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Triangle Gold

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Interesting read, I am sure members more versed in Geology may have some interesting thoughts on this topic.

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    • By oneguy
      Pretty much done for this year.  We've had snow twice already and it's hitting the teens at night.  Last season I got 106 bits for just under an ounce and this year I only detected 40 bits for just over an ounce so an improvement over my 1st season!  18 bits from Montana and 22 bits from Idaho.  FULL DISCLOSURE:  1 gram of the tiniest bits came from crack scratching/panning in the creek.  I had fun and met some locals from Helena area (BIG help) and that helped me stumble onto the two bigger pieces (25g/4.5g) that saved my season. As long as I can improve weight at the end of season over the last I've reached the main goal.
      good luck guys......

    • By Hardtimehermit
      This summer i had a chance to camp and hunt for a day, and i had some luck when i turned up this little slab just hanging out in a small depression in the bedrock.  .6gram

    • By Smithsgold
      Bedrock Gold. Jeff and Gary ( Two Toes ) take you on an Adventure to find Bedrock Crevices filled with  Placer Gold in the California Motherlode. Watch as Gary pulls out Gold Nuggets from the Bedrock and Jeff trys a little Sniping for Gold.
    • By jrbeatty
      Currently camped on the job in central Vic where comms are difficult, but here's a progress report.
      Been at it for a couple of weeks (I think ) but there are some results to report. I've been working solo a lot of the time but also with Reg when he's not too busy.
      We started off testing the new Detech 32" coplanar concentric which Stinky Pete kindly loaned us for a few days. What a coil!
      Although we didn't manage to put it over any deep gold, it's easily the deepest seeking coil we have ever used, yet sensitive to small targets as well. I'm ordering an 18" to 20" model as soon as they become available. Howard is busy planning mods to the QED so it can run them as well.
      I'm pretty excited about these coils. My friend Tony has been winding and using them for years with great prospecting success. Needless to say, he isn't interested in owning a "Z"
      Hang onto your GPX's folks, they're about to penetrate previously unreached depths!
      Some of the properties we've been prospecting are familiar and some are new. Always a buzz to finally get onto new ground after meeting with the "Cocky" and negotiating a deal. In some cases the ground has been detected before by others, but with careful gridding we always manage more. On one property we worked yesterday a previously detected patch yielded an additional ounce and a half in chunky colours (young blokes we were told) Perhaps they were ignoring screamers, but we're not complaining
      First up, my solo tally so far. largest piece (front) over half an oz. All found with QED PL2:

      - and our shared tally to be eventually split 50/50 . Again, largest piece (front) over half an oz detected by Reg:

      All gold located in patches on eroded Tertiary leads. Some pieces still have traces of the cement matrix they eroded out from.
      A general view of one of the Tertiary patches with Reg's young foxy "Boo"  photobombing. Reg in the distance:

      Posted elsewhere on this forum, my two largest pieces, found under 500kv powerlines:

      A 400mm dig for a 5 grammer. I love that 18" Elite, it even centered shallow flyshite that doesn't register on my scales:

      That's all for now. To be continued - - -
    • By phrunt
      Australian Coin Hunters in the future are in for some quite amusing finds, see the new range of $1 coins about to hit the streets
      See the story and full collection here, a new Aussie themed coin for every letter of the alphabet.
      Pretty cool idea, I'd like one of each
      A whole new and more valuable collectable craze is about to sweep across Australia with the announcement of the Great Aussie Coin Hunt.
      Australia Post and the Royal Aus­tralian Mint will release millions of $1 coins from today featuring classic Australian themes such as the Hills hoist, a quokka and an Esky.
      There will be a different design for each letter of the alphabet with the first six available now.
      A will feature Australia Post, F for footy, I for Iced VoVo, M for meat pie, S for surf life saving and X for the tiny township of Xantippe.
      A few Philip Seymour Frothmans one ice.Source:Supplied
      New coins will then be released every Monday until October 21, culminating in Z for the summer staple Zooper Dooper.
      But there’s a catch.
      The only way to get your hands on the iconic coins will be to make a purchase at an Australia Post store and receive the limited edition $1 coins in the change.
      The humble meat pie.Source:Supplied
      “We want everyone to get involved,” Australia Post consumer and community executive general manager Nicole Sheffield said.
      “Not only will it be really exciting to hunt for all the coins and build an amazing collection, but each and every coin opens up the opportunity for wonderful conversations about quintessential Australian life.
      “It’s a great way for grandparents to connect with grandchildren, and for all of us to share our own experiences and memories with each other — both here and with friends and family overseas.”
      The summer staple.Source:Supplied
      What’s more Aussie than swinging from the Hills hoist? Picture: David CairdSource:News Corp Australia
      Summer goodness.Source:Supplied
      Name another country where a clothes line is iconic …Source:Supplied
      Australia’s unique culture will be displayed on the $1 coins from favourite foods, the boomerang and didgeridoo, sports footy and cricket, and, of course, the television classic Neighbours.
      Native wildlife favourites the kangaroo, platypus and even the quokka will have their own special coin.
      The coins will be released from Monday. Picture: Daniel Pockett/Getty ImagesSource:Supplied
      Unfortunately no Hemsworths will feature but the quokka certainly is. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram
      The massive campaign is the biggest minting and release of $1 coins since they were created in 1984.
      “We are excited that The Great Aussie Coin Hunt has now officially launched, giving families and all Australians the opportunity to participate in a fun and educational nationwide coin hunt,” assistant treasurer Michael Sukkar said.
      Australia Post to jillaroo.Source:Supplied
      From kangaroo to thongs.Source:Supplied
      Ute through to the icy goodness.Source:Supplied
    • By geof_junk
      The man who discovered GOLD first in Australia..pdf
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