I hate to take my small Lesche shovel to a park but I might have to in a few years lol. 


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Congratulations Strick on such a cool find. Good for you that you stuck with it to pull out the gold even if the numbers weren’t there.

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    • By foreverteachable
      I was never much for finding modern coins or hunting newer ballfields but I think my mindset has changed after taking a break from detecting for several years. I sure like finding relics, buttons, and an occasional coin hunting in the woods but 1 or 2 brass buttons in several hours, while really exciting, doesn't buy cofee or cause my wife to encourage me to go out and detect more 😊 I hit a local soccer field with only an hour till dark and found a few bucks and my first jewelry in a while.

    • By DukeBoxer
      I went out this morning to a beach that I call zinc beach because that's what I generally find there. Today was a minus tide and I got up early to try it one more time. I'm glad I did! The beach has high sand and a sharp slope about 25-30 feet to a mucky bottom at low tide. Right where the slope stops I have found some clad coins, a wheat penny that looked brand new and some aluminum bits. Farther out on the flat muck I probably dug 10-15 zincs in the couple times I had been there before. Today I walked out right where I had found some coins before and was heading right to the edge of the water. First target was a 1950 wheat that looked like it fell yesterday. The second target got my heart going! I saw a copper/gold colored edge and I thought it was another penny that rang low, I can't remember for sure what it rang up as but I think it was 10/11. I picked it up and realized it was a ring and right away started looking for marks. 18k and a C with a diamond above it as a makers mark! Awesome! I made my way to the edge of the water and walked back and fourth along the edge of the water moving back up towards the slope in a crescent shape (the water was higher on one side and I stayed right on the edge). I got a couple coins, another wheat and I dug some small trash. On one of the passes heading back down the side I got a 31 and thought it might be a quarter or a silver quarter. I was surprised when I saw the spoon and immediately rubbed the muck off the spine to see if it said sterling and sure enough! It came out bent like that, I wonder if someone was using it for something other than eating! My alarm went off for 7am and I started making my way back and got a quarter right near the hole I dug the ring from and thought to myself let me check around here a little more because I've found some heavy things right around this area. The next target I think was a 14 (I was hunting by sound more than by VDI numbers) and I dug a hole and checked the sand and muck I pulled out...nothing. Then I looked back down in the hole and saw it sitting there, another ring! Gold with a red/dark pink stone. It is cracked at the bottom and not a closed loop but still rang up pretty solid. I checked for a mark in this ring and all I saw was was looked like a weird sideways 8 and a K. I came to work (conveniently right down the street) and I washed it off and I saw the mark is a diagonal anchor with a K. I knew then it must be an old ring but my question to you all is how old and where could it be from? I'm thinking England. My town was settled in 1639, could it be from the 16-1800's? What about the C makers mark on the other ring? Any ideas?

    • By Againstmywill
      I detected a couple parks this weekend for a total of about 5 hours. One of the parks I have found a gold men's band at before. This time I found a class ring. While it's not gold (Lustrium), it's still special. It rang up a strong 3-4. I Googled the person's name which was in the inside of the ring and was able to track him down. He lives out of state but has family close by. Glad to be able to get it back to the owner. He could not believe that it was found after so many years. He was a 2009 graduate. Park 1, 50 tone, recovery 7, GB, and tracking on. The earring and other ring are silver.

    • By Mike Hillis
      This little beauty came out of another patch.    This particular patch is an elementary school's wood chip playground that is adjacent to a park.  I found my first gold ring ever there back in 2005.  (I think it was 2005, might have been 2006 as I think it took me nearly 2 years to find my first gold ring).   
      Over the years this patch has yielded some nice finds.  It dried up after a while and I put it on a 6 month cycle.   I found this ring there yesterday morning.  10k gold.  About a size 7 I think.   Ring is marked 10k and CZ so the stones are probably cubic-zirconia.  
      Very pretty.   My wife laid claim to this one for Mother's Day.
    • By strick
      I had intended to go to the beach today...easy and relaxing digging is just so irresistible. Last night I had readied the  Equinox 800,  CTX  and beach scoop in my shop in preparation. During the night as I slept voices kept telling me "Screw the stupid beach and take the Equinox to the foot hills and try it out in some real dirt" Gold nuggets and relics were calling for some reason. I didn't expect to find much...mostly lead bullets etc.... maybe a Chinese coin if I was lucky. And to tell the truth I was not in the mood to dig bird shot today so I hunted mostly in field 2 and Park 2 I put the 800 in gold mode 2 for maybe 5 minutes then switched back. First came the Chinese coin...nice to get one intact...I'd dug one in pieces a few minutes earlier. Then I decided to hunt some tailing piles and I was elated to get the powder flask...an hour or so later I was hunting near a creek so I could retrieve an ax head I had dug last year and left it on a fallen tree.  A solid 12 on the equinox...at first I thought I had a small gold coin due to the serrated edge... But  hey i'll take a gold ring any day. This sucker is old...the Chinese mined this place and I have yet to find any silver coins here. There are gold nuggets few and far between plus the place is riddled with lead shot of all shapes and sizes.  Grass was tall which made for challenging hunting. The ring came from the other side of the creek near the tree in the middle. Good luck and HH!   Park 2, Auto GB, Sens 22, reactivity 6,  iron bias  0 I had to auto GB often due to soil.  Pic with the Sierra is a toast to the old timer before I covered the hole 

    • By Skate
      It’s been a struggle to get out and hunt lately as I edge closer to my 2nd hip replacement but I got to run my 600 on a small beach north of Ventura this morning that I’ve always wanted to hit. It’s a small beach but gets lots of use as a day camp area on the Rincon. The dry sand produced over 30 bottle caps and there is no question what is when you hear it. I only dug them so I could clean out the area when I return. The wet sand was pretty quiet but I netted the two rings in it. The turquoise/silver was a consistent 23 and the junk ring rang at 13-14 I thought I had white gold when I saw it in the scoop. 
      I hope to get out one more time between now and next Friday as that is surgery day. Getting older sure does put a crimp in the lifestyle 😉